Hard Candy Glamoflauge HEAVY DUTY CONCEALER with pencil

Hard Candy Glamoflauge HEAVY DUTY CONCEALER with pencil (light color 312) by Hard Candy

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  • Hard Candy Glamoflauge HEAVY DUTY CONCEALER with pencil (light color 312) by Hard Candy

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Had High Hopes…

I first saw this concealer on a popular makeup guru’s Youtube channel. She provides very well-made reviews, testing out all sorts of high-end and low-end products for women of all incomes. I’ve found quite a few new makeup faves thanks to her, so when she mentioned this $6 dollar concealer from Walmart, an alleged concealer that could cover tattoos completely, I thought, “Yay! Finally!”To explain, I have naturally dark circles with a dark green/blue vein under one eye. And with a very light skin tone (around NC30-35, I think), any little darkness just takes over. I’ve tried ungodly amounts of drugstore concealers in the hopes that the dark circles could be covered. So when I heard about the Glamoflauge, I definitely wanted to try it out.Honestly, I had high hopes for this product and I was kinda disappointed. The color I got (Light) definitely perked up my undereye area, going along with the practice of creating the upside down triangle under the eyes and along the nose that so many makeup artists swear will cover up any dark circles and highlight that part of the face for contouring.On it’s own, the product didn’t even fully cover the blue/green veins on my wrist (my after-purchase swatch spot). I get the whole “a little goes a long way” part of the application, but not even layering really covered the veins. After a few layers, it just looked cakey and thick. I then tried application with a sponge, my (clean!) fingers, and a concealer brush. None of those ways truly covered up my dark circles. So, with the claim of a “heavy duty concealer”, I’m skeptical and let down. If my dark circles are darker than an actual tattoo, then either I have to see a cosmetic surgeon or this product just didn’t live up to its claims.But, I’ve tried to redeem this purchase. I now used it in combination with my foundation to better conceal the smaller imperfections and keep away the “mask” look. It works better this way as the concealer works more like a medium to full coverage foundation now that I’ve re-purposed it. But I have other concealers for my undereye area instead of this one.Oh, and by the way, the little concealer pencil isn’t worth the purchase on its own. The texture was too hard and unyielding, especially for any sensitive area like the eyes or the face. The pencil feels dried out and difficult to apply, far worse than even an eyeliner or browliner. I tossed it in drawer as soon as I tested it and never looked back.

Bertie Crandall, TX

Don’t use it on a tattoo if you have fair skin

I was looking for something to cover my tattoos for special events. Well this was not what I should have bought. It is the wrong color and it rubs off easily…let alone it doesn’t cover my tattoos at all. It makes it look like I smeared make up on my skin and then left the house. It does blend easily… I have saved it and used it for under eye concealer. It settles into fine lines. I am disappointed with this product.**To add to my review the seller refunded my money promptly. Thank you for your help in this matter! Great seller!!

Casey Greybull, WY

VERY heavy, thick concealer, great for blemishes and under eye circles

Wow, this concealer is THICK. Very dense and covers up just about any blemish.I’m really picky about my concealers because I have skin that “rejects” makeup very easily. Also known as oxidation (makeup turns orange, makeup looks cakey). I have tried other concealers before because I get some NASTY under eye circles (thank you Italian/Middle Eastern genetics) and most of them tend to fill in lines that I don’t even know exist or start to oxidize and even flake off.Pros:- Lasts all day. Literally all day. Through sweat, work, this stuff STAYS/LASTS.- Looks natural and blends in nicely with my pale skin tone.- Doesn’t require a lot! It’s so thick, a super small amount suffices.- Blends well with liquid foundations for nicer coverage.- Makes pimples disappear!- Makes my eyes look bright and awake!- Drew pen marks on my skin and it even covered that up COMPLETELY!- Dries quickly and didn’t need to use a powder to set it on my face….but then again I get dry skin. (I have combination skin if that helps)Cons:- Be careful how much you use! It DOES build up quite quickly and can easily look nice to cake-face.- The pencil is pretty pointless…It doesn’t cover THAT well. I use it for times when I make mistakes with my eyeliner and need to make my edges look sharper. Otherwise, I never use it.Hope this helps! 😀

Alisha Milledgeville, TN

Love it

This is a great concealer to hide darkness under my eyes. This will last long as well only need a little. A little drop goes a long way. I love this concealer!!

Martha Fair Haven, NJ

it’s ok I guess

I had really high hopes for this product as I’ve been searching for something to cover my dark under-eye circles. It’s ok, the color is off and was a bit light for my fair skin. I feel like it’s no different from any other concealer. I won’t be purchasing it again.

Monika Lambertville, NJ

Great heavy duty concealer, but not very long coverage

Sorry for the awkward wording in the title.This concealer is great for under eye circles, blemishes, discolorations, anything. The pencil, while I lost it somehow and never used it, is most likely good for precise work under brows, on specific spots, and cupid’s bows.However, even with primer, powder, and fixing spray, the concealer still fades like none of those factors were applied. I don’t touch my face any more than the next person, so maybe it could do with oil production or dry skin.Nevertheless, a very good concealer to start out with.Tip: a little goes a long way!

Marjorie Belden, NE

fast shipping,great quality service,product came bran new

i ordered this becuase im covered in tattoos and when i go to job interviews i can cover them up with this,i havnt used it yet thought..but im hoping it really works

Nichole Loup City, NE

JoJo from east baltimore

Nice consisntency , use only small amount, too light mixed with darker concealer, covered , and lasted all day once it was set with powder!

Kristy Geigertown, PA


This was the first concealer I’ve ever tried and I LOVE it! But be careful, a little goes a LONNGGGG way! If you apply too much, it WILL look cakey.

Trina Grand Rivers, KY

Supposed to cover tattoos?

The pencil is good, but the concealer itself does nothing. It’s thick but sheer. Make sense? I didn’t think so.

Lorene Elkins, AR

Very Heavy Duty

This stuff is THICK. A little definitely goes a long way. It’ll cover anything. The extra little stick of concealer, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with it. It’s very hard.

Kaye Ashland, VA

Me encanta

Muy buen producto lo recomiendo ampliamente, va muy bien con mi tipo de piel y con lo que necesito, feliz con mi compra, lo volvere a comprar cuando lo necesite, gracias.

Ingrid Orangeville, PA

love this stuff but buy it at walmart..much cheaper!!

This stuff is awesome, i use it for a dramatic look after i foundation and powder, i put it on under my eyelids then again set with a powder for a kim kardashion look and its thin but covers very heavily so a little goes a long way! But at Walmart its only 6 bucks!

Jeanne Dongola, IL

It creases and dries out my skin

I have very light skin and I get a lot of purple color under my eyes. This concealer does have great coverage, and I loved it at first. However, I found that it creases horribly. It also dried out my skin a lot. It made me look really old and wrinkly, and I’m only 21! I do not recommend this.

Kristy Tucson, AZ

love it

heavy concealer for cheap price, if you are looking for some major coverage at a reasonable price, this product is for you!

Vickie Gwinn, MI


its really good coverage but its very heavy and the colors are either so light or so dark. If they got a bigger more realistic color range i would definently repurchase.

Eula Arcanum, OH

HG concealer!

I have very fair skin and suffer from hyper-pigmentation. A few weeks ago, I had one of the worst break outs in years which left me with lots of marks to cover. I have had issues with marks for eight years now, so I’ve tried many concealers. Most recently, dermablend, erase paste, and boing both by benefit. None of those concealers worked as well as this does. If you can find it in a Walmart near you, I suggest you do that because I got mine there for $6. The teeniest amount covers me entire face perfectly (which layers of foundation were never able to do.) I mean, smaller than a fourth of a pea size. A super tiny amount. It’s great and stays on all day. Definitely recommend!

Rosie Fishers Landing, NY

Awesome Concealer!

A little goes a long way with this concealer. A lot of people say the same with many products but isn’t true when it comes to my face. I have acne pigment scarring, dark circles and sun spots. I literally use a dab and it covers all of it on my cheek and more. It’s very full coverage. I like to mix it in with my primer and my foundation so it’s less noticeable. Meaning I have a hard time matching my skin tone and mixing it in with my foundation makes it look flawless and all over even skin tone. I would compare this to the Kat Von D. tattoo foundation sold at Sephora. Hard Candy is more affordable and works awesome!

Leticia Crocheron, MD

Five Stars

I like it so much, the consistence and the full cover is AMAZING

Meghan Biggs, CA

Good coverage for scars

I have some scars on my arm, I like this better than the Dermablend. I apply matte powder over it.

Holly Dodge, TX

Four Stars


Brittney Verbank, NY