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Handbag Pouch Bag in Bag Organiser Insert Organizer Tidy Travel Cosmetic Pocket,Gray

* SODIAL is a registered trademark. ONLY Authorized seller of SODIAL can sell under SODIAL listings.Our products will enhance your experience to unparalleled inspiration. You can keep everything easily accessible with this handy organizer. M ultiple pockets to classify your personal stuff. Let you easily move and rotate the entire contents of your bag. The handy pockets in the bag help you keep your mobile, keys, purse, make-up and other essential items organised and within easy reach. Strong nylon construction. Light weight and washable. Portable and compact, is easily held in handbag. Find the most urgent things anytime anywhere. Perfect for holding cosmetics, cell phone, cards, etc. Material: Nylon. Size Approx: 11.2″ x 6.7″ x 3.3″ ?28.5cm x 17cm x 8.5cm ). Color: Grey. Package included: 1 x Handbag Organizer

Key features

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  • Brand New and high quality strong Nylon construction Handbag Pouch Bag in Bag Organiser Travel bag
  • SSize Approx: 28.5cmx17cmx8.5cm/11.2 inchx6.7 inchx3.3 inch ; Perfect for holding cosmetics, cell phone, cards, etc
  • Multiple pockets to classify your personal stuff
  • The handy pockets help you keep items organised and within easy reach
  • Travel Cosmetic Pocket

Honest reviews


perfect organizer

I was so annoyed of transferring every item, and forgetting some every time I switched purse. This pouch is perfect. It is beautiful, has lots of pockets and you can use side snaps to make it bigger or smaller. You can’t beat the price. I was so happy with it, I immediately ordered 3 more as gift. It is shipped from Hong Kong, however the seller ships it the next day and it arrives in couple of weeks. Definitely recommended.

Christian North Olmsted, OH

Organiser Insert

Great idea cheap materials. But you get what you pay for. The zip is soooo very hard to open. i have to use too much force and it looks like it will break soon. many pockets which are useful but now that it has come ; I see that I should have paid more money for better quality. This is just cheap fabric nylon /plastic. I actually bought three of these. gave my sister one and she likes it. It was free for her but I paid too much for this. My recommendation is to spend more money for better quality.

Roseann Wendell, MN

Useful and well constructed.

The purse organizer looks excellent. I’m very happy with it. It is much bigger than I thought even though I considered the measurements. It will not fit in most of my purses. Would be great if used in a tote, beach bag, wide briefcase, etc. I think I might use it for organization of smallish items in the car. Delivery was fairly speedy considering it was shipped from Hong Kong.

Charlene Mishawaka, IN

Excellent organizer

I ordered a bunch of these to give as gifts for Christmas, they are excellent size, and the double zipper on each side is a wonderful security bonus. One of the organizer’s zipper failed, and the "teeth" of the zipper fell out, rendering it useless. I wrote to the seller who offered a replacement. This seller’s service is A++++, and the organizer is a hit with all who received it. Highly recommend.

Elizabeth South Salem, NY

Pure Genius!

This little bag is pure genius! Wish I had thought of it myself. This bag is the epitome of "a place for everything and everything in it’s place". I thought I was organized before I got this bag — but this bag takes organization to a whole new level. Now my stuff doesn’t get all jumbled up inside my bag. Everything stays where I put it. No more fumbling for the hand cleaner or tissue. I read reviews that said that this bag is too large for their purse… Well, if that’s true, then you don’t carry around enough stuff to need this pouch bag. Also, for the amount of work that went into this bag, the price is incredible!

Keri Window Rock, AZ

Stop what you’re doing and buy this

Do you have only one purse? That’s no problem. Buy this. It has pockets galore to organize your crap and keep it cozy and safe. Do you travel? Buy this. Pull it out of your one bag and stuff it into your one carry-on. The best use is switching out purses, but this is so much more.It’s lightweight and cheap as DIRT. Some had issues with quality but mine is sturdy and awesome. I LOVE IT. BUY ONE. The only down side was how long I had to wait for it but that was forgotten when I organized all my crap into it and stuffed it into my purse that used to be top heavy and too thin. Now the purse has more of a base and I have pockets galore. BUY IT.Oh wait, no. Don’t buy it. I might need another someday. And everyone I know is getting one for a gift. Diaper bag? Organize it. Gym bag? Organize your toiletries.I sound like it but I have NO affiliation with the seller.Again, don’t buy this.

Freda Windsor, WI


Can’t beat the price. And it keeps my purse organized. So many pockets and areas for things. Very well made. For the price, it’s great. Can’t believe it costs so little for a great product.

Cynthia Prospect, NY

Very handy

I hate changing purses. I also dislike trying to find things in a big purse that doesn’t have many compartments. This little pouch makes it easy for me to switch between purses in a minute, and there are tons of compartments to keep things organized so you’re not always fishing for things. I’m not crazy about the color, but you can’t see it when it’s in the purse. This is a very convenient and affordable solution.

Kimberley Southlake, TX

use it as a makeup bag

I travel every weekend and use this as a makeup bag rather than a purse organizer. It’s big and the multiple compartments allow me to keep everything organized. I like that it’s washable too.

Leslie Mustoe, VA

Very Good Quality!

I was very pleasantly surprised to see how well made this little organizer is. I wish I had bought a few more while they were on sale to give to friends as gifts. Great little organizer and not a bad price at all!

Pat Omaha, AR

LOve it

LOve love this bag organiser perfect size for all my handbags,it is even a little on the small size for one of my handbag[i love big handbags]

Antionette Barksdale, TX


i love this organizer…it makes changing purses a breeze!!! there are so many compartments and nothing gets lost in the bottom of your bag.

Mara Wittmann, AZ

Love the pokets

The amount of pockets and nooks and crannies in this organizer are amazing. However it doesn’t really stay open on its own unless the center pack is crammed full and some of the pockets become hard to access/see when its folded in on itself.

Trina Wales, MA

Great for organization

I carry a lot of stuff in my purse. I like shopping tote type bags and this is great to organize some of the clutter in the bag so my stuff is easier to get to. It is quite small but in that regard it will fit most handbags. The price was very good and even though it was shipped from China, it arrived quite fast. Only gave 4 stars because of the size.

Jerri Rincon, NM

Lightweight, well made, organizes lots of stuff

I love how many pockets and zippers there are to hold everything. The material is really light, so it doesn’t add weight to my purse like some other organizers. No complaints at all.

Kristen Effort, PA

Organizing Makeup bag

I use this to organize my makeup. It works very well, it stands up on its own, and the pockets are good size. I like how it has two zippers, as well, and it has many "compartments" to hold similar items in one location to make them easy to locate.

Carla Tuskahoma, OK

I would pay twice the amount for this item!

This is fabulous! I am extremely happy with it. I have several hobo purses that I love how they look, but hate how you can’t find anything in them. This item makes my purses new again. I love them even more now. There are enough pockets for even me! I need pockets for everything. I carry about 10 lipsticks/balms at all times in my purse with my wipes and hand lotion. Not to mention my phone, ipod, and credit cards, receipts, and bronzer. Even my sunglasses all fit nicely in here. All organized.The item is made from a plastic material that reminds me of a lined jacket. There are also mesh pockets on the outside. I counted 13 pockets. Four small mesh on one side, two bigger mesh on the other. Two solid pockets each side. You also have two big pockets on each side with zippers. And the big one in the middle that is uncovered. There are also two loops on top to pull this bag out of your purse easily. Mine is gray with yellow trim. Not that anyone can actually see the colors. So, I can change purses in a flash any time with ease. I also received this quicker than I thought. Great buy!

Patrice Askov, MN

Handy in purses without any inner structure to keep your stuff neat.

I got this for Christmas as a gift from my mom because she knows how dependent I am on purses…they’re my security blanket & my "girl scout emergency kit" all in one. This usually translates to me carrying a ton of stuff in my handbags, but it always getting sloshed around in some of the purse styles I have. BUT…I didn’t have a purse at the time for it to fit into, so I just stashed it in the closet for the future.So, I got a "legacy" Coach saddle bag style purse for the holidays as a gift from someone else and when I opened it, there was nothing but 1 skinny flat zipper compartment in the vast open purse. I had a novel idea: I wonder if this insert would work in it. And yes, it just fit, and now, I am able to use my stylish Coach purse without the interior of the handbag looking like someone shook up a woman’s bedroom & closet and whatever fell out happened to find its haphazard way into the handbag. Things, from pens to checkbooks, my contact solution to my glasses, makeup to medications I travel with, are all neat and securely contained within.I recommend this to folks who usually carry a ton of stuff around in their handbags or tote bags (yes, it fits easily in those) and wish to keep everything neat & tidy and easy to access regardless of sloshing their bag around during normal life & moving around.

Zelma Denniston, KY

Works great

I use this daily. I TRY to match my purses to my clothes, so this makes mornings a LOT easier when switching out.

Dawn Norris, SD

Exactly as shown

These are just what you see — they will be a great purse or tote bag organizer if you want to drop it into any bag, or it would also be a handy "make up or toiletry" bag for travel. Can’t beat the price, good deal.

Estelle Whitewood, VA

Organized my purse

i love that it fits in my big purse that doesn’t have enough pockets, so this pouch is great to put everything in there and be organized . The quality is ok so far it still works and it didn’t break in the zipper area like some people here have complained about but i guess its how careless or how ruff you are with it but overall i love it because it has space for everything including my big phone and plus you cant beat the price and it looks nice, and if i had to i can transition everything from one purse to another in less than 2 minutes. if i had to gift it to someone i would, it makes having a purse easier and organized

Magdalena Harbinger, NC

Large Organizer

I ordered this for a friend because she is always misplacing her items in her purse….she called me 3 days after she had been using it to let me know how she liked it….Lots of compartments, zippers are large and easy to open/close, fits perfectly into her 11" handbags, the mesh is very durable. I will be ordering me one next. this is the best price that I’ve seen them selling for. I would recommend this product….

Josefa Platte Center, NE

Life has gotten little easier

Fantastic idea and made well. Fits in most of my bags and makes grabbing what you need so much quicker. I am currently using in a large MK bag that was basicly a sackful of chaos. Now I’m not digging for my wallet, that hair tie or keys that are never on the top of the pile. Would also work well as a toiltetry bag.

Deann Shrewsbury, PA

Love it!!!! Fits in LV Neverfull MM

Just as picture shows. Will be getting another for my sister. I got it in 3 weeks (ships from Hong Kong and delivered to Florida). But hello for the price, I’ll wait it out. Has several pockets. Fits perfect in my LV Neverfull MM as well as other medium size purses. Puffy type nylon but it goes inside purse anyways! and if not it’s also great for travel, stuff with travel items and pop into luggage. Either way, great organizer!!

Lucile Glenwood, NJ

Very nice organizer

This organizer has lots of pockets and zipper compartments. The size is perfect to put into totes. The price was great but shipping was slow.

Freida East Northport, NY


Cheap material, flimsy. It was teared up with a few weeks of use. The size is not your average-size purse friendly.

Lana Bogota, NJ

Love this thing

Okay, so I don’t use it as a purse organizer….I am an avid (or as my DH likes to say…Rabid) Knitter. Always have a knitting project with me. And occasionally it’s tangled up with a comb or wallet in my purse. (Ooooo bad knitter! BAD!)So when I spotted this I ordered immediately. Work like a charm…pattern in one pocket, needle sizer in another, extra needle tips & cables securely zipped in a long pocket & the center reserved for the all important Knitting project. And plenty of more pockets for whatever. Fits neatly inside most of my tote style bags and when the need arises I carry it by itself. Can’t say I’m wild about the canary yellow & grey thing but HEY – this thing WORKS!P.S. great price & fast shipping. Came from Shanghai way faster that I expected.

Lydia Athens, TX

great quality

i ordered this product semi expecting a low quality bad because of the price. i was very happy when i was proven wrong. it is a great quality purse organizer. very durable. i liked that there was snaps on both sides so that you can make the bag wider or thinner. definitely worth buying.

Brittany Rye, TX

Decent for the Price

I was surprised that I got it as fast as I did since it was being shipped from China. I ordered on the 10th of January and got it on the 29th.Be careful—-> the price changes on this item.This organizer is really good for the price, but (It is very inexpensive)it just isn’t all that it could be. The open pockets are only on the outside which makes it awkward to fit into your handbag after they are filled. It does not expand as wide as several others that I have tried.There are only 2 zippered compartments which I thought would be enough…but if you use one of these very large compartments for anything important that is small you are going to have to do a lot of rummaging through this thing.The pockets on the outside that are different sizes are either too big or too small for the items that I want to have fit snugly in them.Again this is good for the very low price.

Linda Utica, OH

great purse orginizer

It is a great idea for women who like to switch purses often, it makes the process very simple and quick!

Barbra Hiram, ME