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Hair Tamer Mini Pink “Ergo” Detangling Hair Brush

Description Hair Tamer  professional detangling hairbrush is designed for professional hair salons. It’s a super smooth operator that works the minute hair is lathered and rinsed. Glides through wet, vulnerable and color treated hair with no pulling, tugging or yanking. Hair peace at last! Try the Hair Tamer and you’ll be amazed by the ease of brushing, as well as how it virtually stops breakage and split ends. Features Ergonomic designs. Fits right into the palm of your hand. Detangles hair with ease. Works on even the curliest, most knotted hair. Hair slips through the unique bristle configuration. Gentle & painless. Virtually stops breakage & split ends. Conforms to shape of the head. Handle provides added control. Specifications Height: 5.75″ Length: 2″ Width: 1″

Key features

  • The Hair Tamer brush made for all types of hair whether it be normal or curly, there will be no tangles
  • Special bristles that separates the knots and tangles that will work on wet or dry hair
  • Light weight and ergonomic to fit in the palm of your hand to continuously brush your hair as long as you need
  • Specially designed to fit adult or children hands and shaped for every type of head size
  • A must buy to keep your hair tamed and looking healthy. No more frizzle hair after showering or after blow drying

Honest reviews


May be good for a child

I tried this on my hair after washing it and instantly did not like it. The bristles seem very flimsy and did not detangle my hair without hurting me. I have a few hair extensions and it did not work well as it pulled on them and snagged. Even with dry hair it was that great. I do like how small it is and the "ergo: handle. It is extremely lightweight. It may work as a teezer but I have not tried it as of yet. It seems like it may work for a smaller child or even that it is made for a child. As a brush to detangle your hair I would not really recommend it. Although like I said I did not try it as a teezer and it may work for that.

Concepcion Barnhill, IL

small & cute

I think the mini is made for kids but I love the small size & keep it in my car for when I’m driving with the windows down. It gets the tangles out without as much pulling as a traditional brush. It isn’t as effective as the full size, but I like how small it is & the way it fits in my hand!

Josefina Amboy, MN

adorable product

This product was designed as a child friendly version of its larger counterpart. I would even recommend it as a gift, especially if the child doesn’t like brushing their hair, this cute and fun design can be a great incentive. The bristles are soft and gentle and glide through WET hair with much less tugging then a traditional hairbrush. I have to say I’m pleased that Salon Guys had sent this to me for review. I actually use the adult size version on my own hair and am thinking that this size can be great for travel. All in all an adorable product and the packaging was cute and child friendly as well!

Agnes Arnold, MD

love it!

I know this brush is supposed to be for children and I know that it would work great for kids but I really love it just for me! It’s small so it’s comfortable in little hands but I think it is really perfect for travel! Even though it is miniature it’s still comfortable for an adult to hold. I love these brushes, the different length bristles, the feel on my scalp, the fact that you can use them on wet or dry hair, the feel in my hand, just everything. The colors are somewhat different from in the picture; the bristle part of the brush is more of a rich magenta and the back is like a light pink. I received this product free of charge as a part of the Salon Guys Market Research program in exchange for an unbiased review.

Rosemarie Frannie, WY

great for children

This brush is really great for small children who can not sit still while getting their hair brushed. It combs through the hair so smoothly and does not pull, so that even kids who have a more sensitive head will be able to use this brush. Because the brush glides through the hair so nicely with out much resistance you can get smooth tangle free hair quickly, with out having to much fuss from the brush or the child. If you have children who do not enjoy having their hair brushed out this is definitely a must have, so much time and tears saved.

Alice Dingle, ID


I’m providing this review as part of the Salon Guys Market Research program. The package arrived on time and in good condition.The Mini Pink Detangler Brush looks adorable for little girls, it’s the perfect size for up to age 5. The handle is not too big, nor to small for little hands. My daughter gave this product a thumbs up, the bristles are not too hard, but there was some breakage of hair in the brush after the first use.The packaging of this product is very clever and would catch my eye if I saw this on a shelf in a store. The product description and benefits of using this product is clearly presented with great designs! The picture of the little girl smiling while brushing her hair on the front of the box is great.

Tamara Edgefield, SC

For Smaller Hands

This brush is made well and it is a nice color pink. The size of the brush is intended more for small hands or a youngster to use. The brush is made with flexible bristles that are kind of like little fingers combing through your hair. It works well to detangle hair so I would say it worked as I expected it to. It is better than trying to comb out tangles with a comb or brush them out with a regular hairbrush that just isn’t as easy to do. I am providing this review as part of a market research program.

Lacey Wrentham, MA

Great Brush for Kids to Use! Or to Fit in Your Luggage!

This is the third detangling brush I have been sent free of charge for the purpose of product review. Being a mom and having two daughters it goes without saying that hair is a big deal in my house! I tend to be skeptical and critical of anything that purports to be detangling and once again I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the Hair Tamer brand.The bristles and their placement in this brush as with the other Hair Tamer products I’ve received and reviewed moves through tangled hair working out all the knots without a single "ouch" to be heard! (The other two Hair Tamer products I’ve used and reviewed are the regular size of this brush, the Hair Tamer "Ergo" Detangling Hair Brush Teezer, and the Hair Tamer No Knots Detangling Hair Brush Teezer.)This product is geared toward kids, but I don’t believe that it’s because it is designed to work only on kids hair because I used it on my own rather long, course and thick hair with no problems. It’s geared toward kids because of its size. It fits in a child’s hand quite well, but I found it difficult to hold in my larger hand. This isn’t bad at all because it means a child can comfortably hold it and work on detangling their own hair instead of needing someone else to help them.My two daughters who are 7 and 9 gave this brush a go and loved it. They’ve been my good natured guniea pigs for many of the other products I’ve received to review so they were absolutely thrilled that they got a chance to actually test something out themselves! My 7 year old has fine, short hair that’s not to thick and this brush worked wonders on her. My 9 year old has much longer hair that while fine is much thicker. It’s my 9 year old that often HATES to brush her hair or have her hair brushed, especially when it’s wet. With this brush she had a load of fun running it through her hair over and over…. and over and over…. and over, and over! You get the point!I firmly recommend this brush to anyone for anyone reason however I think it would be great for you if you have a daughter who hates having her hair brushed or having to brush her hair because of tangles. Not only does it make brushing relatively pain free the design of the brush seems to almost make if fun for younger girls to encourage them to do it themselves. If, like me getting your long haired daughter to brush her hair had been a burden and/or a chore try this brush out! Seriously! I think you’ll be amazed and finally have conquered getting your daughter to brush her hair! The price is not high and it’s well worth the money you’ll spend!Also if you are used to having a detangling brush around the house and love the designs of the Hair Tamer line while it’s not the most comfortable brush for adult hands for everyday use if you’re going on vacation the mini would be great to pack along because of its size.

Bertha Great Falls, SC

Perfect for little ones!

This little gem saves my daughter from tears after her bath. She calls it her massager. Lol. I just wish they sold a lefty model.

Briana Putnam, CT

Perfect little brush!

This is the perfect little brush for little ones hands and for seniors who have problems handling larger brushes. Being a senior myself it works like a charm. The bristles are soft and it does not hurt your scalp while brushing but the bristles are strong enough to detangle my hair. It fits in your hand ergonomically correctly in my opinion and so with my arthritis works out great and is a plus. I am loving the two toned pink color too! Price is fair and worth buying a second brush to carry in a purse or overnight bag. In my opinion this would not be a good brush for long thick hair. I have thick neck length hair and had no problem detangling my hair wet or dry. Worth the price!

Jeannette East Charleston, VT

Gentle detangler

This is a great brush for children – it fits snugly into small hands, and allows for a firm grip to work through difficult knots. It even fits well in my hand, which is slightly larger than a child’s hand (but still relatively small). The bristles are strong but gentle and make it easy for a child to detangle their hair without tugging on their scalp too much. It leaves hair shiny and smooth, and without the frizziness hair gets with some other types of brushes. I received this product free as part of Salon Guy’s market research program, in exchange for my unbiased opinion.

Bertha West Liberty, KY


I was a little nervous trying the Tangle Fixx mini, I’ve seen reviews for similar products that were used on Coily (4C) hair and they all stated they notice hair breakage after use. I decided try it out on freshly washed hair that had plenty of conditioner on it. It looks like the tool was made for kids use, surprisingly it fit well in the palm of my hand, it was actually easier to hold on to than others tools made for adults. My results were alright, the Tangle Fixx mini worked pretty well on the ends of my hair, it wasn’t something I could efficiently use for my whole head, especially near my root which are really thick. One thing I did like about the tool was that it was comfortable for me to hold in my left hand. I’ve tried similar products and that’s not usually the case. It does have an ergonomic/ comfortable feel to it. It was an alright tool, but I don’t think it’s something that will be a regular part of my hair care regimen.

Claudette Kenvil, NJ

Use the adult version of this brush

The mini version of this brush is meant for children. It is not as sturdy as the adult version and the quality is not as great. In my experience, on a child’s hair that was tangled, this brush did more harm than good. There was more pulling and dragging than actual detangling. I would recommend steering clear of this children’s version, even if you are planning on purchasing a detangling brush for a child’s hair. The larger adult versions work much better on children’s hair for detangling. The knots in their hair are often thicker and more challenging to get out, so if anything I feel that a detangling brush meant specifically for children should have more power.

Susan Iuka, KS

Bristles are too short and flimsy.

Really didn’t like this brush. I know it says its mini but it is just too small. The bristles are just too small and too flimsy. It didn’t feel like it could even get through my hair. I hate to say it but this brush is better suited for baby dolls.

Doris Sheffield, IA

a bit small for adult use, probably good for kids

I’m not a huge fan of this brush for myself. It took quite a bit of effort to get through all of my hair. I think the particular lengths and arrangement of bristles might be less than optimal for my relatively thick hair. It might work pretty well for someone with fine hair though, and especially for kids.I really do like these brushes in general though. They are much gentler on the hair than other brushes, including the paddle brush that I used before I had these types of brushes. Although relatively small, this brush may not be quite small enough to be a handy travel brush that fits well in medium to small sized purses.

Claire Almont, CO


When we received this brush in a package from Salon Guys that contained a few other things to try and write an unbiased review, my daughter immediately grabbed this brush, all excited to try it. It looks very appealing to girls and it has soft bristles that gently massage the scalp. It is a cute brush but she complained about my pulling her hair when I brushed it. I also noticed a lot of her hair in the brush just after a few strokes so we will not go back to using it. Although it is pink, my son decided he would keep it as his brush because he has short hair (unlike my daughter who has very long and fine hair) thus the brush doesn’t pull his hair at all.

Fay Ruth, NV

excellent for kid with short or thin hair

The mini version of this brush would work well for younger kids with short or thin hair, which is what it is designed for. It is soft and gentle, and I wish I had it when my kids were younger. The smaller grip is perfect for little handsl My kids are 8 and 10 and they prefer to use the ergo style of this brush that has a larger surface area and longer teeth. This brush could also be used as an emergency brush to keep in your purse. If you have young kids this could be your perfect brush.

Lela Wayland, MO

More for children than adults

The packaging of this hair tamer – the Tangle Fixx Mini – looks very appealing to young girls and their moms who battle the knots and tangles on a daily basis. The pink background and the smiling cartoon figure in front of hearts, birds, and flowers make it all seem so easy. The pink color of the plastic brush is enough to sway any little girl. The ergonomic design does fit easily in the palm of your hand, and even into little hands. The bristles flex, but perhaps a little too much to penetrate thick hair, thus my 3-star rating. I think this brush is great for thin or very fine hair, but for very thick, coarse hair there are better options.

Joan Laurie, MO

This brush is amazing!!

I get knots and a lot of them after I shower or when I wake up and this brush is like a gift sent from god it gets my knots oat SO quickly. I recommend this brush to EVERYONE my sisters have one my mom has one some friends and I can’t explain how much I love this brush. It works 10x better on dry hair which is a shame but it still gets the job done on wet hair as well. I think that it’s great that it’s mini I put it in my purse and I’m ready to go! Love love love this brush It was a great investment!

Jeannine Plainfield, MA

Good detangling brush for my 9 year old!

This is a perfect fit for my daughter. It would be a good brush to keep in a handbag as well. It’s great for detangling hair when it’s wet or dry. I wouldn’t use this for brushing hair other than detangling. It won’t shine up your hair as nicely as a good quality brush but for getting those tangles out, it’s a great deal.

Robyn Robert Lee, TX

For kids

I have tried many hair detanglers on my 5 year old niece. She hates having her hair brushed and so thought we would give this a try. While it did what was advertised, it just plain was ok. I liked the grip of this and it did get through her long thin hair, but seemed to be a lot of hair left in it after brushing. Biggest bonus though was no tears 🙂

Herminia Butner, NC

Tear free

I got this for a friend of mine who has a six year old daughter who HATES to have her hair brushed. I don’t know if she’s just more rough and tumble than most, she certainly packs a lot of activity into one day, but she almost always has a tangly mess of hair at night to deal with. Although bribing was involved with our first trial run, and she had her eyes closed and teeth clenched as we finally got the go ahead to proceed, I think we were all surprised and delighted with how painless the whole experiment turned out to be. The bristles have just the right amount of tension to do the job but enough flexibility not to pull as it’s working through the knots. Once we got through the bits closest to her neck the rest of the brush out was a breeze. I’m sold!

Wilda Osceola, IA

Cute brush

This detangler was just ok. It didn’t do much for me on my hair. My hair is course and the bristles are not strong enough. I gave it three stars because I’m sure it would be effective on finer hair. It’s a cute brush, on the small side, good size for children. I may update this post soon because I plan to see how this detangling brush works on my niece. As for me, I find that the Dtangler works great on thick and/or course hair!! That’s not a misspelling. As for this mini hair tamer, I would only recommend to those with fine hair.

Rosalia Palm Bay, FL

Mini Pink Detangler Brush

The smaller pink detangler fit well into my purse and did what it’s supposed to do detangled. It has the same design as the larger version but again just didn’t feel comfortable in my hand. The multilayer graduated teeth did do a decent job of detangling, but once again I felt some tugging and pulling when I used it. Since there was several strands of hair present in it after use, again I wonder if it’s just detangling, or causing breakage and pulling out my hair. I also notice a bit more "static" in my hair after use when my hair was dry.

Susan Sula, MT

Hair Tamer Mini

This brush was not what I would expect. It is pretty in color and small in size but this brush does not work very well on my child’s hair type. Her hair is course and the bristles are not strong enough. She loved the color but I could not recommend this to anyone unless you have a finer hair type then my daughters course hair.

Marsha White Cottage, OH

A Good Brush for Little Ones

Note: I received this product free as part of Salon Guy’s market research program, in exchange for my unbiased opinion.Since I don’t have a child with long hair, I gave this Mini Ergo Detangling Hair Brush to one of my friends who has little girls with long hair. Just like me, they loved this brush. It worked perfectly on her daughter’s long, fine hair. They really liked how the brush fit in a child’s hand and that the brush wasn’t so small that it didn’t also feel comfortable in an adult hand. The brush takes very little effort to pull it through the hair. This Mini Ergo Detangling Hair Brush was used on both wet and dry hair. No ouches, less tugging. Works like a charm.

Annette Converse, IN

Detangle with ease

The Tangle Fixx mini is so cute. It works great on my grandchildren’s hair, detangling without tears. The brush has a nice handle and the whole brush is small enough for the toddlers and children to use. It is also lightweight. It does not pull out the hair and makes the hair shiny and soft after it is combed out. I have used this brush on freshly washed unconditioned hair and it works great. The brush is easy to clean and dries quickly. The pink is pretty for lil girls. It would be a great stocking stuffer.

Christine Cornwallville, NY

Great for kids!

My niece loves the magenta/light pink color combo. She has a cute little bob and this is just the right size. She feels like it is just the right "kid-size" and keeps it proudly in her little box of hair supplies. Every kid should have one of these brushes for no-tears detangling after they take a bath.

Luella Delphos, OH


I really love this brush. It is easy to hold onto for kids. My eight yr old didn’t cry while we were brushing out her hair. Works well on damp hair or dry hair. Definitely getting one for my baby niece. I love this color and love how soft the bristles are. It seems like it will hold up longer than a normal brush because the bristles don’t get tangled up. Again I really love this brush and I’m buying another one for work to use on kids.

Doreen Twin City, GA

Great for Kids

Great for children it glides through her hair and causes little to no pain due to pulling when her hair is knotted or tangled.This will end the fussiness when combing a child’s hair. For kids it is able to remove the knots and tangles without causing significant tugging and discomfort.I also tried it myself and it easily glides though my extremely thick hair and makes grooming my hair straight back a breeze. My hair is very difficult to style and tends to go in the direction it wants. This little brush pushes it straight back with a little product and little effort. That said it is not really strong enough for adult hair that is tangled or knotty.

Angelia Sadorus, IL