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Hannah Natural 100% Pure Indigo Powder for Hair Dye, 100 Gram

Our herbal indigo leaf powder is 100% natural, 100% pure, and chemical free. Switch to our all natural indigo powder and experience long lasting, deep indigo blue color for your hair.

Key features

  • 100% chemical free all natural herbal henna
  • The only ingredient is indigo leaf powder
  • Gives a natural and attractive indigo blue color for your hair
  • Contains 2 packs of 50 gram each, pair of gloves, shower cap and full detailed instructions
  • Product of India

Honest reviews


Excellent product

Great Product! Good packing! Very fine powder that makes for a very smooth and silky. I strongly recommend this Indigo if anyone wants to cover their grey color. Using this Indigo hair dye helps nourish your hair, dispel heat, and cures neurosis

Millie Neely, MS


This stuff really works! I bought the henna light brown and I liked the color but it turned more red than what I wanted. So I bought this to darken it and wow the results are amazing. It really covers the gray and Its a very dark color. Its great for touch up for grays. I would buy again.. thanks.

Candy Thomaston, TX

Great alternative to chemical colorants

I have used this indigo 3x now (after henna for a black color). The second time I forgot to add lemon juice and salt. The color didn’t keep, it just kept washing out every time I showered. The 3rd time is when I re-did it. I used 300 g (3 boxes) to cover my medium length hair. I mixed with filtered water, juice from one lemon and about a teaspoon of salt. The color has kept well. Using this on top of henna I am able to get the color on the box. My hair is naturally white.

Liza Mount Juliet, TN


I’m not sure this worked because I did half henna half indigo and my hair still came out red. I was looking for brown.

Adrian Clovis, NM


I wasted my money with this so called indigo powder. I tried it in many ways and nothing. there is no way to get my hair black. not worth it.

Enid Morris, AL

Great natural hair coloring agent

This imparts a blue color to hair. I use this after henna to get black color. It works well. But the process is lengthy and cumbersome. But I don’t really have a choice because I don’t want to use highly toxic chemical hair colors.

Janet Fairfield, PA