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Hand & Nail Harmony Gelish pH Bond – 01206

Use with lacquer or gel polish. Use before nail base coat. Dehydrates the nail plate. 0.5 oz bottle.

Key features

  • Dehydrates the nail plate
  • Use before nail base coat

Honest reviews


This is great

I am a gelish fan and that is all I wear. I also do traveling manicures and pedicures. The instructions for applying gel polish is you have to lightly buff the nail, use the cleanser then do you base coat etc. PH Bond is optional but I find my customers do not like to have their nails buffed because it can be damaging to the nail. I think this dehydrates better than just plain alcohol or gelish cleanser. I do recommend still using the cleanser and the ph bond if you have super smooth nails and you don’t want them buffed. A couple people have super smooth nails and they didn’t want them buffed so I just used cleanser and their polish peeled but if the nails is slightly buffed or dehydrated it works fine without buffing. PH bond is good to have.

Alexandria Weikert, PA

Dehydrates nail plate – alcohol works just as well for many

I don’t have any problem with Gelish polishes sticking properly without using this.I simply use alcohol swab to dehydrate the nail.Not absolutely necessary.Edit: 6 months later and I’m here to buy a bottle to help manicure last longer on friends nails.I’ll try it myself with darker colors that I tend to apply heavier – those lift more than light colors for me.

Leslie Wynnewood, OK

Alcohol didn’t work for me

I was having issues with the Gelish polish peeling off my nails after about a week. Regular nail polish rarely lasted more than 2-3 days before it started peeling. I was using alcohol wipes before but that didn’t work well either. So, I decided to purchase the PH Bond. This stuff works for me! I have had the polish on now for more than a week and it’s still perfect – YAY! If you are having problems with your Gelish peeling or not lasting, I would consider trying this product. It’s fairly inexpensive and it does the job well.

Odessa Sandy, TX

pH bond actually worked

I’ve used Gelish before but it was applied at salons. For Christmas, I bought myself a UV lamp and Gelish polishes so I can do my own nails at home and save some money. I was having issues with the Gelish polish peeling after a few days which had never happened when a salon did my nails. I even wiped my nails with alcohol before applying the base coat but that didn’t seem to help. After reading the various reviews, I decided to buy the PH bond. I had spent so much money on the lamp and polishes I figured why not. I’m really surprised that the PH bond worked. My Gelish nails lasted over 2 weeks without any chips. I only changed the color due to the unsightly nail grow out.

Selma Obernburg, NY

Excellent product

This is a must have if your looking into the gelish nail polishes. It protects your natural nail and creates a bond for the bottom coat. I would highly recommend NOT skipping this step. Excellent product.

Flossie Norton, MA

Gelish PH Bond

Love it! I use it with all my gel products not just gelish. This is my manicure routine for gel polish n regular polish.1. Remove all cuticles, I use Sally Hansen “instant cuticle remover” by far the best hands down. After applying this I soak my hands in some warm soapy water leaving the remover on for about 3-5 minutes n than I use a spoon metal cuticle pusher to push back my cuticles n remover the cuticle that has grown on my nail plate all the way around my nail, sides included…do not cut your cuticles or the skin around your nail plate, that’s what causes them to split and become callus. Should NEVER touch any of the skin around your nails.2. Wash hands good to remove all the cuticle remover.3. I use my electric nail drill “very gently” to remove the shine on my natural nail n any remaining cuticle on the my nail plate only. This does not damage the nail plate n by using the E Drill it’s much easier to buff the nail without using a block buffer or the 100/180 file that’s very hard to use without touching the skin around my nail…I will NEVER use a block buffer or file on my nails ever again. Since giving up the buffer n file and using the E file only, my nails n the skin around my nail plate has never been healthier. There is a video on YouTube on how to do a proper manicure prep before applying gel polishes n regular polish.4. Shape nails with a OPI crystal file, filing in one direction only. Do not file side to side this will only rip your nails and do not file the sides of your nails at all, this weakens the nails support causing them to break. Tips only.5. I use a brush or nail duster to remover the nail dust.6. I apply 91% alcohol, let air dry…than I use EZ flow nail primer being careful not to get any on the skin as it does burn, let air dry…than I apply the gelish ph bond air dry.The trick to gel polishes is very thin coats, keeping the foundation, color n top it off sealer…off your skin…if you do get any on the skin around your nails, take a paint brush n dip in alcohol and clean it off before curing it…so alway check all nails good before curing.7. Apply a very THIN coat of gelish foundation, cure in LED lamp for 1 minute.8. Take a dry paint brush that u would use for applying nail polish or makeup not the ones for removing the dust n wipe each nail down with it, this helps smooth out the cured foundation n removes the moisture. I got this tip off the gelish web site.9. Apply a very thin coat of the gel polish color you have picked out n cure for 1 minute, 2 minutes for dark colors.10. Apply another coat of your color, again cure but I cure the second coat for 2 to 3 minutes depending on how dark it is, if u are gonna apply a 3rd coat only cure 2 mins n cure your 3rd coat 3 minutes.11. Now it’s time for your gelish top it off top sealer. I usually put 2 coats of this on curing the first coat 2 minutes n curing the second coat for 3 minutes.12. Take the gelish cleanser or just alcohol on a lint free cloth or a paper towel will work as well…never use anything cotton with your gels or regular polish it’s your worst enemy.And now you have beautiful nails with color that should last 10 days or more 🙂 and are fully dry.

Fannie Roosevelt, TX


WAITED TO WRITE THIS REVIEW UNTIL AFTER READING MANY REVIEWERS, WEBSITES AND MONTHS OF TRIAL AND ERROR!I waited to write this review until I had tried MANY of the tips from MANY of the wonderful reviewers on! Below is what has finally worked for me the best. I have been doing my own nails for years .. when I heard how long gel nails lasted .. I was hooked! I find my pedicure will last easily 4 weeks .. my manicure very nicely 2 weeks .. then I must start to “tip” the ends with a matching regular nail polish. If I am not in a hurry .. the best way is to use an OPI base coat plus the color .. it will last better. My nails grow quickly so I really can’t last much longer than 3 weeks without a LOT of regrowth along the cuticle. Hope the below is helpful .. thanks to all the other Reviewers who helped me get started on gel nails!AUGUST 2013 (SORRY IN ADVANCE THAT MY “WORD” DOCUMENT CONVERTS SO BADLY TO AMAZON VIA THE SENTENCE STRUCTURES!)The motto for GEL is “thin to win” – several very thin layers, no thick ones!Manicure & Pedicure Gelish ApplicationAUGUST 2013 The motto for GEL is “thin to win” – several very thin layers, no thick ones.Manicure & Pedicure Gelish Application […]1. First remove old gel polish. Rough up nails well so acetone can get through. Then starting with the little finger and work to the thumb. Soak pad of Hands Down with acetone. Start with the short end of Hands Down .. with the pad slightly off center. Pull it tightly over the nail bed, it will settle to the center of the nail bed, keeping full contact with the nail as it soaks the gel off. When 5 fingers complete .. put on a disposable glove. . This helps keep the pads moist longer. Do the second hand. Put a glove on the second hand and set the timer for 20 minutes after completing 2nd hand. With the gloves on, can do other tasks. After 20 minutes, remove the glove and pull off the pads, one at a time .. starting with little finger-1st hand, flipping the polish off each nail with an orange stick as you go. If some sticks on the tips, a little pressure with an orange stick coated with acetone ought to make it release. Pads can reused a couple of times before throwing away .. flick off old polish from pad/flatten/let dry/store separated in paper sheets they came in. (Using: Graham Hands Down Soak Off Gel Nail Wraps-works GREAT! -for small toenails the pad can be cut in half for double usage!) 2. Apply cuticle remover .. push back the cuticle. 3. Remove cuticle from nail plate. Clean up as needed. 4. Shape the natural nail using your 240 grit file of choice. 5. Gently remove the shine using the 100 grit side of a 100/180 Buffer until very smooth. 6. Remove the dust and clean the nail. . (IF POSSIBLE: apply vitamin E oil to your nails and fingers after this process because the acetone is very drying. Leave on overnight if possible. Then: wash with soap and water and polish using the proper steps. 7. Wipe the nail with NAIL PREP (or70/91% alcohol) using a lint free wipe (can even use small cuts of lint free paper towel). Use an orange stick to fully clean around cuticles with the alcohol. You don’t want any kind of oil on the nails. 8. Apply PH Bond to the nail plate. (or skip if you used alcohol if you choose) APPLY SPARINGLY – i.e. very thin coat! (Use a dry brush and pull more product OFF the nail to ensure it’s thin enough.) . 9. SKIP TO #12 IF nails are not peeling/brittle/weak/damaged. If you have normal nails just using Foundation Gel as your base. **Apply Gelish NAIL STRENGHENER STRENGTH-green bottle .. (instead of GELISH FOUNDATION GEL) – first seal the edges of the nail. If needed apply 2 thin layers of the Gelish strengthener. Place hand in the LED Light for 30 seconds. 10. Apply NAIL STRENGHTENER RECOVERY-gold bottle for added strength and that takes care of most problems.) Place hand in the LED Light for 30 seconds. (This xtra step is only necessary for poor nails!) If you apply too thick a coat, your results will suffer. Place hand in the LED Light for 10 seconds. 10b NEXT .. “STRUCTURE GEL. NOTE: dot a small amount of base coat on each nail with the brush. Then, wipe the rest of the gel off of the brush. Use the mostly dry brush to spread the small amount of product on your nail. I even wipe the brush off between each nail. This ensures a thin layer OR WILL PEEL! Place hand in the LED Light for 30 seconds. (This xtra step is only necessary for poor nails but Structure Gel is a wonderful strong product!.) 11. If you choose you can emove some of the tacky surface residue with clean dry brush. DO NOT USE CLEANSER… this is a DRY cleaning. 12. Apply Gelish Color Coat of Choice. First, seal the free edge of the nail. Then, apply to the nail plate in a THIN LIGHT APPLICATION from cuticle to free edge. If you apply too thick a coat, your results will suffer. APPLICATION SHOULD BE ALMOST SEE-THROUGH ON 1st COAT! Place hand in the LED Light for 30 seconds (30 seconds for light colors). (As with ALL UV products, cure thumbs very carefully OR separately for best results. 13. Repeat Step 11, 12 & 13 for 2nd color coat. 14. Apply Gelish Top Coat (GELISH TOP IT OFF GEL SEALER). First seal the free edge. Then, apply from cuticle to free edge using a THIN LIGHT APPLICATION. If you apply too thick a coat, your results will suffer. Place hand in LED Light for 20 seconds. (As with ALL UV products, cure thumbs very carefully OR separately for best results. 15. Wipe off the tacky surface residue with NAIL PREP (or alcohol) using a lint free wipe. 16. Use cuticle oil nightly as this helps keep the product flexible and less prone to cracking.TIPS: a. I find it better to complete one step .. including the LED light .. with one hand at a time because the gel does not dry at all .. causing smudges if I attempt to do the step on the 2nd hand without the LED light. b. I use a narrow orange stick and an old cleaned polish bottle filled with acetone to remove any gel touching a cuticle or skin. I do this as I go as it is easier to do while wet .. IMPOSSIBLE after the LED light!c. Peeling: If you have tried thinner layers, and upping your cure time (try 1 min extra for UV, 30 sec extra for LED) isn’t working, consider blaming your foundation coat formula, this was the culprit in my second Gelish kit.d. By searching and finally finding a regular nail polish (Sally Hansen “#350 Heart to Heart” Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color) close to my gel polish (gelish “Tiger Blossum-Item #01334) I have been able to make my nails last up to nearly 4 weeks! Not looking great toward the end but tolerable! In the beginning it is merely “tipping” the nails .. ie using the #350 to color the tip of the nails after they wear off. I find I must do this nearly every day .. just do this as I put on my make up .. being careful of the finger tips as I apply my make up. Then as the gel gets to be 2-3 to 4 weeks old my nail beds have grown out at least 1/4″. I then carefully add the #350 around the upper nail bed .. then add a regular top coat to make it all shiny. I get another week out of it .. YEAH!e. Various helpful supplies I got from magnifying glasses, lint free cloth, brush for Structure Gel, Graham Hands Down Soak Off Gel Nail Wraps, Debra Lynn Black 240/320 Grit Nail File , Professional 100/100 grit Nail files zebra file emery board, Harmony Gelish Vitagel – Strength- green bottle Nail Strengthener, REALLY HANDY FOR ACETONE & ALCHOHOL- Debra Lynn Professional 4 oz. Clear Pump Dispenser Bottle $6., for “dry” step- Everydaysource 7pc UV Gel Nail Art Tips Brush PenAMAZON: USpicy 12w LED Nail Gel Cure Lamp (less harmful to cuticles and surrounding skin than UV lamps) Harmony Shellac Uv Dryer $115.99 .. EXACTLY SAME THING! ( Led Lamp for Gel Nail Cure Shellac Harmony) 12W LED UV Lamp For Shellac Gelish Nail Gel Polish Curing Nail Dryer Light Timer[…]7/31/13 .. hmmmm .. JUST SAW FOR $89 W/SHIPPING FROM AMAZON:;=1375308890&sr;=8-6&keywords;=12+UV+GEL+NAIL+DRYER=================================================I PURCHASED FROM EBAY 7/12 .. SELLER: “goforshopnow”EBAY: PAID $77.59.. NOT $115.99!! 12W TOP LED Nail Gel Polish Cure Lamp Harmony Shellac UV Dryer Timer Control New**I also loved the fact that once I set the time on the lamp it automatically started when I placed my hand in to cure. I was always using my Iphone as a timer backup for the UV lamp so this was really nice. I found that the replacement bulbs for the UV lamp were almost $30, and the LED lamp is supposed to last 35,000 hours – so not only is it better to not have the UV exposure but cheaper in the long run.TECH TIPS: […]Gelish recommended cure times are based on using a Gelish Harmony LED Curing Light. For best performance follow recommended cure times.**I think the soaking the Gel polish off in Acetone every time they come in weakens the nail bed as well. I make my client only wear it ever third time they get a manicure. I don’t care what they say…it does make the nail a little weaker because of the soaking and scrapping. […] **clients who like to peel the product off, I believe this may be why subsequent applications are not working. They are taking the top layer of keratin off. I always caution my clients not do to this and if they do, they cannot expect the product to perform the way it’s designed to do. **Do buy a bottle of cuticle oil and use it over your Shellac every day (I keep mine next to my bed and put it on at night when I set my alarm) as this helps keep the product flexible and less prone to cracking. **there’s a huge influx of similar uv gel polish products right now. Gelish, Geleration, Axxium, Gelicure… lots of them. They are great products, and similar to Shellac in their wearing, but all of the others come in a pot and are applied with a gel brush. **Some women I apply an extra topcoat, some protein bond, some a layer or two of structure first, some, all of the above.** […]TIPS I PICKED UP FROM OTHER REVIEWERS:*****GELISH STRUCTURE GEL **I used a #6 flat gel brush to apply it very thinly, and it leveled nicely, cured thoroughly in 90 seconds to a high shine. I highly recommend this, as it is easy to apply and definitely adds strength to the nail. .. Purpose: Used to strengthen weak nails OR to equalize the level differences between the natural nail plate and applied false nail tips. Use this product after the Gelish Foundation (BASE) step has been completed Directions: Apply 1-3 thin coats depending upon nail strength desired; curing between each application. When applying, I use a small flat brush and place a dot of gel into the center of my nail. Using a gentle swirling motion I cover the entire nail. You want to minimize the times you lift the brush from the product so as not to incorporate air bubbles. Once the nail is covered with the sculpting gel, turn your hand over keeping it level for 1 minute. This helps the applied gel to self level in a nicely rounded and natural shape. Cure as directed between each application. See requirements for the cure time needed Requirements: Gelish structure must be cured with an LED lamp or UV lamp system. LED cure time 30 seconds. 36W UV Lamp – 2 minutes Note: For me this is a must have product. I use it on the natural nail plate up to my false nail tip on the first and second application. This helps to equal out the level differences between the two. On the third application I cover the entire nail including the false tip. Polish as desired followed by the Gelish Top If Off as the final step . **. **Apply with a nail art brush. **I first applied the foundation coat, then dry brushed it, then applied the Structure Gel. I dry brushed that layer as well and finished applying layers as directed. The end result is fantastic. **The next time, I bought some pure acetone nail polish remover and it cleaned the brush like a dream **Debra Lynn Professional French Manicure Clean-Up Brush (Misc.) **Notice this is called a clean up brush. That is what it does. It will even up your French manicure very easily. Don’t know how anyone can do a French manicure without one. I wanted to try the French tip look with the CND Shellac process I do at home and purchased this brush for that specific purpose. This brush made even this amateur try look professional. This brush is well made and an easy weight in the hand. No bristles were loose nor have any fallen out. Would recommend highly recommend.BEAUTY~NAILS~GEL-JULY 2012**VIDEO: […]

Rosalia Etterville, MO

Must buy

I got the gelish polishes and it was not staying on as long as i would like, so i decided to buy this. It did not make a drastic difference but it did help to adhere the polish to my nails longer and not chip or lift as fast as it was.

Ebony Long Prairie, MN


Well, I got this item too from Harmony gelish nail products. After opening the bottle and reading the ingredients, I would have been better to get the the over the counter acetone. Again, I like the packaging and I will just buy the cheaper acetone and refill the bottle.

Vanessa Brooklyn, AL

Love this!

This product is great. It is easy to use, and dries out your nails instantly to prep for your gel nails. I am very happy with this product and would recommend it.

Flossie Elgin, NE

Makes the manicure last longer

The pH bond does help my gel manicure stay on longer. Yes, it is very similar to rubbing alcohol, but it is more concentrated so it dries your nails out and helps the gel polish hold. I don’t find the drying effects to last long, and it’s very cheap and easy to use. Essentially, after taking off any old nail polish you may be wearing, use this as your first step when giving yourself a gel manicure. After you use the pH bond, apply the top coat. I’ve done ia manicure with the bond and without- and I do see a difference.

Sydney New Carlisle, IN

Best product I have used so far……it does what it is meant to!

It does the trick and keeps me from worrying about the nail to being about to bond to the gel polish. I also love that it eliminates bacteria that could grow while wearing the gel polish!

Jeannette Delta, PA

Another must-have have for the Gelish system!

This was another piece of the pie that I wasn’t aware of when I first started using Gelish products. It is relatively inexpensive and extremely important for the process to work.

Rosella Wills Point, TX

Must have

This is a must have with any nail product you are using. It dries the nail bed so the polish stick to it better. I bought all the harmony products so they would work better with each other. I have tried this with other products too and it works.

Allyson Letohatchee, AL

I like it

Currently using this to see if some less than reputable uv gel base and top coat will adhere better. If you check my purchases you will see the products that I’m talking about. Anyway… it’s doing its’s job; now let’s see if the nail polish will work better. Shipping from this seller was fast as expected.

Samantha Marion Station, MD


I use this product every time I do my nails. It does tend to dry out the nail surface a bit, but it does make the polish bond better when used with it.

Kerry Powers, MI

Great Stuff

I’ve been doing my own nails for a long time now and in the past few years bonding has been an issue along with nail damage due to filing. Tried this not expecting miracles but to my surprise it does exactly what is expected. I will continue to use.

Bethany Colfax, IL


This product is perfect for doing your own nails at home. It only takes a little bit and it last for a long time. It will save money in the long run if you are doing your own nails at home.

Bessie White Owl, SD

Good Ph balancer

I used this after I wipe my nails down with rubbing alcohol. It is a Ph balancer, that you are supposed to use before you start with the basecoat. I’ve never used any other one, so I believe it is doing the job.

Kelly New Park, PA

A necessity? Probably.

While I have not done a gel manicure without this, for the price you can’t go wrong. My first set of gel nails that I applied myself lasted three weeks and except for the nail growth, they were still looking good! After removal of the prior gel nail, I wash my hands, dry them with a paper towel, place both hands in the Epica UV dryer to absorb any last signs of moisture, then apply the Gelish Nail Prep. Soaks right into the nail, no buffing of the nail necessary to ensure adhesion of the gel nail. Some say you can use alcohol for this step. May be true, but I see the Salons use this as a step, so I follow suit.

Lea Harrisville, NY

great stuff

I do my own nails and Harmony Brand is consistently excellent. I will continue to order their products. The colors are wonderful as well

Clarice Hillsgrove, PA


Used this dehydrator with Gelish base, color, and top coat, and it’s great! Works exactly how it’s supposed to and I recommend this product. It prolongs the life of your manicure and helps in the application process and makes it stick!

Joyce Van, TX

Really bonds the color

Oh my! This really did work. Too well! I had to soak the gel polish a bit longer, after, to remove it, but if your nail beds are super shiny then you will need this product to ensure you have a 2 to 3 week application. Which is why we use gel polish to begin with right? Happy polishing!!!

Liz San Gregorio, CA

great prep for foundation

It does its job perfectly. It preps your finger for the foundation coat to go on. it seems to work well

Elisabeth Jones, OK

Love Gelish

Some of the Gel Polish when you use them at home peel off this one doesn’t, lasts like I went to the nail salon.Great product for someone doing their nails at home.

Lacy Mountain View, CA

Work as advertized

This product seems to work like it should, drying out any oils on the nail as prep work before doing gel polish. I think it does its job and is absolutely satisfactory.

Marianne Montgomery, VT

Works waaaay better than some other brands

I know it’s essentially just alcohol (read the ingredients), but I think there are a couple different alcohol concentrations in here, because it works better than plain alcohol and doesn’t leave a weird shinny residue like some brands. Works great with OPI bases and Red Carpet colors

Kelsey Minneola, FL

works well!

This seems to work well with my UV light for my gel nail kit. It think it helps them but I dont have much to compare it to.

Socorro Lewiston, UT

Good stuff

I, after years of paying someone else, have started doing my nails at home and this stuff for the gel polish is a MUST HAVE or your polish just will not stay on that long, I speak from experience! And this one was a good price 🙂

Kellie Beverly, OH

Full Size Product!!

This is a great value.. full size product for less than the mini size available at Sally’s Beauty Supply. Some people say you don’t need this product, but my nails stay on perfectly when I use this.

Estela Garland, TX