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Hair Cutting Scissors Precision 3-piece Barber Shears Set

The 3 Pc Barber’s Shear Set includes: 5.5″ Barber Shears, 6.5″ Barber Shears, and 6.5″ Salon Thinning Shears. Cutting your children’s hair at home is convenient and saves money, but to do the job right, you need the right tools. This 3 piece Barbers Shears set gives you will give you the professional tools at an affordable price. Barber Shears in two sizes for perfectly balanced trimming and cutting, plus Salon Thinning Shears for layering and texturing hair. Durable stainless steel with easy grip ‘pinkie guard’ handles.

Key features

  • Hair Cutting Scissors Precision 3-piece Barber Shears Set
  • Save money with your own hair cutting scissors set
  • Easy grip “pinky guard” handles
  • Made from durable stainless steel

Honest reviews


Good value for scissors

After losing scissors on travel, I decided to stop spending a lot on them. These are fine for travel. At home I use more expensive cutters.

Debbie Saint Lucas, IA

DIY hair!

These are great as I cut my own hair now. They are sharp and very high quality so you get a precise cut.

Angelique Lowell, OH

Good, but a little dull

They were a little dull, but overall work pretty well. Invest in a nice sharpening tool and these should work for you.

Kenya Ortley, SD

Self Proclaimed Barber

I have been wanting a good pair of shears to cut my hair for awhile, and I am happy that I found this awesome bundle for little to nothing. The quality is excellent and they work very well, I am thrilled to start cutting some hair. I have natural hair so I tend to do my own trims instead of throwing away money of the salons and its been working well for me. Great buy!

Libby Huntsville, AR

i’m no professional, but….

I did manage to cut my own hair and not only do I still HAVE hair, it doesn’t look like I was attacked by Edward ScissorHands. These shears are nice and sharp, and they didn’t break, or chop my finger off or any of that stuff!! I used the thinning shears (figured I wouldn’t do as much damage that way, since they are toothed rather than flat blades). For the price, they’re spot on!

Antionette Dededo, GU