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Hair One for Normal Hair with Cucumber and Aloe 12 oz.

Buy Hair One Hair Conditioners – Hair One Hair Cleanser and Conditioner with Cucumber Aloe 355ml/12oz – For Normal Hair. How-to-Use: *Rinse hair thoroughly for at least 1 minute. Apply 5-7 pumps to the crown of head and 8-10 pumps to nape/back of head. Massage vigorously into scalp for 2-3 minutes. Then add an extra splash of water to help evenly distribute through the ends *Now add 5-10 pumps through the mid-shafts and ends to thoroughly cleanse and hydrate the hair. The more pr

Key features

  • Hair One Hair Cleanser and Conditioner with Cucumber Aloe 355ml/12oz: Buy Hair One Hair Conditioners – Hair One Hair Cleanser and Conditioner with Cucumber Aloe 355ml/12oz – For Normal Hair – Normal Hair
  • Hair Type: Normal Hair
  • Item Condition: 100% authentic, new and unused. Hair One Hair Cleanser and Conditioner with Cucumber Aloe 355ml/12oz – For Normal Hair.
  • Type: Shampoo,Conditioner

Honest reviews


Miracle Hair magic!

Amazing hair product! I washed my thick hair (only) with this cleansing conditioner and wow. I did exactly what the directions said and my hair was completely different! I showered at night, so I had to wait until morning for my delightful surprise. My hair was so great! The texture was amazing, and it just set so well (as if I used a blow dryer to make it look that way)! I do regularly have dry hair (with an oily scalp) yet if I don’t wash my hair every other day it does get OILY. So I was worried to buy this product since I thought it would be more like a conditioner, but I was wrong. It does not leave a coating on your hair (if you wash it out VERY well). And, it def. washes your hair and it feels 100% clean after you use it. If I go in the shower with oily hair, this product will wash it All out, no problem. My hair was completely oil-free after using this. Agian, I can’t even tell you how great this product is……And the best part is, I saw this huge change after the first time I used it!

Kimberly Pacoima, CA

love it

While researching Wen reviews several people mentioned Hair One, so I searched out other blogs online & found the same reviews mentioning how great this product works & that it is really a wonderful comparison to Wen at half the price. Sally Beauty Supply does carry this product, yet finding it in stock can be an issue. Our local store manager told me lots of people come in for Hair One & it’s hard to keep it stocked. Amazon is my back up if I can’t get any locally. Either way the price is great compared to Wen. My hair is thinning, color treated, natural curly down to my waist. I do not use heat or styling products. Over time using chemicals, perms & styling aids with heat my hair started thinning, so I’ve adopted a more natural approach & use several oils on my hair, along with Hair One. The results are great and for the price its worth a try. Everything builds up in my hair over time, so I use Garnier, they have a “Clean” shampoo & conditioner that contain no silicone to remove buildup. That works great, or else I have used the one by Paul Mitchel that removes everything, just once a month.

Rose Wendell, ID

Way Better Price on this great product than Sallys

This is a great great product – its knock off of the WEN hair care product that cost $19.95 for the same 12oz size. And this price is $3 less than the beauty supply stores sell Hair ONE for ! It shipped free, too.

Brandy Prairie View, TX

hair one works!

This was my first hair one product, and i really love it. I find that I do get buildup after a few days and need to use a regular shampoo though. Its a good cheap alternative to Wen for sure!

Rosario Hopedale, IL


I don’t know how anyone has rated this as good as Wen. This is absolutely awful cleansing conditioner. I picked it up in a beauty supply store and the woman working there promised it was even better than Wen at a fraction of the price. I was really hopeful that this would be true. Yeah, it totally wasn’t. This stuff made my hair feel like straw. It didn’t even feel soft while it was in my hair. It felt like cheap hand lotion. Wen makes my hair feel and look great. This Hair One did not. I tossed the bottle and went back to ordering Wen.

Nannie Bonnieville, KY

Can’t use it alone

I was somewhat disappointed in this product. I’ve found that my hair can’t tolerate it alone. Using it as a cleansing conditioner stripped my hair and made it horribly frizzy. However, when combined with other products, it does make my hair wonderfully glossy. The only practical use I’ve found for this is to help stretch my expensive Aveda products. I start out by slathering on about six pumps of this product, comb through, and then shampoo my scalp with a small amount of Aveda Smooth Infusion shampoo. I then rinse that off, and mix my Aveda Smooth Infusion conditioner with six pumps of Hair One. I comb this through my hair, continue with my shower, and rinse it out at the end. I then follow that up with my usual Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep or Nexxus Pro-Mend and blow dry.Would I buy it again? Probably. It’s an inexpensive way to moisturize my hair while stretching my expensive products. Time will prove if this is actually cost effective.Update 4/14/2012 (updated rating from 3* to 1*):I’ve given up on this product. The waxy buildup is just too much for my hair. I had to buy a bottle of Prell to strip off the nasty waxy feeling. It took 2-3 washes to get it all out. This stuff is just gross. Avoid if your scalp is remotely oily.

Tanisha Glenns Ferry, ID

shaving cream

I like the l’oreal cleansing conditioner better than this one but I love this for shaving cream! I will buy it again for that!

Yolanda Clintondale, NY

Really does clean

I use the Cucumber Aloe conditioning cleanser on my scalp, and the Dry Hair w/ olive oil for the “conditioning” step. Love the way this stuff makes my hair looks. Don’t think I will ever go back to traditional shampooing if I don’t absolutely have to. My hair looks shiny, strong, and thick. Have never seen my hair look this good before. Plus, my hair stays clean for 2-3 days… that never used to happen with shampoo. Always thought I had an oily scalp. Can’t compare it to Wen, have never tried it. I’m not tempted to either, because this price is so much more reasonable at about half the cost and produces amazing results. For those who mention a greasy appearance, it might be that 1. there’s a lack of thorough rinsing, or 2. the need to blow dry, brush, and style. I noticed my hair looking greasy (but not feeling greasy — rather it felt “piece-y” as if too much hair gel was present) if I let it just air dry. But when I blow out my hair, it looks multitudes better than w/ traditional shampooing and conditioning.

Casey Elk Creek, VA

So far so good!

My hair is somewhat thick and is normal to dry, and I color it at least once a month though it’s not completely damaged-but it can feel a bit coarse. I have not tried Wen, so I can’t compare to Hair One, however, my experience with this product has been good so far. I’ve been using it for the last three days and my hair has been softer than usual and has more volume! At first I tried it just as a cleanser/conditioner and I did get sort of a straw like feel that the other reviewers were talking about but the next day I also used it as a leave in conditioner and it was a lot better. The hair can feel “greasy” after a day but at the same time still feel clean?! but that doesn’t bother me as I usually wash my hair every day anyways. I know with Wen, one of its goals is for you to not have to wash your hair everyday, but it’s not much of a concern to me. I still really like it. I say this product is worth a try and it’s worked just fine for me.

Mara Sundown, TX