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Hannah Natural Pure Herbal Henna Powder, 100 Gram

Our herbal henna is 100% natural and chemical free. Switch to our all natural product and see and feel the difference. Contains more than 10 natural herbs such as indigo, henna, amla, brahmi, and more that are well known for their herbal benefits in ayurveda.

Key features

  • 100% chemical free all natural herbal henna
  • Contains more than 10 natural herbs and makes an excellent hair conditioner
  • Gives a dark orange, deep henna color
  • Contains 2 packs of 50 gram each, pair of gloves, shower cap and full detailed instructions
  • Product of India

Honest reviews


Very good product

It is really a good product…lot of benefits. Good smell , good result, good color, good cooling etc.. Try this once

Angeline Cuba, MO

Careful, read the ingredients!

First of all, I bought this from a third party seller through Amazon, because I was intrigued by the deep orange color it promised to give; but the it arrived in my mailbox squished flat and the henna spilling all over the envelope. Because I haven’t seen this color being offered in too many other places and I’m willing to admit I haven’t done much searching, I was still willing to try it but I wanted to make sure that I would do it right especially since I was going to be using Henna for the first time and so I did some research online…I was intending to use this henna on my relaxed hair. After some research I was warned to be wary of commercially prepared “compound” hennas which should be avoided at all costs by people with relaxed hair like mine. This is because these compound hennas contain harmful metallic salts that will react with my chemical relaxer and cause my hair to essentially melt and break.When I read the ingredients list it has all manner of stuff I can’t pronounce, even though the packaging claims “100% chemical free” of the front. Am I wrong to assume that pure henna, will only say henna in the ingredients list?Good thing I did research before hand! I shall be returning this promptly!Bought it through third party at $5.99, next day it was being sold by Amazon as an add on item at $3.95!

Karin Raymond, KS

very messy

This is the brand tey carry at my asian market. Its very messy but doesn’t have a horrible smell. Kinda like green tea. Its still on my hair so i’m not sure about the color. But I have longer than shoulder length hair and used only one bag.Hair is very crunchy. I hope it loosens my curls.

Luz Youngtown, AZ

Long lasting results and beautiful color!

This is the only henna I will use now because It is l00% chemical free and last’s ridiculously long! It says on the box 4-6 weeks for the lasting ability and it is completely true. Don’t know why someone would ever do chemical coloring for red when it fades so fast! Just do Henna because it lasts just as long or even longer, and isn’t harmful to the hair or scalp. I’m also a cosmetologist, so believe me when I say compared to chemical coloring this stuff is amazing and can be used on women who are pregnant or unable to use harsh chemical coloring on there scalp. Love this purchase!

Josefa Rienzi, MS

I am suprised

Right after I rinsed my hair, I was frustrated to see the yellow hue and brownish color – I’ve been coloring my hair a copper red for years and wanted to keep it that way. But as I dried my hair, it was like magic! It turned out to be the most natural copper color possible. It was much darker than I was expecting but it worked for me and I LOVE it. Much better than chemical colors for sure. My baby thin hair immediately got stronger and thicker.

Brittney Mifflin, PA