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Hard Candy Lash Ink 4 Day Lash Stain

The Hard Candy Lash Ink 4-Day Lash Stain cloaks your eyelashes keeping them thick and fluttery up to four days straight. By using this eyelash stain you need not reapply mascara for up to four days. No matter whether you bathe, swim, cry, or get wet in the rain, your lashes will stay flawless. This Hard Candy lash stain comes with a bristle brush that allows you to apply the lash ink to your lashes from the roots to the tips. You can have thick glossy lashes every day, with just a little work every four days using this 4-day lash stain

Key features

  • Paint on lashes and don’t reapply for up to four days!
  • Bristle brush allows you to reach every lash from root to tip
  • Hard Candy Lash Ink

Honest reviews


I Love It!

I have fair lashes, actually light red, I have a very fair completion, I love this because it does last for 4 days on my light lashes, using this I don’t need to apply mascara every day, I don’t look like a ghost.The brush is thin and the product is a thin liquid, takes time to get the hang of it to apply, when I first applied I was to quick to apply, I did get some spots on eyelids but removed that with eye makeup remover.It not a quick apply and out the door as regular mascaraYou can still apply mascara over it, when I remove the regular mascara my lashes are still tinted!The second time I really took my time. Works for me!!

Elaine Barnard, MO

Like it

I do like this product. I wear a thick moisturizer on my face at night. So when I wake up it is underneath my eyes. So I am not sure how much of a stain it really is, or how waterproof it is. I also notice that when I am in a more humid climate I have more underneath my eyes in the morning or at the end of the day. I live in AZ so thank goodness I do not have to worry too much about that.

Cherie Littleton, WV

Great Product

I love this lash stain. It works great last for several days will NOT flake off onto your cheeks. I purchased mine at walmart for $7.

Essie Stevensville, VA

Great lash tint

Though it does not actually last four days, I love the easy glide on color that doesn’t clump. It is definitely water-proof so feel free to cry and swim without fear of raccoon eyes. It;’s not a mascara for everyday use because it requires an oily mascara remover on a cotton ball and some rubbing to get it completely off, therefore, risking eyelash loss.

Faith Storden, MN

Just mascara, not a dye

I bought this after seeing it recommended on Dr. Oz. What a joke. I figured I could use it before leaving on a backpack trip and be good for the weekend. Not so. I’m glad I tried it before I left because it was a mess. Runs very easily — definitely not waterproof and has no lasting color. If you’re expecting 4 days, forget it. If you just want mascara and you aren’t very fussy about quality, you might okay with this. I tossed it after 3 tries.

Latanya Nicholasville, KY