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Hair Salon 16oz Designer Water Spray Bottle by Soft ‘N Style

Hair Salon 16oz Designer Water Spray Bottle by Soft ‘N Style professional quality

Key features

  • Hair Salon 16oz Designer Water Spray Bottle
  • by Soft ‘N Style
  • professional quality

Honest reviews


No Leaks..~!~

I make a hair tonic by mixing oils for hair growth , shine and protein..Some are a bit thicker than other ones, and this is a perfect fit..Love the way it sprays..~!~So far , no clogging..It’s used 2 x’s a day / night….~!~

Maricela Kilmichael, MS

does the job.

This spray bottle is FANTASTIC. I have used many others but the spray is powerful yet controlled and also has a wide range on pressure settings from fine, penetrating mist to strong, focused spray. It’s a keeper. I bought 2! 🙂

Janelle Three Rivers, TX


This nice little bottle has lasted a long while now. Hasn’t clogged or fallen apart like some bottles! I would recommend it to anyone who needs a decent size bottle :).

Krista Durants Neck, NC

does just what I wanted it too

We bought this for the dog, and use it as deterrent when he barks at night. A few quick sprays of water and he stops, and he’s barking much less. I imagine this sort of bottle has a 1001 uses. It fills easily, triggers easily, is light and easy to use. I would recommend it.

Earnestine Kinsale, VA

Exactly as described; perfect fine mist!

The mist size on this spray is adjustable, and I can get a perfect fine mist with this! Water sprays out evenly, and it works perfectly for hair styling or hair cutting purposes. Highly recommended. This size bottle is a bit small, and I would recommend it for personal use rather than for client use.

Roberta Southfield, MA

Works Well

Works well, and the hair salon motif means I will not confuse it for other spray bottles around the house!

Justine White Mills, KY

not a super fine mist

I ordered this hoping it had a VERY fine mist setting for painting (I "mist" my paints and inks while they are the canvas to feather them a bit) but, unfortunately, the lightest setting on this spray bottle is still a powerful spray. For hair styling or around the house applications, I think the mist is perfect, but if you want a mist that mimics that of the pump bottles or garden misters (just a light sort of "fog" that leaves droplets of moisture on the surface of what you are spraying) this isn’t the bottle. However, it’s the "finest misting" spray bottle I have tried in a size over 4oz, so I’ll stick with it until I can find something better.

Karen Palmetto, LA

A bath in a bottle

I bought this spray bottle for use withNo Rinse Body Bath – 16 fl oz, which I am using as both a shampoo and body wash. I spray my hair with the solution until it is wet, then scrub with my fingers and towel-dry. Then, using a Salux exfoliating cloth, I go over my entire body with the no-rinse solution, which I can do standing at the sink or sitting on the toilet or a bathroom chair. It’s amazing how clean you can get with so little water, and this spray bottle so far has not clogged and has worked just fine. I wonder if the person who gave it a bad review for spraying a stream and not a mist realized that she could adjust the spray by turning the piece on the end of the nozzle until the spray was to her liking.

Cleo Goshen, NY

Good spray bottle

I’m not sure why the smaller bottle is more expensive, but I should’ve gone with that one instead. The 16oz is just a little too big for my taste. But it still gets the job done.

Marcie Cadogan, PA

good size

This spray bottle is great! It’s a good size for holding a large amount of water without getting huge. It’s still very easy for storage. The nozzle lets you spray very fine mist or a pointed jet of water. Very happy with my purchase!

Roseann Troy Mills, IA

Good bottle but not as durable as I’d like

I got this bottle a few months ago for my homeade hair moisturizers and mists. I will usually mix various products like oils, butters, conditioners, etc in the bottle. This bottle is great for all of the above. It hasn’t clogged once and even holds up to my more concentrated concoctions. I really like the design on the bottle. It is sleek and cute.Another great thing about the bottle is how variable the flow is. You can adjust it quite a bit to get a very fine mist or a very strong stream. I really like this bottle.The reason I gave it 3 stars is because there are times when the spray function stalls. I will compress the lever and nothing will come out, even when the bottle is full of liquid. I usually will unscrew it and rescrew it and it will work again. It is not a major problem but it makes me think that this bottle may not last much longer than 6 months. Granted, I use it every single day. I am on month 3 now and will update my review in a few months.It would be great if this came in the 8oz size. I found the Soft ‘N Style Fine Mist Spray Bottle 8 oz and it is more superior to this one if you are looking for smaller size and more reliable flow.

Mamie Huntingdon, TN

As soon as I wrote the previous review, my bird chewed up the bottle

… love this spray bottle, and my birds do too!It’s a nice strong mist, and the sprayer operates smoothly without hissing – perfect for showering a cockatoo. I usually use one full bottle on each bird.Great value!

Graciela Friendship, AR

Heavy Duty and Great Quality

I purchased this to hold cleaning products and I am very happy I bought this. Previously I just went to a dollar store and bought some spray bottles that were unfortunately pieces of junk. I gave up on them and checked Amazon. I wish I came here first because this was just a tiny bit more and it is great quality! The plastic is thick and sturdy and I have not had any problems with the sprayer clogging like I did on the junk bottles I bought before. Definitely worth the small amount extra!

Viola Crossville, AL

As described

Its a spray bottle what can you say, I bought this for ironing, makes getting the wrinkles out a lot easier if you hit it with a mist of water. Holds water and sprays it, can’t ask for anything more. The design on the side is a little silly and I did see some cheaper models at Lowes last night, but ones I have bought in the stores before dont seem to work for very long. Hopefully this will last.

Corrine Glendale, SC

Perfect for at home use!

I bought this to mix water and tea tree oil to clean our yoga mats and it is perfect. The sprayer is strong. This is the third spray bottle we have bought and the first one to last longer than a few days.

Sydney Myra, TX

good spray bottle

I really like this spray bottle and it is easy to use. I wish my hair was as dependable as this bottle! The spray is a nice mist! I only use it for water, so I can not comment on whether it is good for leave in conditioner, etc…

Jodie Phil Campbell, AL


Just what the doc prescribed… Good size, great grip, awesome adjustable spray… What else?! Amazon wants me to write at least 20 words, but com’on, it’s just a water spray bottle!!

Sally Ransom, KY

Lovely bottle

When I make my daily spritzer a I put them in this bottle. This bottle is a heat size for me and I love that you can change the nozzle to get different types of sprays!

Emma Wellington, IL

Fine spray bottle

This is a good spray bottle. It does what I need it to do. It sprays good and has a nice design.

Mavis Jeffersonville, KY

Asesome little spray bottle

Even though this had a picture of scissors and a comb on them—these bottles are perfect spray for not only hair use but we have 3 cats and every cat owner knows that when you need to let the cat know that when they need correction for jumping on something you keep off limits or whatever as spray of water is just the trick. Doesn’t hurt them but sends enforcement of saying no to unwanted behavior. These spray bottles can be adjusted for either a fine mist all they way to a nice forceful stream which can be useful for a long squirt across a room. Really great product and would recommend for sure!!!

Kay East Wareham, MA

Works perfectly

I have bought a lot of water bottles in search of the right one for my daughters hair and this is it. Works great.

Edith Ely, MN


I bought this to use as a water spray to refresh my curls. The nozzle has a screw-type adjuster, and you can go for tight for fine mist to loose for jet of water. I love it!

Kristen Sullivan, IL


I absolutely love this spray. I used to wet my hair with my fingers when I needed to, but now, since I have this bottle, I’m spraying away. So much easier for all of my hair needs.

Marla University Center, MI


Just what I was looking for, I love it. On this spray bottle they have where you can adjust how you want your product to spray out the bottle (I love that) Overall great product! I recommend this!

Gayle Burrel, CA