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Hair Therapy Wrap – Coco – Cordless Thermal Turban Heat Wrap

Hair Therapy Wrap – Coco – Cordless Thermal Turban Heat Wrap

Key features

  • Cordless Thermal Turban Heat Wrap Recommended For All Hair Types And Textures
  • Use Hair Therapy Wrap For Deep Conditioning & Hydration!
  • Hair Therapy Wrap Is Microwaveable, Washable, And Keratin Bond Safe
  • Hair Therapy Wrap Is Optimized For Hair Oil Treatment
  • The Perfect Gift – A Must-Have!

Honest reviews


Hair Wrap

This product works as described by other customers reviews. If you have long hair, you will have to put it on top of your head prior to using plastic clear cap, then placing wrap on top of plastic cover. I like I can walk around and do other things while wrap is conditioning my hair. I only wish it was a little bigger size.

Lucile Fruitland, NM

Worked really well.

I have only used this once. I boiled water and let the gel pads sit in the water for 4 mins. (Scared to go to long at first). They were easy to insert with tongs into the wrap. I then put it on my head for about 15 min. Although it was still a little warm to the touch (hand not head) I decided to then insert the entire wrap in the microwave and heated for about 30 secs and then replaced on my head for and additional 10 min. My hair was soft and moisturized and I felt this was easy to use and clean up. It did the same as a professional steamer would do.

Anita Rockville, UT

Hair Therapy Wrap

This wrap is great. It stays warm for at least 30 minutes and I feel like it really enhanced the effectiveness of my hot oil treatment. I’ll be using this each week.

Shelly Loganville, PA

good product

I like the wrap, there is definitely a difference with oil treatments. Works great when warming pads are heated in steps (just like the instructions says).

Carey San Cristobal, NM


I saw a review on this on YouTube and had to buy it. It doesn’t exactly what it says and it does an amazing job. I wish it heated the back of my head too but switch it around it gets to it

Lydia Cliff Island, ME

Works great for deep conditioning!

It’s a bit heavy on the head which is why I gave 4 stars instead of 5. Also I have extremely long hair so that might be another reason why it’s a bit heavy once I tuck all my hair up. I like using this better than warm towels. I feel like the mask penetrates better.

Terry Belleview, MO

Great purchase

Pretty good conditioning cap, heats up quickly and stays warms for about 1/2 hour but does the job well. Cap was delivered rather fast.

Rosalia Harvest, AL

Comfortable and covered all my hair

I really like this wrap. It does exactly what it states on the package and it covered my whole head of long hair. For those who reviewed it and said it didn’t cover certain areas, I think they may not have wrapped it correctly because it worked great for me!

Molly Curdsville, KY

Best purchase ever for my hair

I purchased this because I needed a way to apply heat to my hair during my deep conditioning. This was way better than having to purchase a full on blow dryer or inconveniently use saran wrap since it always slips off.Clear shower caps are even included in the package for you to use under the hair wrap. Clear instructions are also included to help you put the wrap together and heat up the gel packs. I keep this on for about 30 minutes and voila! My hair is soft.

Iris Ebensburg, PA


It sucks. it is difficult to evenly warm the gel packets and the wrap does not wrap around your hair evenly so a patch of hair is always left out in the cold. Complete waste of money, I should have gotten a hooded dryer….

Lacy Copenhagen, NY


I hate having to sit under the dryer to deep condition my 4c natural hair! Heat is a MUST to properly condition our hair, however it can be a pain to do. This wrap made it so simple to do! I pop it in the microwave for a min or two and I’m good to go. I can finish doing house work or play with my son while I DC my hair. I use this every week and will more then likely buy a second one just to have incase this one ever stops heating up!

Delia Jacksonville, TX

Was as expected

Was just what I expected. Works pretty good but only holds heat for about 10 – 15 minutes. I had to re-heat. Seemed to heat all over pretty evenly. Very convenient to be able to walk around etc.

Gracie Carson City, NV

This works!

This hair wrap works, it’s easy to use, and not difficult whatsoever to tie. It’s relaxing, particularly when things are cold around the house.

Annie Dacoma, OK

Nice product for price

I like the hair therapy wrap, it stays heated for about 20 minutes. But you have to reheat it if you want to go longer than 20 minutes. Nice product for the price.

Shelley Sadler, TX