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Hanae Mori Body Lotion 5 Oz

Indulge yourself when you moisturize your skin with Hanae Mori body lotion. Introduced by Hanae Mori, this luxurious body lotion for women features notes of sandalwood and patchouli resulting in a lovely oriental scent. Layer the opulent body lotion with Hanae Mori eau de parfum spray or eau de toilette spray for a classic fragrance that lasts all day. The fragrance of this lotion is ideal for any casual occasion. Slip a tube into your purse to treat your skin while on the go.

Key features

  • Design House: Hanae Mori
  • Fragrance Notes: patchouli and sandalwood
  • Year Introduced: 1995
  • Recommended Use: casual

Honest reviews


sweet and musky

After much fretting, I finally obtained a sample from the local Sephora store…and am glad I didn’t buy it, cuz I’m a floral, clean type of girl.The first word came to mind is “sweet”, a sweet, sugary smell, with a hint of musk. If you like your perfums sweet and musky, then this is good for you.Some perfum are too strong when just sprayed, this one is not. It is subtly sophisticated, and smells nice (cheap perfums always have a hint of chemical smells, and this one does not).It is good quality perfum, but if you don’t like sweet or musky scent, don’t buy it.

Ivy Woodburn, KY


Hanae Mori has come a long way from her birth in rural Shimane, Japan. She is now a world reknowned designer dividing her time between Paris and Japan. Departing from clothing she introduced this scent, a unique blend of aromas, some ten years ago.Highlighted by flowers and berries there are also notes of strawberries and almond.The lovely bottle has a top modeled of glass to represent the folded wings of a butterfly. This fragrance is suitable for all occasions.- Gail Cooke

Nelda Colver, PA

Better as a plug-in air freshner

Reminds me of a room fragrance plug-in, like the Kitchen or Caramel or Sugar Cookie scents from Bath & Body Work or Yankee Candle, but more layered & sophisticated. I would love this as a home fragrance spray, especially in late Fall and through to the holidays. But for me personally, I can’t stand it as a perfume.That said, I love two other Hanae Mori scents – Couture and Mystical Moon.

Candy Nashua, MT

Sweet scent

This is a great fragrance if you’re looking for something that wears off nicely. It isn’t too over powering and has a nice scent when it wears off.

Elsa Winton, NC

love the scent

I love this perfume and the price was awesome…I have paid more for it in the past and since I have amazon prime it was a great deal.

Kimberley Coffee Springs, AL

bad perfume

I got a bad bottle. It didn’t smell like it was supposed to, and dried down to a horrible waxy smell, like an unscented deodorant.It’s irritating that Amazon won’t let me return it!

Ashleigh Johnsonville, SC

Astonishing Lovely

I received a sample of Hanae Mori Butterfly and was instantly hooked. It’s feminine and romantic without being too young and sweet. I loved the faint vanilla-like undertone then found out it’s an almond/strawberry and mysterious berries. It’s so nice I can’t go to sleep until I have some on. If you like Lauren Romance, Donna Karan Cashmere Mist and others along those lines, try this if you’re looking for something new.

Rocio Port Allegany, PA


i love this scent. it smells like vanilla but isn’t super sweet, it’s like the perfect combo of sweet and floral… i love it, i have the largest size and it’s SO worth the price.. it used to be $90 a 3.4 bottle at sephora back in the day, but it’s just so good, i wear it often… so worth it.

Betsy Osgood, OH

Beautiful scent

This is my signature scent. Not too cloyingly sweet, yet not too ‘old person’ smell. It’s subtle enough to not overpower you yet pretty unforgettable once you smell it. My gripe is that it doesn’t last very long, but every time I spray it on myself or pillow before sleeping, the effect is just wondrous.

Susie Batesville, IN

Amazing !

This is the best unheard of ever ! Lasts a long time and very distinct has a sweet but mature smell got tons of compliments !

Tonia Arnold, KS

Good scent, poor staying power

This is a unique, feminine scent with notes of powder, flowers, vanilla, and something else…maybe almonds? Whatever it is, the effect is great. It’s a subtle fragrance that’s very different from most mainstream perfumes. Sadly, the staying power isn’t that great, though.

Lisa Gerry, NY

it’s excellent!

Shopping for perfume is always a pain coz there are so many of them and you might come across more than 1 of them that you really like. It’s hard to pick. But this one is different, because it’s different from any other perfume and it’s got very distinctive smell, and it just pops up among 100 others and you know it’s your favorite.I always wanted to get one but i was not too satisfied with the price in the malls, and I just recently found it on amazon and decided to buy it. The shipping was fast, and I’m really really looking forward to it.I really really like vanilla, and I also like Burberry Brit a lot, but after comparing these two, I decided to pick this one coz it’s more unique, and less “common”.

Jayne Elkton, OR


Live this perfume. vanilla and sweet. I will use this often because I get many compliments when I wear it.

Brittney Troy, AL