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Hardcore Black 30X Dark Bronzing Lotion 8.5 floz

30x Dark Bronzing Combination of powerful instant bronzers for longer-lasting natural color. Firms, conditions and moisturizes for radiant, hydrated skin. Concentrated amount of complete skincare that penetrates deep to reveal sensually smooth skin. Fragrance: Dark Envy, top notes Hazelnut and Coconut, Mid notes of Floral and Dry notes of Sandalwood, Vanilla Sugar and Musk

Key features

  • 30x Dark Bronzing
  • Instant bronzers
  • Firms
  • Conditions
  • Moisturizes

Honest reviews



Not the best smell in the world, definitely smells like tanning lotion, but it works and it’s a great price. See results every time I use it, several shades darker, and not orange. I’ll probably buy it again as it’s about 1/4 of the price of the lotion I was using before.

Elvira Croton, OH

I’m not sure if this will work for out doors and not for tanning beds

I’m hoping it will work. I don’t do beds. Or lay out in the sun and bake for hours like I used to years ago. However, I would still like to have some nice color for summer time. I guess I’ll have to wait and see 🙂

Ofelia Luana, IA

One of my Favs.

I love this tanning lotion! I’ve always gotten the tan I wanted when using this lotion, so I will continue to do so in the future. It is one I always look for on Amazon, because you can save yourself quite a bit of cash buying here rather than in a tanning salon.

Kirsten Toquerville, UT

You will not believe how GREAT this lotion is!!!!

I have tried so many lotions through out the years and I have to say Australian Gold is one of the best. Hardcore Black 30X by this name brand will give you an instant deep dark tan. I tanned once with this lotion and I see a difference already. The color of my skin is a dark golden brown. I have been tanning for one week with the lotion (SUPRE SMOKE) and was not happy with it. The reviews on smoke drew me in to buy it and try it out. It must work wonderful for some people but I was not getting those same results. Iam a very serious and experienced tanner and realized now some of the most expensive lotions out there are not what they say they are. Australian Gold is one of the best lotions out there that is not expensive nor misleading. For all the tanners out there who are searching for a noticeable deep and dark tan. This lotion is worth the $13.00. Tan in the morning and as the day goes by you will notice you are alot darker. Iam so happy with my purchase. Brandy

Jade Port Ludlow, WA

Great stuff.

This is a really good brand and if you are looking for a really pretty dark tan with a glowing bronze to it I suggest this one because it has the best bronzes in it. I use it all the time and I am really dark . I get compliments on my tan all the time. Try it you love it , (no tingle in it )

Serena Lebanon, KS


have only used this twice and can see a difference in my tan. smells really nice–not like some tanning lotions with bronzer. leaves your skin moisturized and smooth. i always follow up with a aussie gold post-tan lotion. (see my other reviews). i’ve learned my lesson the hard way (spending too much on other lotions). australian gold is the only way to go!! PS: does not streak or stain your hands!

Jessica Foster City, MI

Did nothing

Drys out skin terribly. Has the odor we all hate and did not bronze my skin at all. I did finally find a great bronzer. Check my reviews by clicking reviews by my name.

Felicia New Laguna, NM

Good product

I wanted a tan cream for the month I bought at a tanning salon. I liked this product very much. It helped me get tan.

Kate Thurman, IA

Nice lotion

Works and smells great. Makes my skin incredibly soft. Recommend to those wanting something a little cheaper to get the job done.

Paige Totz, KY

Not what I expected

I would not recommend this tanning lotion. For me, it’s too watery and takes too long to absorb into your sking. If you use a tanning bed, you understand that you don’t have long to put on your lotion.

Chasity Bigler, PA

Hardcore Black 30x

Smells like the typical tanning lotion, coconut mixed with burned flesh. ha! This works well…I would recommend for beginners. It hydrates well and provides color very quickly after 3-4 uses in a level one bed.

Connie Arena, WI

Maybe its fake? or it just isnt a good lotion.

This is by far the worste lotion I’ve used, Guess you pay for what you get. I’ll stick with the more expensive brands for now on. This is very watery, it’s like rubbing water on my skin. It looks like lotion when it comes out but once I rub it on its very liquidy. It smells OKAY in the bottle, but nasty once its on my skin. Very bad after smell my husband has commented the few times I used this that I stank. I switch up on lotions and the times that I’ve used this one I’ve seen no results as if I didn’t even tan. Maybe this is a fake lotion or watered down, who knows, but I won’t buy again.

Dina Harrisburg, NE

Quality product

Just about anything Australian Gold is going to be top notch and this goes right along with the rest of their lotions. I use this regularly and very happy with the results.

Mara Parma, ID