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Hair Tamer Black Croc Hair Styling Clips, 6 Pack

Every stylist needs clips to section and separate their client’s hair for many types of processing. These clips have a unique double-hinged design They have two springs that allow them to automatically adjust to hold any kind of hair regardless of amount, thickness, or type.

Key features

  • Every stylist needs clips to section and separate their client’s hair for many types of processing. These clips have a unique double-hinged design They have two springs that allow them to automatically adjust to hold any kind of hair regardless of amount, thickness, or type.
  • Unique doublehinged design.
  • Holds large amounts of hair.
  • Perfect for clipping foils up & away during hair color applications.
  • Great for sectioning hair.

Honest reviews


Would not purchase

This product didn’t work too well for me. I used them while detangling my think Coily (4C) hair. My hands were slick with conditioner and I tried to use the clips to hold the sections of my hair I was not working with. The clips were hard to open with slippery hands. Another disappointment was that they did not slide very well through my hair for me to actually use the clip. I think these clips would work very well on straight hair, but not on Coily African American hair. I would not buy more of these clips, I’ll still to my cheap beauty store clips.

Rosie Hertford, NC

Like the idea

These clips can actually be moved for thicker hair and I assume very curly hair (of which I have neither). They are unique in this manner and have a cool look to theml. I myself have thinner hair but know these would work great for my girlfriends with the thicker hair. I do love these however I will say my hair did get caught in one which hurt a little. The price is not bad. Although these are probably not meant to wear I plan on trying them out with a hair style of some sort of up do. They are perfect for when you want to section off your hair for drying etc. It’ worth a try.

Sue Swansboro, NC

Holds basically any amount of hair without pulling

I’ve been doing hair for over 8 years and have tried all sorts of clips, while this style may not be the most attractive looking clip out there it definitely seems to work the best. I used to have to keep a couple different clips handy at work, small ones for fine hair and giant claw clips for thick long hair, these clips seriously work for all hair types. They hold tight and I have never heard a complaint about pulling.

Maryann Hospers, IA

Great Grip

One of my pet peeves is when my clips just don’t hold up the hair or worse yet they slip out entirely. These clips DON’T! I am so happy that Salon Guys sent me a sample of this product to review, because they are so worth it. They have teeth all along the length of the clip grips along the inside of the bottom half of the clip. They hold the hair up and they don’t slip at all! One of the parts I like best, is that the part where you hold on to the clip in order to press it open has these little grips so that you have control (and are less likely to drop the clip.) All in all i would say I’m impressed.

Melba Petroleum, IN


These clips are amazing and definitely my new favorite styling clip! They are sturdy and well made, sure to stand the tests of time and heavy usage, but not SO sturdy that you’ll be worried about damaging your hair. The double hinge makes them perfect for holding varying amounts of hair, and they are the perfect tightness to make sure your hair is held firmly, but not so firmly you’re worried about it leaving a crimp or a bump, which is also helped by the waved edges of the top half of the clip. They’re easy to use both on yourself and on others. These are awesome! I received this product free of charge as a part of the Salon Guys Market Research program in exchange for an unbiased review.

Reba Minnetonka Beach, MN

Didn’t understand some reviews but this is absolutetly a steal!

I read all of the other reviews before I ordered becasue some of them gave lower ratings, and I was confused because in their review they seemed to give only praise to the item. I am so glad that I purchased these for my friend and I (we are currently in beauty school). She has really fine, thin hair and they work AMAZINGLY in her hair and I have really course thick hair and same thing. Plus they are so much cheaper here than anywhere else!

Loraine Blacklick, OH

Best Clip!

I have very think, silky straight hair and have a difficult time finding clips that not only hold my hair, but also don’t break. This clip does both! My hair stayed in place each time I would resection it. The quality of the clip is great too, sturdy! I rely on clips like this when styling my hair and good ones like this a hard to come by!

Lucy Sugar Grove, IL

Clips are fantastic!

I’m providing this review of the Croc Hair Styling Clips from Salon Guys as part of their Market Research program. I received the shipment on time and in good condition.These clips are fantastic for both fine/thin hair and thick hair as well! At first glance, I thought they looked a little clunky for their purpose, however; after the first use I was able to get the hang of them. I appreciate the ability to adjust the tension/strength of the clip, especially on my daughters hair which is very fine. I had been using the generic silver clips and they would just fall out of her hair. Now that I have these, that is no longer an issue.The clips stay in place to allow controlled sectioning of the hair while blow drying. I highly recommend this product for all hair types.

Stacy Stonington, CT

Better than the metal clips

So far so good. A couple reviews say that they have had them break on the first use. I didn’t have that problem, but then again I’ve only used two and put the other four in storage as backup. So far I love them. They are easy to use and really do hold a lot of slippery hair.

Miranda Curtisville, PA

Think crocodile grip.

These work really well to clip up hair out of the way for curling or trimming. They hold better than the other flat clips I have. Those don’t stay where you put them and these do. I got the black but I see that they also come in zebra stripes and leopard patterns. How cool is that! Maybe everyone doesn’t like to pay a few bucks more for the patterns. That was definitely sarcasm. This is also a nice clip to pull your hair back for washing your face or for putting on a mask without getting it in your hair.

Fay Greenfield, OK

The Best Clips for Any Hair

In our household there are three ladies; myself and my two daughters. My youngest has short to medium length hair that’s fairly fine. My eldest has long hair that is fairly thick. I have very long hair that is extremely thick, so thick that many stylists comment that it’s the longest thickest hair they’ve ever worked with.There’s never any problem with getting my youngest’s hair up for styling, on occasions my eldest’s hair can be a small challenge in getting it up for styling but to keep mine in place for styling if it’s a stylist doing it I get the giant clips brought out and something that’s not even enough. When I style it myself it’s always an act of creative genius to try to section my hair and secure it on top of my head and out of the way to style it. So, in my house we have a couple different styles of clips; they’re things I’ve collected throughout the years in attempting to overcome the problem of keeping hair up and out of the way.I found that anything that comes close to working well on my hair doesn’t work for my youngest whose hair is shorter and much finer. Her hair, even wet will almost always slip out. Because of this I have to literally keep extra clips on hand so that our two very different hair types can be managed.That was until I got sent two of these for the purpose of testing them for product review. First off, let me say I that I will definitely be ordering a full pack of them soon as I am that impressed by them. Not only do they manage my youngest’s hair shorter and finer hair with ease the way these clips have a hinged hook to manage groups of hair with more body/volume makes them amazing for my hair as well. Even with my hair as thick as it is I can section it off into two groups and using two of the clips it will hold it in place securely enough to keep it up and out of the way. With more I will be able to more effectively section my hair into groups for styling knowing that each section will stay securely on top of my head and out of the way. These are most certainly well worth the money.On top of it all they are extremely sturdily made. The plastic they are constructed of is nice and thick, definitely not cheaply made so you aren’t afraid the thing is going to shatter in your hands. The spring is firm so as to keep a tight grip on the hair but it’s not so firm that it’s hard to pinch the ends together to get it to open. The ends where you put your fingers to pinch are textured with rows of small raised bumps so even if you hands are wet or a little slick from using a product in the hair these clips won’t go flying out of your fingers and shoot across the room! The spring on the product where the clip hooks to accommodate thicker and fuller is easily manipulated. It’s not tight but it’s also not loose. I would say it is practically perfect.I can find nothing lacking with these clips. The are simply to my mind amazing and the best clips I have ever come across for dealing with any type of hair!

Francine Chaplin, KY

Does what it says!

The configuration of these clips really hold your hair in place. The plastic is top quality and is well worth the price. I plan to add more to my kits!

Lori Ira, TX

Great clips

I never thought I would ever come across such strong gripping hair clips. These hair clips hold everything very well from towels around the neck to dry or wet hair to capes etc. I have been enjoying these hair clips very much. I would buy these hair clips over and over again. The seller was fast and they were shipped very carefully to prevent breakage.I let my daughter use these hair clips also and she loves them. She wants more hair clips for herself also. Lol.We like the durability and weight of the plastic they are made from. These hair clips will last a very long time. I plan on buying more soon.I am very happy with the fat time in which I received these hair clips, the way the shipper took care in packaging and their promptness.

Margery Malta, ID

Really great useful clips

I have been using these awesome clips because Salon Guys allowed me to join their market research program. My daughter has very thick coarse hair and they hold her hair without falling out or hurting her. I have much softer and fine hair and these clips are amazing for me as well. They do not leave creases in my hair or let my hair slip out. I like to use these for drying my hair in sections and straightening it. These would work well for doing highlights as well. The service from Salon Guys was great! Fast arrival and nice people with good follow up.

Lashonda Fort Deposit, AL

Great product for lots of hair

These clips are great for my super thick hair. There big enough to hold large chunks of my hair – I use them to hold parts of my hair away while styling, and they always stay in place but don’t leave weird dents in my hair either, like some clips do. I’ve only them a few days, but these clips seem like sturdy products that I will get a lot of use out of, for a long time. I would definitely recommend these clips if you like to pin up your hair while styling it. I received this product as part of Salon Guy’s Market Research Program, in exchange for my unbiased review of the product.

Kitty Huger, SC

These are great!!!!

These are great! They hold my short, thin hair where I want it held while I style it. Styling is finally so much easier. They are sturdy enough, don’t snag in my hair, and are breeze to remove.

Dena Springville, AL

Not the best

When I style my hair I usually use clips similar to these that are flat metal. I thought these would be a good alternative to the metal ones and that they might be a little less damaging to my hair. The clips look and feel like they are a nice quality. However, due to the small “teeth” on the bottom half of the clip, it moves and tugs on my hair when I am initially clipping it in AND when I am removing it. For me the point of having these clips would be to use as a styling aid but they have made styling more challenging. I would not repurchase these.

Joanna Parmele, NC

Will hold up thick hair!

These clips have a great locking system for thick hair! Other clips don’t have the extra clip on top and allows for thick hair to slip through having to use several clips just to keep the hair up! Love these!

Marjorie Easton, CT

Great for styling or casual updo

Amazing clips that hold both soft and fine hair, and a big thick mop. I’ve tried these, and have given them to friends; all have found them comfortable, secure, and a nice change from our usual clips.

Abby Lewiston, ID

great clips!

These clips are my new favorite hair tool. While they are by no means something you would wear out into public, since they are simple and not particularly attractive, they are incredibly functional. They are great for sectioning hair or throwing it all up. I have a lot of hair (long and thick), and if I’m careful I can get it all up with one clip. These are really great for dying and styling hair. They don’t snag on the hair at all, but they keep it up nicely. They are also really good for bleaching/dying hair, since they aren’t metal like other similar clips.

Deana Greenville, IN

Perfect clips

I have received these clips from SalonGuys as a part of their market research program. I think they are very good if you don’t have short and very fine straight hair like I do. They slide down my head and don’t stay but no clips actually do. However, the work great on my daughter whose long hair is also very fine and it’s hard to find clips that would hold her hair. She needs to put up her hair every night for shower and they worked perfectly fine for that. They also held her hair nicely apart when I was braiding it so we are very happy with them. Thank you, SalonGuys!

Ladonna Sandy Hook, CT

The clips work great!

The clips work great for sectioning out hair when drying and/or styling. Comparing them to the Spilo Hair Ware Comfort Grip Alligator Clips I have been using, these have texture on the grip where my older ones were smooth, and the these have a stronger grip. The Alligator portion on the clips are made differently and this one seems to fold down and clip the hair a little better. This clip is also shiny black where my older clips had a matte finish, depending on your personal preference. Both clips held the hair just fine, but I like this one better.

Elena Benson, NC

Great to use while blow drying

I use these black plastic clips to hold sections of my hair while blow drying. They have good teeth to hold hair in place and keep it where it needs to be held. I like that they come in a set of six hair clips as I typically use about 4 at a time, so I have a couple of spare clips. The only thing that held me back from a five star rating was that since they are made of plastic, I question their durability and am not sure how long they will last will regular daily usage. However at this price, that’s OK. Overall, I would purchase them again.

Ana Se Ree, KY


These clips are great for doing makeup. I use them to pin back my hair when I’m doing my face makeup and eye makeup and it’s so much better than tying it back in a ponytail.. No crease!! These are also great for curling and straightening hair they have a really tight hold, so if you need clips for thick hair like I have these are perfect! I’ve only had one problem with them once they got stuck in my hair while I tried pulling them out, but it was fine in the end they ended up coming out! These clips have a great hold so if you need tight hair clips purchase these I recommend them.

Ines Cornersville, TN

Fabulous even for my very long, thick hair!

I just can’t say enough great things about these clips. They’re very versatile since I use them for holding different sections up while using a straightener or curling iron. I even use them for just holding my bags out of my face sometimes. No matter how much hair I throw into a bunch, it works on any amount, small and large. As I said, my hair is thick and abundant and these have proven to be the best I’ve used. These are strong, professional quality clips

Sandy Whittier, NC


The black croc hair styling clips are a wonderful tool in blowdrying and dying of your hair. I have long, thick hair and often need clips to hold my hair up and away when I am drying my hair or coloring it. Because my hair is so think, many clips don’t work and drop the hair with any movement. Not these clips. They are incredible. Hold the hair tight and don’t hurt my head when I am using them. Would order again and again!

Flora Culberson, NC

Hold great – no ripping

I have long, naturally curly hair that I blow out every day because I think it looks more professional. Obviously a LOT of hair products are involved. I’ve got a system. Part of my routine necessitates clipping sections up while I work on smoothing and drying whatever piece I currently have wrapped around my brush. These clips are amazing (and I’ve tried a LOT of different brands). The gripper bits allow for a secure hold that doesn’t droop but still manages not to catch and tear your hair in the release. I work quickly, so not having to mess about with sections I’m not ready for is key. The only downside: because the gripper clamp begins immediately at the free end of the clip I’ve had to abandon my habit of using the tip to part out the next section. But given how fabulous these clips work I’m willing to pick up a comb (sacrifices!).

Sybil Garland, NC

great clips!

these clips are awesome! They made styling my hair so easy! My hair is long and thick, so usually when I part it or try to section it off, I have trouble keeping it separated … the clips are great for holding my hair in place until I’m ready to go on to the next section. But what I like most is that it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to hold back a small amount of hair or a lot because it adjusts and clips snuggly no matter how much hair you clip in. This croc clip is a must have if you’re into styling your own hair. I would definitely recommend these to my friends.

Jana Brookline Station, MO

Love this!

The Black Croc clips are very versatile…not only do they work well with thick full hair but also on fine, thin hair. Also are great for wet or dry use. They grasp and stay in place while cutting or styling hair. They are easy to use, don’t get tangled up and are easily removed when desired. They don’t slip, pull your hair or drop strands also while in use. They have a nice "wide" bite and spring action, again showing both durability and versatility.

Sallie Ray, MN

Holds Better than Crocodile Claws!

…not that I would really know the exact strength of crocodile claws, but these clips are that good!I received this product free of charge as part of SalonGuys’ Market Research Program and thought it was perfect timing in order for me to continue learning the best ways in caring for my hair.I used these clips to hold my wet hair during the shower, to section my hair during blow-drying, and again to flat iron it and must really state: these clips really hold your hair in place, no matter how thick or thin the sections!I have naturally curly, fine hair of mid-neck length that I style straight most if not all the time, and have always struggled in holding my hair in place after washing it in the shower (before which I used an elastic hair tie), sectioning it off while blow-drying (random clips, bobby pins, and elastic hair ties for that), and had a really hard time holding it in place while trying to flat-iron it – but not any more!The double-hinged design is truly superior and I must say, I’ve never owned clips so effective. After styling my hair, I’ve even used these clips to hold my hair back while washing my face in the morning and at night, and have been pleasantly surprised that despite their incredible hold (I really do think that they’ll probably hold just one single strand of hair in place – have yet to try, lol), the clips don’t leave creases in my hair.Without reservations, I highly recommend this product and am grateful for being introduced to them by SalonGuys.

Anastasia Eureka, IL