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HAIRDO Wrap Around Pony Buttered Toast R1416T

Model Shows Color: R25 Ginger Blonde, Hair: Synthetic, Hair Length: Long Length

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  • HAIRDO Wrap Around Pony Buttered Toast R1416T

Honest reviews


Works great, but requires a “different” kind of care

I accidentally purchased the wrong color (completely my fault) but it worked out in the end, becuase I ended up dying my hair to that color anyway (light brown.) It does match perfectly, something I was really cautious about, considering how many other reviewers said the same thing. I think it does this becuase there are so many other “tones” in the piece that can match just about anything close to that shade-that part I give 5 stars on.The piece I got came in perfectly and included instructions to use it. I simply put my hair in a ponytail and wrap the rest around it. I secure the piece that ties around the other hair with a combination of bobby pins and an extra ponytail holder.At first when I got it, it was extremely soft and perfect-I have only worn it a few times, and it is consistently getting in more knots on a more frequent basis. I was it, (as instructed) and purchased synthetic hair leave-in-conditioner to help this, although I haven’t seen much progress. Now when I wear it, I simply put it in a braid and make it into a bun. Sort of takes the point away of having a long ponytail, but that is really the only solution I have came to to tackle that issue. So one star off for that. It is def. not a piece that you can wear everyday, but perfect for a night out on the town. Just make sure that you secure it in place completly to avoid an embarassing situation. This hasn’t happened to me, I’m not saying that at all…overall it is a good piece for the price.

Penny Jamestown, IN

Midnight Brown– Best ponytial I’ve ever used!

I wear a LOT of synthetic ponytails. I’m honestly just tired of having short hair and clip in extensions are too expensive and too time consuming for me. I usually go to the local wig store and buy drawstring ponytails but I find that they don’t look very natural due to the large bun looking bump near the head. I find that longer ponytails look more natural but I really wanted to try this because it looks completely natural. I LOVE IT. Though, I am kicking myself for buying it at ULTA, I could have saved about $20 here on Amazon.It matches perfectly. I color my hair myself using a level 3, and level 2’s match perfectly in synthetic hair. I found the Midnight Brown to be the equivalent to a 2 and I’m very happy with it. It’s soft and it doesn’t tangle up as easily as other synthetic ponytails. But, I carry a brush with me, synthetic hair tangles easily anyways.VERY easy to put in, especially compared to my other ponytails. There’s always so much combing and clipping and pulling and tucking of strings, then you have to separate the hair and find a piece that wraps around the base of the ponytail right so it looks somewhat natural and then pin and pin and pin some more. This I just clipped on, wrapped around and pinned in place with one pin.A+ in my book!

Madeleine Brinson, GA

Not my color

“I have several of these pony tails from another company. Nice weight and length was a bit longer than shown but can always be trimmed. The color was too dark and ashy for my more light golden blonde hair. Not the sellers fault, but maybe this is not the way to purchase a hairpiece (unless you know the color will be a perfect match)”

Brianna Oelwein, IA


great product

Suzanne Richwood, OH

Would LOVE one in my color

Wrong Color, The “chest-nut brown” may as well be black. I seem to be coming to agreement on how to get this one returned, but will let you know, as I am making a second Paid trip to the post office in regards to return it. Never took it out of the box. How do I match my hair?

Jesse Brock, NE