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Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primers Primer 137

Sheer Envy Primer provides a soft, luminous glow while restoring skin’s natural radiance. For all skin tones, wear alone or under makeup

Key features

  • 1.6 oz
  • Moisturizing
  • Anti-aging
  • Gives a healthy glowing complexion •SPF 15
  • SPF 15

Honest reviews


A little goes a long way!!

It’s very soft and smooth. I rarely use it and when I don It’s just so light. Feels like nothings on but if you put alot it then feels sticky.

Clarice Seligman, MO

Applies like silk

When applying it goes on like silk, feels good, not heavy, I apply to my eyelids also, I also like the new lipstick with the tooth whitener on the other side.

Polly King George, VA

Right Up There with Smashbox and Other High-End Primers!

Have spent many-a-dollar on high-end primers and once thought Smashbox was the only way to go. That is, until I actually purchased this gem from Walmart of all places. Though I would say that Smashbox delivers a bit more even, serum feel, Hard Candy sure comes in a close second. And if you compare prices between the two…Hard Candy advances to the top of the list.It does provide a silky even finish to you face which makes for a lovely foundation look (and feel). If I’ve just washed my face at night and my face feels a bit tight, I apply this product to make my skin feel alive and fresh again.You can’t go wrong with almost anything from Hard Candy.

Tia Rock Hill, NY

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primers Primer 137

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primers Primer 137 is a white primer that goes onto the skin smoothly. It’s great before putting on make up and your skin feels so soft all day. I use it at night as well because it takes red out of my pimples. I highly recommend this for sensitive skin and anyone with acne. Oh and if you have oily skin this is a great product.

Dale Berea, OH

this is an essential in my beauty bag!!

ok girls–u NEED a primer!! it makes your skin flawless and helps your make up stay fresh until you take it off. i am a product junkie and have tried many primers, many more expensive than this Hard Candy. it is right up there with the high priced ones!! it has a slight irridesence that jus compliments the skin even more. for this price, if u are not using a primer, try this one-u will see what im talking about with the first application. and to all my beauty sista’s-this one works just like the more pricey primers!! so save some$$$ and try this one–i use it every day!!

Eddie Glenham, SD