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Hairomega DHT Blocker Hair Growth Support Supplement for Loss and Thinning, 90 Count

The main cause of hair loss is hormonal imbalances like excess DHT. As men and women age the body turns more and more testosterone into DHT which causes hair roots to miniaturize and stop making hair. HairomegaTM DHT Blocker has 33 ingredients the ingredients to block the production of DHT and allow your hair to grow again, naturally! It uses a comprehensive formulation of herbs and plant extracts to do this and also contains essential nutrients to help nourish and support hair roots. HairomegaTM literally GETS TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. Like all of our products, HairomegaTM DHT Blocker is made in the USA and is guaranteed to work or your money back.

Key features

  • 45-day supply. HairomegaTM DHT Blocker contains 33 ingredients to support hair health.
  • In both men and women the main cause of hair loss is hormonal imbalances like excess DHT.
  • Blocking DHT stops follicular (hair root) miniaturization and allows your hair to grow
  • HairomegaTM DHT Blocker contains saw-palmetto, beta sitosterol, and many other DHT-blocking ingredients that help stop hair loss. It also contains essential nutrients to help nourish and support hair roots. HairomegaTM literally GETS TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM in BOTH MEN and WOMEN.
  • Made in the USA. Results guaranteed or your money back.

Honest reviews


no instructions

I’ll need to have the seamstress show me how to atach this properly. The critiques I erad were correct. The strap does not get lowered by much, at most half an inch. I hope it will be enough with my dress.

Shelia Yorktown, IN

Update of review

This stop-the-hair-from-falling-out-tablet did nothing for me, except make me $30.89 lighter. My husband and I have taken one whole bottle each, and neither of us had experienced a halting in hair loss. I don’t know what to say to you. If you’re losing hair, go see a doctor who will probably tell you some story as to why you’re losing hair. Some of the stories with appropriate medication may actually stop your hair loss. But this product thus far, had proven useless in preventing my hair from falling out. I am not overly concerned about the hair loss per se, as I am over the underlying cause. For all I know I might be the first person on earth to die from hair loss, and no doctor can point out the reason for this malady. So about buying these tablets, do what you want. I’ve just shared my take on this.Well nearly two years later, apparently the underscored word here is PERSISTENCE. My husband states while this product did not completely stop his hair from falling out, it seriously slowed down his hair loss. As for my own hair loss, I asked my doctor to see if I have buckets of DHT, which is a hormone (mostly found in males, aka. dihydrotestosterone, and attacks men <and apparently women’s> hair roots, causing their hair to fall out,) and it turned out I did. So I bought more of this product, and I must be honest, the decrease in my hair loss is considerable. I take one tablet AM & PM, and the decreasing of hair loss is noticeable. I now give it 5 stars and recommend this product to all my “about to become hair-less” friends. Well done. Remember,sticking to it is the key to obtaining the desired outcome.

Kimberly Kerrick, TX

I am amazed!

After reading reviews I decided to try this for the increasingly sparsely populated, shiny patch of scalp that was developing just above my hairline. I am a woman, by the way. Well, the results I have received from this product are no less than astonishing! Not only has the thin patch disappeared, after only 1 1/2 bottles so far, my hair has far fewer grays than before. As long as this stuff is available I’ll keep taking it. Such an economical way to acheive stunningly good results. I am beyond happy.

Cortney Chestnutridge, MO

Great product!

The product I bought is great! I love it so much. My hair is full and thicker than what it was before.

Cristina Malmo, NE

Satisfied with my results

I have aga to the front, sides and top of my head. So far, I’ve taken these about 30 days along with several other hair loss supplements.I have tons of new and growing “baby” hairs all around my forehead. They are not laying flat like my vellus( peach fuzz) hairs usually do. These are 1/8″ long and very noticeable. I count these as new hair becuase they are bright white and the rest of my hair is dyed jet brown. I have minor re-growth on the sides and virtually none in the top.I take one a day along with the 3 n 1 which I am considering discontinuing or cutting back to one pill a day.Will stick with this one and reevaluate in 3 months.Update- march 2013I still take one capsule daily. I continue to see lengthening and strengthening of my hairline hairs. Shedding seems to be holding off and I’m overall happy with this product. I’ve taken one a day faithfully for four months and will continue this dose for the future. I ended the 3 n 1 a ( hairomega 3 n 1) a month ago as I saw no results after 4 months… It just stopped working for me.

Marquita Choudrant, LA

It’s a good product but didn’t help with my shedding issues

Didn’t make any difference with my shedding or growth. I think it’s fine but I’m already taking so much. I think biotin and biosil are better.

Sasha Pickett, WI

Amazing Hair Vitamin without Biotin

These vitamins are amazing ! I have a thyroid condition and I have been looking for something more natural without biotin. I take only 1 daily, I have been taking them for about 3 weeks now and I already see little new hairs coming in along my hair line. I have tried so many hair supplements, but I am allergic to biotin, these do not have any biotin in them. These vitamins seem to make me in a good mood too ! I will absolutely buy these again !

Tracy Novato, CA

Seems to help

I am on my second bottle. I use this with the lipogain monixdil and Nizoral shampoo. The combination of the three has stopped my hair loss and I really think it is starting to return. I can not claim that this product alone will work, but the combo has been great

Elma Nalcrest, FL

Think It Has Helped But

Hard to tell. So, I’m ordering another bottle since often it takes several months to see a real change. My hair seems thicker feeling and I haven’t seen as much breakage as a month ago.

Alissa Chillicothe, IA