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Hair Flair Deluxe Softhood Hair Dryer Attachment

The Deluxe Softhood Hair Dryer Attachment by Hair Flair Ltd, provides a fast and convenient way to dry your hair and is the perfect accessory to use with your Curlformers, rollers and Velcros! Incorporating some unique, patented, design features for optimum performance, it has an adjustable chin strap and a side-located drawstring to ensure it stays securely in place and a larger hood capacity, which gives greater flexibility. It also has more ventilation holes for faster and even heat distribution. The Deluxe Softhood Hair Dryer Attachment attaches to the vast majority of hand-held hair dryers

Key features

  • Unique adjustable chin strap
  • 147 evenly configured vent holes
  • Larger hood capacity

Honest reviews


sometimes the simplest answer is the best one

i have curly hair that i like to wear curly. i’ve found that sitting under a dryer hood is the best way to get good curl definition, get rid of the water that weighs curls down while they dry, have no frizz, and not leave the house with wet hair (which is mostly a matter of OMG IT IS COLD OUTSIDE but also they look better when they haven’t just air dried). a regular blow dryer, even with a diffuser, doesn’t get me the same good results. so first i tried a hard-bonnet dryer on a rolling floor stand. works well, but it hampers mobility; that is, i can sit still under it and read, but it’s hard to, say, put on makeup while my hair is drying under it. so next i tried a soft-bonnet hood that’s connected to a console dryer. TERRIBLE. didn’t dry, hose disconnected from the bonnet, bleh. so finally i tried this one. i have a good hair dryer, and this worked really nicely. i had to be a bit careful about moving around too much because my dryer’s nozzle is very tapered and the hose would occasionally slip off the end of it if i stretched it too much. but i was actually really impressed at how well it stayed put, given that shape. and it dried nicely while allowing me plenty of mobility while putting on makeup. the hood stayed put. my favorite part is that it will pack easily (even comes with a little zipper pouch) for travel. i’m super pleased with this purchase.

Rhea Monessen, PA

Horrible and wish I never bought it!!

I was so excited to get and use this hair dryer since I have a ton of thick curly 3b/c hair, the type if hair that can take a full day and a half to dry depending on the weather. I have also used dryer bonnets before and couldn’t wait to sit cozily under it and let it do all the work. I have a tourmaline ionic hair dryer and it attaches fine.Then I set it on lower heat lower speed settings….then I smelled burning and looked at the hose attachment only to see various burn holes appear and grow wider and wider, like it was melting off! Was it my dryer?? I set it in low. I tried to readjust the hose so it wouldn’t lay directly in front of the flow of air. But nothing worked. And the bonnet itself was still happily inflated. I tried for a good thirty minutes because I figured, oh well, might as well get SOME sort of hair dryage out of this thing while I’m here. Took the bonnet off and my hair which was plopped which meant it wasn’t dripping wet, was still wet as heck. This dryer is a big disappointment.

Mindy Edison, NE


This is a great hood for you to set your curlers or do an at home conditioning treatment. The chin strap allows you to use your blow dryer hands free, so you can put on your make up while conditioning or setting your rollers. Depending on your blow dryer cord you might need to be sitting. I set mine up strap it to my head and lay my blow dryer on a hand towel on its side and then turn it on. by the time I am finished, with my makeup or brushing my teeth, my hair is ready! The only draw back and it lost a star for this is the adjustment pulls and toggle are on the side of mine. They get in the way. Over all this is a great product and I will buy it again when this one falls apart.

Rosalinda Jackson, NC

This is the goofiest-looking thing ever, but it’s amazing!

UPDATE ON 1-13-13: My original review for this was a five-star review, but the cord on this ended up breaking after just a few months, and I haven’t been able to use it. For that reason, I downgraded my review to just three stars. In December, though, I bought theDevaCurl DevaFuser Hair Dryer Diffuser for Curly Hair, and I absolutely LOVE it! I would definitely recommend spending a bit more on the Deva Fuser and getting that instead.The diffuser I’ve been using on my Sedu Revolution dryer just broke after being dropped on the tile floor one time too many, so I was looking to replace it. I was reading reviews on the Curl Talk forum (which is an amazing place to go if you have wavy or curly hair and are interested in following the Curly Girl Method of not using silicones or sulfates on your hair), and someone recommended it as the best diffuser ever. I figured I’d give it a try since it was pretty cheap, and just used it for the first time today. I *LOVE* it!I ordered it directly from the company’s website, and it arrived in about a week.It wouldn’t fit on my Sedu dryer, but it worked perfectly on my Conair with a longer nozzle.I basically gathered all my hair onto the top of my hair as if I was making a ponytail or putting it into a “plop,” and then plopped it all inside. It comes with a cord to tighten it, as well as a chin strap, which keeps in in place. Once your hair is in, you need to use LOW heat with this. I left it on for about ten minutes while I surfed the web (I brought my laptop into my bathroom), and took it out after about ten minutes. The result? Bouncy, frizz-free waves that are spirals in places!My hair is fine but thick, so I usually don’t have patience to dry it all the way. After ten minutes, I still had some dampness, but most of the water was out. I ended up clipping up my roots and letting my hair air dry the rest of the way.Just be careful when placing your hair inside so that you don’t wind up with any wonky pieces.For several years, I’d been using theTourmaline Tools 1059 by Hot Tools Professional Tourmaline Ionic 1875 Watt High Heat Portable Salon Dryer, which I loved, but my hair is now mid-back, and it doesn’t work with that dryer any more.This will also be great for deep conditioning treatments.This thing really is awesome! It’s going to drastically cut down on my hair drying time!

Millicent Weikert, PA

Oh so funny…

I bought this to help speed up my dressing time in the morning. I figured I could put on my makeup while my hair is drying. It is helpful, but does take a very long time. I am not sure If I am wasting my time or not because I still have to dry my hair when I am finished with makeup. The chin strap is nice but can become very uncomfortable when you turn the heat on. I use a clip and clip it to the front of my head for support- i find that the bonnet is less likely to move as well. The tightening strap on the side is in a bad place, right by the ear- so a lot of heat comes out in the spot and makes my ear burn. I place these cotton oval things I have in the gap and it helps for a little bit. I have fine curly hair and it does fine for me- nothing great.

Rosalinda Bivins, TX


I have another dryer attachment I use for when I travel. I saw this and thought this would be better because it has a larger hood. So I took this on vaca and totally regretted it. It sucks!! First, the mouth is so tiny it would not fit over my travel blow dryer. I tried it on the wall mounted hair dryer in the hotel, still would not fit. Luckily a friend of mine bought her blow dryer that had one of those rectangle shaped attachments and it fit over that. Second, the air didn’t flow through as effective as my other one and it took about 1 1/2 for my hair to dry. I really do not recommend this attachment.

Jamie Backus, MN

Wow what a great buy!!!!

What a great product it’s light weight and so easy to use.I didn’t want a big hair dryer..and this one attaches to my hand held blow dryer just like the picture shows.It comes In an easy small storage bag…I put conditioner on my hair sit the dryer in my table…read a magazine..and it’s dry.My hair is so soft because the softhood is better for drying your hair instead of the hot heat from your regular blow dryer.

Laurel Clements, MN

Queen Dija

I super love this attachment. It fits my blow dryer and it is comfortable. It came when it said it would and it is affordable. I would recommend to others.

Colleen Campbell, MO