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Hard Candy Glamoflauge HEAVY DUTY CONCEALER with pencil

The Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer in Tan 314 provides even coverage for flawless skin. You can use it to hide blemishes, tattoos or dark circles. This heavy-duty concealer gives skin a natural look and comes with a handy, fine-tipped pencil for touch up work.

Key features

  • Tan 314
  • A heavy-duty, multi-use concealer that provides ultimate coverage
  • Hard Candy Concealer uses a formula that blends flawlessly into skin
  • Hide everything from dark circles and blemishes to tattoos
  • Concealer: 0.71 oz; pencil: 0.023 oz

Honest reviews



I have pretty bad dark circles, like I never go out without makeup on dark circles, and I have always struggled to find a concealer that covers them up without making me look like a clown. This stuff is amazing. I buy it, unfortunately at Walmart, because that’s the only place I could find it, but it’s worth it. It is very thick, so a little goes a long way, but it covers my circles so well. I blend it in and apply it in thin blended layers. It does tend to crease if you have oily skin, so I recommend a finishing powder, which I use on my lower lash line to keep it from creasing. I have been using the same tube for at least 6 months and I still have plenty to go! I love that it is so cheap, cruelty free and covers my circles!!!! YAY!!

Virginia Blue Eye, MO

The worst!

The. Worst purchase from amazon until now!The pacaking seemed to be already opened, the pencil that comes with the concealer was not in its proper cap and was smudged everywhere,the actual concealer was like melted and in a darker tone than spected.

Germaine Buchanan, MI

Not Really

I bought this from an ad in a magazine that waxed on about how great it is! I have used it for awhile now and NO. It does not add any brightness, may work for sun spots but NOT FOR THE EYES with coverage. Needless to say, disappointed.

Kirsten Shongaloo, LA

Best concealer ever

I absolutely love this concealer. It is the only concealer I have ever had that can hide even the worst bight marks on my neck. It matches my skin perfectly which is hard to find sometimes because I tan and a lot of makeup just looks orange. This stuff covers every imperfection perfectly. I love that the little pencil can cover up the most impossible blemishes. I can’t live without it I have two in my makeup drawer right now.

Laverne Lexington Park, MD

Good product

I think is a good product but i think i pick the wrong Shade for me i Feel is just a little big light for me , but because i don’t like my undereye to look a bit light Than the rest of my face , otherwise is a great product and covers enough

Nikki Union, OR

This is a great product

this is is great. however the price is too steep. after ordering and receiving this item. i found out that it goes for about $6 and the sell it at walmart. whenever i run out thats where i’ll be going

Violet Milan, PA

The best product ever!

The best product ever!Kind of a secret though 😉 Didn’t want for everyone to know what I use, but couldn’t help myself after reading ridiculous negative reviews on this product! This works like a wonder! Best quality & coverage concealer EVER! No joke!

Helga New Prague, MN