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Hair Chalk | Metallic Glitter Temporary Hair Color – Edge Chalkers – Lasts up to 3 Days, No Mess, Built in Sealant, 80 Applications Per Stick, Works on All Hair Colors-6 COUNT.

Edge Metallic Glitter Hair Chalks | Temporary Hair Coloring Chalk – The Original Hair Color Chalk Blendable Colors – Lasts 3 days Brand New Edge Hair Chalk Stix. Metallic Sparkle colors all blend into one another creating so many different looks. New Hair Chalk Cream Technology Self Seals in 60 seconds. No need for hair spray. Sets quick and no mess. Each Tube rolls up the vibrant blendable metallic sparkle color and rubs on hair smoothly. All colors blend. Finally a hair chalk that doesn’t get all over your hands. Very vibrant You can curl or flat iron hair with color. Edge Hair Stix are semi permanent and will stay in hair for up to three days. You will receive Gold Glam | Silver Shimmer | Hot Pink | Purple Punk Rock | Blue Turquoise Of The Sea | Green Snake Skin. Change your colors as often as you change your mood. Safe for hair and skin. Non Toxic. Blend one color into another to achieve a blended look. Over 80 Applications Per Stick. Just color into hair and brush. Color will set all on it’s own. You can curl or flat iron hair with color. Blend as many colors into hair as you like. Blend one color into another to achieve a blended look. Temporary Color and Semi Permanent hair color.

Key features

  • 6 Edge Hair Stix Colors In All! Blendable Hair Stix With Easy Applicator *Patent Pending
  • As Seen On The Voice and What The Stars Use – Rainbow Collection | 80 Applications Per Hair Stick
  • 3 new ways to apply in hair directions Showing how to- blend in Braid, bangs, feathers, and layered looks
  • Lasts 3 days in hair or Until Washed Out With Shampoo “no mess”
  • Includes Nice Packaging, Can Be Used In So Many Different Ways, And On All Hair Colors

Honest reviews


Fun, easy, temporary

These look like LARGE soft crayons, not small like other reviewer said. I just picked a small section of my hair and ran the marker across the hair. Then I tried just drawing it on. THEN I read the instructions. Ran a brush thru it, and it blended, appeared less brilliant, but still there. Will try following instructions next time.My hair has just turned gray in the last few years and sooooo boring. These were fun. Got some on my fingers, but just washed it off. A good way to experiment with colors and then shampoo completely out. Perfect for Halloween or party time. Oh, just need an excuse…. Margaritas and blue streaks.

Kasey Greenwell Springs, LA

Lots of fun

I have had lots of fun with this hair chalk. I did my hair in autumn colors for fall and well you get the idea. My favorite colors are red and pink (I have light blonde hair). The colors however get on your fingers as you use them and you really got to soap up to wash it off your hands, so that is why I gave them 4 and not 5 stars. The colors are nice. You need to wet the strand you want to color, once your strands of hair are wet take the chalk color you want and rub it back and forth over the strand to get the amount of color you want. When the color is in the strand you need to spray it to seal the color. IF you dont spray it the color will come off on your hands or clothes, etc. So you cant really work with your hair after the color is in, so you would not be able to say put chalk in hair and then use the straightener or curling iron, or the chalk would get on your styling tool and it will probably not be good for your hair. But if you want to leave your hair natural and add this chalk it works great.

Karen Archbald, PA

only for blond hair

I was shocked since I have a dark long hair, the colors is so feeble!. I don’t recommended for dark hair only for blond I guess!.

Jenny Larkspur, CA


Someone wrote a review saying these were tiny. NOT true, they’re big. I have brown hair looks amazing. Love it! It’s creamy and it goes on very very easily, it just brushes right on. It really couldn’t be any easier. You have to hairspray over it to get it to stay for a few days.

Mindy Edwardsville, AL


This hair chalk goes on very smooth and easy, you hardly have to press at all. I would say it is more like an oil crayon vs. chalk. The hair is a little clumped at first but after a bit, you can comb the strands apart and they separate to blend right in. The color lasted all day in my hair (I wash it everyday) and is going on 3 days in my daughter’s. There is no mess and nothing to do to seal it. I would highly recommend this!

Stacey Madison, NH

Granddaughter loves these

I purchased these for my granddaughter just to have fun with. She had a great time. Clean, easy to use.

Nancy Kennett, MO


These are so much fun! They work really great, even on darker hair. I just wish they made one that actually matched my hair color so I could use it to cover my roots! Fun purchase!

Rosemary Hancock, MD

What fun!

I bought these to try different temporary hair colors to see if I liked any for a more permanent color change down the road. These turned out to be so much fun I’ve been passing them around to friends and we’ve all been playing with them! We’ve had a blast “decorating” each others’ hair and going into town. Sure people stare, they think we’re too old to have funky colored hair but we just don’t care! ( BTW I graduated from these to semi-permanent purple and magenta hair. I absolutely LOVE IT!)These are an excellent way to dip your toe into some fun hair colors and they truly are self-sealing. No need to use hairspray or another sealer to keep the color in. You can put them on lightly for a pastel effect, or use more pressure on a clump of hair for a vibrant effect, it’s up to you. These lasted three days on a friend’s hair, without washing of course.Edit: I forgot to say that I love the fact that these come in a plastic pen. Holding them doesn’t get color all over your hands, joy! The colors themselves are in a creme stick form so no powder dusting all over the place, either.

Sharron Annapolis, IL