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This amazing styling stand holds hair dryer, leaving both hands free for styling with brush and comb. It’s the third hand you always needed! Adjusts from 27″ to 36″ for use on the floor or counter top. Includes a Velcro strap to secure odd sized hair dryers, too! Height adjustable from 27″ to 36″ Flexible neck bends to any angle Velcro strap to secure odd sized hair dryers Easily style front and back Ideal for drying nails!

Key features

  • Ship cost for additionals is only $3.00!

Honest reviews


A revelation in styling!

I love this thing and I wish I had bought one sooner…I would have eliminated so much styling frustration! I recently got my hair cut into an A line bob and getting the hang of styling it has been a feat. Juggling a blow dryer and different sized round brushes while trying to style the shortest lengths of my hair has been a misery. This stand cuts back on so much styling time and makes styling more enjoyable and efficient. It does take some getting used to to get the right angle, but once you do, styling is a piece of cake.The base is weighted and I haven’t had any trouble with it falling over (and I have the bars full extended so my blow dryer points downward to eliminate frizz). The blow dryer sits pretty securely in the clip with the double-sided Velcro tape wrapped around the handle. My Helix by Hot Tools blow dryer is pretty lightweight though, so if you have a dryer that’s on the heavier side or has a long nozzle, or if you use attachments…you might have some issues with maintaining the right angle with the bending arm.

Bonita Grand Chenier, LA

Top heavy

It was hard to get it assembled. Even then, I couldn’t adjust the height. So I adjusted me to fit the stand. It actually worked pretty good for about two weeks. Then I turned my head and the dryer fell off and broke the stand. All gone now. Just another piece of broken plastic taking up space.

Freda Macedonia, IA

Hands Free

Love this stand. Been looking for another good one for years, and finally found this one. Great for hands free drying, and if you have long hair, and use a round brush….this is for you. Fits most dryers, and keeps the dryer off the vanity. Great for styling. Also if you have problems with shoulder, or arms, then even better. When I had shoulder surgery, this saved me. I was able to dry my own hair. I use it everyday.

Edna Hebron, KY


I didn’t know that it had to be a light weight blow dryer. tried to get this to hold my blow dryer & apparently my blow dryer is too heavy & it won’t hold it, keeps tipping over. NOT a good purchase!!

Ola Pep, NM


the expensive one I purchased at Sally’s fell apart after several years so I had to replace it. This looked similar but it is NOT like the one I purchased a few years ago. This is made of very cheap thin aluminum and I can’t get the pieces together. It comes with 2 screws but the holes are not large enough to screw in so maybe Heman can come and put this together for me. it’s a cheap piece of crap lol. All of that could be forgiven BUT when I put my hair dryer in it, the whole thing tips over. It’s not the base that is the problem it’s the "flexible hose" part is not strong enough …I REALLY need to start reading these reviews….

Sonya Oliver, GA

Did the job, but wasn’t what I had hoped it would be

I ordered the first one, it was missing parts. Couldn’t figure out how to put it together and there were no instructions. Ordered a second one and it arrived with all the parts. It worked, but was not easy to adjust the height. So for me, had to get the height correct then leave it alone. Kind of defeated the purpose since I have long hair.I used it after shoulder surgery. Glad to have had it, but something wall mounted and easy to adjust probably would have worked better for me.

Valarie Burnside, IL

Helpful but flimsy

This product does make it easier to blow dry and style hair. However, the stand is somewhat flimsy. The screws that connect components are small and easily stripped so be sure to use the correct screw driver the first time you attempt to connect the parts. The screws are somewhat hidden in the packaging so use caution when removing the packaging. The product is not intended for large and heavy hair dryers. I have a pretty small hair dryer and the top of the unit, which is flexible, often lags under the weight of the hair dyer. I love the concept of this unit, but it could have been constructed much better.

Jade Gualala, CA

Mmm.. It gets the job done!

well first let me tell you that I’m happy with the product, but it is definitely really cheap made. I have a professional hair dryer, it is quite big and thick and it barely holds it. I have to place something behind the stand so it doesn’t fall off while i’m drying my hair.I place it is high as I can and I just brush with a paddle brush til my hair is completely dry and it looks like I just straighten my hair with a flat iron.Not in love with the quality but I love the idea of not burning my fingers while I blow dry my hair and I made it work. If you have a smaller dryer I don’t see yourself having an issue.

Tanisha Ida, LA