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Hair One Cleanser and Conditioner with Argan Oil for Curly Hair 12 oz

Hair One Argan Oil cleanses and conditions to improve the overall health of your hair.

Key features

  • For curly hair
  • Sulfate free

Honest reviews


Makes a positive difference with continued use

I choose to try this product at the recommendation of another Amazon reviewer, after reading reviews ofWEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner 16ozand finding myself wincing at the price. I found it at the local Sally Beauty Supply for the same price as Amazon, and was told I could return it if it didn’t work for me. I chose the curly hair version with Argan Oil, but there were about 6 versions of this product to choose from dependent upon hair type.The first time I used it I read, and re-read the instructions prior to use. I used a total of 10 pumps on my mid-back length hair and noticed a definite softening to the texture of my hair, with less frizz. My hair didn’t feel dirty, but it did feel conditioned.The second use I used a bit less 8 pumps total, and then used 1 pump as a leave-in conditioner. That left my hair too greasy feeling, so I decided a lighter spray to heat-protect my hair would work better than a conditioner. Still soft hair and silky when straightened.Third use I used the 8 pumps again, applying the first 4 on the top of my head and working it in, and then 4 more pumps from the nape of my neck up the back of my head. I rub it all in, working it from scalp to hair ends and leave it on while I shower. About 4-5 minutes total. I didn’t use it as a leave-in conditioner. The results on day 3 sold me. My hair felt soft, had a nice sheen (my hair is full of gray and color treated, but you’d never know using this stuff).The fourth day I decided to try my regular shampoo. I found my hair fuzzy more coarse, even with conditioning and leave-in spray conditioner.This product takes some getting used to, but if you can afford it, it’s worth a try. The scent is pleasant, and I get a slight tingle on my scalp, but no burning. Your hair feels clean, but rinsing it properly and making sure you scrub your scalp while you are working it into your hair are very important to successful use of this product.What it does for my hair is remarkable, but not magic. It’s moisurizing hair cuticles and giving you more manageable, softer, moisurized hair, but without leaving it greasy.Follow the directions and you should find this product to be a great asset to your hair’s health and beauty.UPDATE: 9/4/13I ran out of this product and went back to traditional shampoo. A mistake for me. My hair became frizzier, less manageable and overall, just looked rough, even after I’d just had it professionally cut and styled. My stylist doesn’t like this product, or Wen, however she did say my hair was healthier when I was using it. For me, that’s a good enough reason to buy more!My hair is smoother to the touch, has shine, curls bounce and no fuzzy-frizzies taking over in all kinds of weather. It takes getting used to, but for the price and the wonderful results, I’ll keep recommending Hair One.

Katharine South Haven, KS

not sure what to compare too

well i purchased this today, tonight i followed the instructions step by step and it did not make my hair feel greesyor weigh it down. my curls do have some nice definition. better then what i get with the usual shampoo cond. combo. it did tingle my scalp after a few minutes and my forhead was a little red where the hair one was on it but it was fine it dident bother me to much. i think ill keep using it and see if it improves overall quality of my hair.

Corrine Arnaudville, LA

Licensed Cosmetologist and Product Experts review

I still like Wen Fig cleansing conditioner better. BUT, this is a good alternative. Buy it from your local Sally’s beauty supply. It’s cheaper and you don’t have to pay for shipping. It works ok. I bought this before I bought Wen. I liked it so much that I went with the original and better Wen. Wen has better quality ingredients, botanical oils and extracts. I think REN (available on here or Rite Aid) is even better than this.

Georgina Furlong, PA

Will Do For A Clean Feel

The product does give off a mint smell I’m going to attribute to the tingling sensation when you use the product. With all the rules and instructions on the bottle you would think is would be for salon use only. I draw the line a shampoo bottle barking out how many pumps i need but, that’s just me I guess. My hair did feel squeaky clean and fresh kind of like your mouth does when you brush your teeth then take a peppermint. I order this to use as a co wash but after using it I think I will just use it as a deep cleanse when I need it. This review is after my first use. Will update if something weird happens like the pump police questions me about how many pumps of product I’ve used.

Virgie Etna, ME

Not impressed

The smell is to masculine, it did not compaire to WEN at all, left my daughters curly mixed hair feeling greasy.

Kendra Breckenridge, MI

All-in-one hair dream-come-true

My review is based on my use of Hair One Cleansing Conditioner with Argan Oil for Curly Hair. I have never even sampled a Wen product, so I have no basis for comparison with that brand. I have tried many other “sulfate-free” cleansers,(no sodium laureth sulfate or ammonium laureth sulfate), but nothing came close to Hair One. I LOVE this product because it works as a cleanser, a rinse-out, a leave-in, and even a deep treatment conditioner. The Argan oil formula seems to add life to my curly hair, leaving it soft, shiny, springy, and bouncy. I don’t cleanse my hair every day, but sometimes I use this as a refresher rinse nearly every day, and I always use it as a leave-in “curl cream”. It doesn’t leave any build-up or oil. It gives me the definition of a curl cream without stickiness, crunch, or weight. It smells fantastic…earthy and cool, and it’s extremely soothing to my scalp, yet it’s also invigorating. Occasionally my hair gets very, very dry, due to living in a desert,and/or hair coloring, and when this happens I’ll substitute the Argan Oil formula with the Olive Oil formula for a wash cycle. My hair’s body and shine is restored right away, and I’m back to an easy wash&go hairstyle. If I need to battle sudden frizz during the day, I find the Hair One Leave-in Spray is wonderful, and the Hair One products seem to enhance my hair in a synergistic way. If only products like Hair One had come into being sooner, I wouldn’t have spent years and years thinking I had awful hair!

Kayla Taylor, MI

not likr

Would not buy this kind did not like maybe other wen products are good but this one not good just dii with this one my try another kind

Estella Revillo, SD

dont like the smell

Its really just okay, i love hair one but I didn’t like this smell at all, there was something very off about it. There are other hair ones with better smells.

Elsie Barton City, MI

Cleaner and Conditioner

I must first say the pump never worked. I had to squeeze the bottle so hard because so thick and it wouldn’t come out easily. It is not Wen. My hair didn’t feel no difference, it was like using a Dollar bottle of shampoo and not even a conditioner feel. With Wen my hair felt wonderful. You get what you pay for. Was trying to save money but wasted time, effort and money because it don’t work. I would not recommend this product.

Ruth Rocky Mount, MO


I do have WEN as well…and I would love to say that this is just as good (so I can save myself a ton of money) but it’s alright – pretty good – compared to the WEN. The WEN is a thicker consistency and has more slip to it and I just find that that it’s easier to do my hair when using the WEN. But really…not too much of a difference over all between the two. I just do find that I prefer the WEN vs. Hair One. BUT…I would definitely alternate w/ this to save some money! 😉

Leola Hilliard, FL

The Most Awesome Leave In for Thick Curly Hair!!

This is a really great product that I hope to never be without. My 2 daughters and I have bery long, very curly ethnic hair and this product is the best for detangling hair and making it soft without being too greasy.If I can only have one product to use in my hair, this would be it because you can cleanse, condition, and detangle with it.I love it so much that I buy it in the liter size.

Aline Hayden, AZ

Great product!

I tried the sample size of Wen and really liked it but we got pregnant and couldn’t afford the $80/bottle. This is an EXCELLENT option to use instead. I’ve tried some others (like Ren at the grocery store) and this is much better. I have pretty fine hair but I have a TON of it. It’s naturally tangly, long, colored and I have really rough cutical (owing partly to my natural wave) and I really like how it works. It was also a life saver when I developed tyroid issues (turns your hair to straw). I didn’t have any issue with it.NOTE: like other cleaning conditioners or "no-poo", you do not want to use oil products with this. It’s made to leave your natural oils intact so it doesn’t was out those like a shampoo would.

Therese Salyersville, KY

This is awesome

This is the best stuff I have ever used on my hair. I love this stuff. I have tried everything trying to get my hair healthy, but nothing worked. I have already bought more of this. Every once and awhile I have to do a good conditioning treatment, but that is mainly because my hair was severly damaged prior to using this cleansing conditioner. This is worth every penny. You do have to get the right Cleanser and Conditioner for whatever hair type you have in order for it to wirork. I have natural curly hair, but it was severly damaged and dry. I brought the right treatment, but it wasn’t until I used the hydrating mask that I started seeing a difference in my hair.

Stella Clarion, PA

Less frizz- cheaper than Wen

I read reviews of the product "Wen", and saw that it was expensive. Reviewers recommended Hair ONE as an alternative, being just as effective and less costly. I have not tried Wen, but am very satisfied with the results from Hair ONE. I have "older" fine, curly hair. It tends to get frizzled ends. This product helps my hair to feel very soft, and with more control.You do need to take a few more minutes with the product and leave it on. I start by wetting my hair, applying the product, and putting on a cheap plastic shower-cap for a few miunutes while I do other things. Then I get into the shower and continue with the routine. I have short hair, and use less than the directions suggest. But I am hoping to be able to let my hair grow a bit longer by using this product and not feeling the need to get my hair trimmed as often as before. You do NOT need a separate shampoo and conditioner, so the price is OK.

Helene Umatilla, FL

Too much smell

I couldn’t get past the smell in order to use the product. Perfumes, colognes or any flowery type aroma leaves me with migraines. If your sensitive to smells pass this by. Good news is the seller was very gracious allowing me to return it.

Millie Ft Myer, VA