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Hair One Sweet Almond Oil Cleansing Conditioner For All Hair Types 12 oz.

Hair One Sweet Almond Oil Cleansing Conditioner is for all types of hair with Sweet almond oil.

Key features

  • Hair is left with remarkable shine, moisture, manageability and polish.

Honest reviews



There is a bad smell to this product. It is very strong. I do smell the menthol (it is strong also) but there is another more medicinal smell that is a real turn-off. I switched from Wen to this briefly and had to stop using it. My head started to itch a lot and ended up with my seborrheic dermatitis returning. And it did, fully. So I had to go back to using my prescription harsh, drying shampoo then using Wen as a conditioner. I should never have experimented with Hair One. I’m very disappointed with this product. Plus it did not moisturize my hair at all, in fact it made it more dry than before. I can’t recommend this product at all. It might be an okay in-between product for when you can’t afford Wen or are between paychecks.

Bernice Rose City, MI

Left my hair more oily

I’ve used wen and ren pure before, but this is not nearly as good as either. It left my hair more greasy, and I naturally have oily hair. I used the same number of pumps that I did for wen, left it through the recommended time frame and rinsed for about three minutes straight. It’s just not for me.

Magdalena Ebro, FL

makes hair washing so quick

I wasn’t sure about shampoo that doesn’t lather..Will it really get your hair clean? Also I NEED to always use conditioner or else I end up with dry,frizzy hair…But after seeing the barrage of Wen commercials…I was curious…but Wen can be really expensive..So I saw this..It sounded pretty similar to Wen…so I throught I would try it was for a great price….Well..gotta say I really love using it..I can wash my hair and have it be conditioned all in less than 3 minutes..with one product…So easy..Smells good..I ordered the sweet almond…It leaves my hair very soft and silky..I was nicely surprised!!…I definitely would buy again..The one tiny drawback is..if you have shoulder length hair it doesn’t last long cuz you gotta use a lot of pumps each time you wash your hair..but its a great product..You can also get it at Sally beauty supply..You can buy sample size envelopes there to try it out and see which one of the products works best for your hair if you’re not sure which one to order…

Verna Earlham, IA

This is pretty cool, cheaper than ‘wen’ but you still use a LOT at a time

My hair is thick and just below my shoulders and it takes a lot of this stuff each shampoo time. I’ve got some grey, I’m over 50 and the texture of my grey hair seems to be tougher than my normal hair, but this shampoo is good for me!Before even putting in any conditioner, my comb goes through my wet hair like buttah. I have noticed that in order to have this wonderful phenomenon occur, I have to rinse rinse rinse rinse rinse if I use the shower. I keep an empty quart yogurt container that I fill up and dump repeatedly on my hair while I’m still in the shower because no matter how long I stand under that showerhead to rinse, it doesn’t do a good job of rinsing. If I wash my hair bending over the sink, I let the sink fill with water and swish my hair and head and it truly leaves my hair silky even without conditioner afterwards.If I want to style my hair, I will use Garnier leave-in stuff after I get out of the shower. Just a little bit works since my hair is good.

Matilda Palatine Bridge, NY

best smelling hair one

I have tried ALL the hair one products and this one by far smells the best, hands down. If you follow the directions properly, you will go through a bottle a month if not more. I noticed more hair falling out but my hair does not seem to thin any more then before. I think i only notice because its on my hands (with all the massaging) and not down the drain.Yes I have used Wen, and this COMPARES to Wen but is not the same/better then Wen. Wen leaves you feeling cleaner and is easier to wash out of your hair. Hair one gives you a similar clean feeling but takes longer to wash out. That being said, Wen is $40 and Hair one is $10. There is no question in my mind then Hair one is worth the money.

Mellisa Clear Lake, SD