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Hand & Nail Harmony Gelish Soak Off Artificial Nail Remover – 4 oz

This bottle of Gelish Gel Polish Remover is designed to remove Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish in 10 minutes or less, with conditioning additives that keep the skin from drying, and maintain a healthy nail. Gelish® Soak-Off Gel Polish applies like polish and cures in a LED lamp in 30 seconds, or 2 minutes in traditional UV lamps. Gelish stays on nails for up to 3 weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soaks completely off in only 10 – 15 minutes. This is part of the Gelish Urban Cowgirl Collection. 1 Buy = 1 Bottle! We are an authorized Gelish Dealer!

Key features

  • New Gelish Gel Nail Polish Remover
  • Use with Gelish, Red Carpet Manicure, OPI and all other gel polishes
  • Works in 10 minutes or less
  • Skin moisturizing additives
  • Size: 120mL (4 fl oz)

Honest reviews


Not the best on the market

I chose the rating because it got the job done to remove nail polish but did not do well to remove my artificial nails. The bottle was not the best design as the liquid went all over the place when I was trying to put it in a container to soak off my nails.

Imelda Bellevue, ID

Best Nourishing Removal

I love the Gelish removal system because its nourishing and it smells good. Ive tried pure acetone as a removal system because it much cheaper to buy in bulk but the acetone smells really harsh and it turns my cuticles white and chalky. Ick! with the Gelish remover my gels flake off after 15minutes in a wrap and the skin around my fingers is unchanged. Another selling point is that the amazon price is ALWAYS lower than in a professional beauty supply. I do my own Gel Nails at home every 2 weeks and this bottle has lasted around 6 months.

Diana Pineola, NC

Not much bang for your buck

You can get a better deal buying the generic brand from a local beauty supply store. I have found the acetone to remove gel polish is nothing special. The only difference between this small bottle and the gallon jugs is the name harmony and the “for uv gel polish” written on the bottle.

Fran Nelsonia, VA

Works effectively, easy to do and better for your nails

To remove the first Gelish polish I got done in a Salon, I tried one reviewer’s suggestion and got the swirl kind of acetone nail polish remover and it did NOT work at all. I then tried soaking in the 100% acetone, which was so drying to my fingers and nails and it took forever — more than 20 minutes and I basically had to scrap the polish off at the end. I did the second Gelish nails myself. The Gelish polish was great on and stayed the same as new for over 1.3 week but I needed to change colors so I used this Harmony remover this time: it took about 12 minutes and left no drying feeling on my fingers!! This remover smells pleasant — just a faint nice smell, which is another plus.What I did was cutting the cotton pads to be slightly bigger than each nail. I soak the pad in this remover and then wrap TIGHTLY onto the nails with tin foil (which was also cut to smaller pieces to be just enough to cover the finger tips). The polish just came off as one big, swollen piece. There are only a few tiny spots left that I just used my nature nails to scrap them off. So easy! I was very very very worried about the removal process when I first learned about this Gelish polish — DIY or at salons. I was so afraid of chemicals (e.g., Acetone) that would hurt my nails and finger skins. I really appreciate all the tips from various reviewers for how to do the Gelish nails well as now I have beautiful long-lasting manicure and pedicure (through a few try-and-errors). I highly recommend this remover as it took away my worries about nasty gel removal process and adverse effects on nails.

Ruby Davenport, CA


I tried using this product and had no luck with it all. I did the whole cotton ball covered with aluminum and even scraping afterward did not even touch it. Maybe I am too impatient for this method. What I do now is I take two small bowls. I put water in one and 100% acetone in the other. HEAT the one with the WATER so it is almost hot. Then I place the bowl with the acetone inside of the bowl with water.This will heat up the acetone and you will be amazed at the improved results.The HOTTER the WATER the WARMER the ACETONE. DO NOT HEAT THE ACETONE!! (FIRE HAZARD) Then I use a very fine filing block to remove the shiny top coat so that the acetone can permeate into the polish. Soak nails for approximately 10-15 minutes. What does not just literally drop off while soaking, I gently scrape off what little is left. Acetone is much cheaper and you get a lot more.I got mine from Wal Mart. I always apply vitamin E oil to my nails and fingers after this process because the acetone is very drying.Then I wash with soap and water and polish using the proper steps. Hope this helps somebody, and good luck.

Samantha Dayton, IN

Good deal

This is large size of what comes in the one I got when I first got gel nail polish. Good product

Melba Bennett, NC

Works great and is gentle on skin

Gelish Soak Off Remover works great, doesn’t smell too bad (its got acetone in it so it’s gonna have some smell).Conditioners in remover sooth nails and skin. You can use plain Acetone to remove soak off gel nails if you want too. This is just gentler on your hands.Recommend.

Margarita Covington, OK

Product worked well with Sensationails

I ordered as an experiment to see if this product would work with Sensationails. It did! No problems or reactions.

Alana Wagoner, OK

Soooo much easier to use!

Okay so I am new to the gelish polish world and I LOVE it so far but it can be a pain in the rear to get this stuff off to apply new! This remover has worked the best so far and I have tried regular nail polish remover and straight acetone before trying this! I file off the top coat then apply this to cotton pads and wrap in foil, takes closer to 15 minutes than 10 but still the polish just slides right off afterwards. And nothing else I have used worked that well AND this didn’t dry our my cuticles like the other stuff! I will use and buy again.

Anne Hines, IL

Does the trick

It does its job and that is all you can ask for. Just be careful, so far the bottles of remover have all leaked for me if they tip over. It doesn’t have as harsh of a smell as regular polish remover, but it still isn’t a smell you’d want all over the place.

Marta Pekin, IL

A necessity for Gelish

You need this product in order to get all of your gelish polish off of your nails. Smell great, nourishes your nails and removes all of your polish.

Allyson Meckling, SD

Gelish remover

Don’t waste your money!!! I brought this to keep from using pure acetone to soak off my gel, so my skin wouldn’t get so dried out. Took an hour to soak off, only takes 15 minutes with pure acetone. And I tried Vaseline around my nails with the acetone when soaking my gel off and it worked great, my skin didn’t dry out at all this way. Will never buy this again, what a waste of money.

Maria Georgetown, NY

Acetone just as effective

I bought this product to test it against what I already use to soak-off/remove gel polish and I found acetone to be, in my opinion, more effective. There are some conditioning/replenishing agent in this product, which is great and smells better, however, nails have to be dehydrating before and in order to apply gel foundation to adhere properly. So, personally, I don’t really get the replenishing agent. And, you can always replenish cuticles with oils afterwards, etc.So this is effective, but not as effective. I did the cotton ball and wrap method to soak-off…fyi.

Olivia Chinquapin, NC

Great for gel polish

This is great for removing gel polish. Its better to just pour a small amount into a bowl and just let them soak. I have tried several of the soak of things, like the pads and such, but it is so much easier to put a little in a bowl, and that seems to work quicker too. Then all you have to do is scrap it off with a wood file or something.

Pamala Roundhead, OH

Make your own

This is probably a waste of money. This is simply acetone with fragrance, a little bit of oil for moisture and a touch of alcohol. You can buy these and mix them for pennies.

Ethel East Concord, NY


This is a product that I couldn’t do with out! I bought this product because that is what I was shown when I first started manicures… I absolutely love this product line. I will definitely buy this again….

Leanna Atlanta, ID

Works great

This product soaked off the gelish polish in 15 minutes. My nails were not brittle and dry like they are when I’ve used the pure acetone. I used the cotton pads cut in squares the same size as my nails and wrapped them in foil. After 10 minutes, the polish started to flake. In 15, the polish just “fell” off. The amount of product used was minimal, so there is no great expense.Update:I used glitter on my nails for some “holiday glitz”. In order to do this, I used two coats of the gel builder to set the glitter. This product still soaked both the glitter and the gel builder off without any problems. Anybody that’s ever used glitter and/or glitter polish knows that it’s usually a pain to get off – this is the solution. And again, without damaging my natural nails.

Hallie Fostoria, OH

Doesn’t work at all!

Followed the instructions , no results! In the end I had to soak my nails in acetone because to remove my gelish non-chip polish…

Krystal Galivants Ferry, SC