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Hair Brush for Women Girls Long Hair / for Blow Drying / Paddle Brush by Bellesha

Matchless quality BelleSha Tangle Free brushes have gentle nylon bristles that can be used on both wet and dry hair without damaging the hair and scalp.

Key features

  • Description: Gentle nylon bristles which will not damage the hair
  • Function: Flat paddle brush for daily brushing, hair drying, blow drying, volumizing, styling
  • Highlights: Easily detangles for a smooth, silky hair. Soft bristles that gently massages your scalp
  • Brush Size: 9×3″; (nylon beads may vary in color)
  • Fit for all: hair types – straight, wavy or curly hair; for women, men

Honest reviews


Granddaughter approved …

My granddaughter spends time with me and one of the hardest parts for her is having her long, fine hair brushed. She screams! What is funny is that she screams when she brushes her own hair. A sensitive scalp.When she saw this, we explored it and compared it to her current brush which is similar in nature. These have shorter bristles (could be a problem) and the plastic in the center where they rest is a lot softer. You can push it in much more gently. And it is wider and flatter than the brush she was using. Still the handle was small enough to hold.She still screamed a couple of times while she brushed her own hair, but not lots of times. And when I checked her hair, all of the tangles were gone. So I’m keeping THIS brush on hand for her to use.I noticed others mentioning the white spots coming off. I examined the brush both before and after, and all were intact. Of course, we were brushing dry hair with a moderate amount of tangling.I received a complimentary sample of the brush to test for my review.

Joy Hall Summit, LA

Gentle Detangling

This brush was great for my eight year old niece, whose hair tangles and gets matted easily. She has naturally curly hair, so this brush works, gently detangling her hair and making it a much less aggravating process for everyone.It is a nice sturdy brush. I knock it a little because this doesn’t work well on hair that is really long and thick, like my niece’s mother. So for finer hair, like that of a child — yes. For thick, coarser hair — no.I received a sample for review.

Letitia Walden, NY

Didn’t work well on my thick, long hair

This BelleSha no tangles brush is lightweight but very sturdy.I used the brush on my hair right after I showered so it was wet and tangled. I was not impressed with the brush’s detangling abilities. It pulled my hair and didn’t get the tangles out. It also lost about a quarter of the little balls off the ends of the bristles. I will say that I have LOTS of thick, long hair.BUT…I had received another BelleSha brush for reviewBelleSha Paddle Brush Violetand it worked great. I reviewed it separately.This no tangles brush did work okay on my hair after it was dry and detangled.NOTE: I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

Lou Sixes, OR

Good Brush For Long Hair – Recommended

This BelleSha Smooth Silky Glowing Hair No Tangles Brush is good quality and works well. Both my son and daughter have very long hair and they both agree that this is a good choice. Here are my observations:+ Wide Head+ Flexible Bristles+ Easy to CleanHighly Recommended!CFHNote: Sample provided to review

Yvette Peaks Island, ME


*Disclosure: I was contacted by a rep for BellaSha and provided a free sample for the purposes of giving my thoughts on it.*Solid plastic handle and frame, in a sing piece design. The bristles are tipped with little balls, as usual, for comfort on the scalp. For added comfort, the bristles are mounted to a flexible membrane, which allows them to contour to the the head better than a brush with fixed position bristles.I keep my hair quite short, which leaves little need for a brush. But I do have a couple of lady friends who let me try it out on them, as well as try the brush itself. For me, I found that the thin flat handle was uncomfortable for holding and brushing. The edges wanted to dig into my hands. Within a few strokes, I noted that some of the little balls at the tip of the bristles had come off, and this continued the more the brush was used. I understand that there will be some wear on an item of the type, but less that one full head brushing seems pretty poor quality to me. The feedback from the ladies was similar to what I’d found. While it was obvious solid, the brush felt insubstantial compared to ones with round handles. The bristles, with or without the balls, didn’t do their job well, as there was discomfort experienced from them. When I got the brush back, a total of four uses (two wet, two dry), about half of those little nibs were gone. When told the price, the girls were less than enthused. "For that? No way!" I’d agree with that, having scouted the local stores for similar. On the plus side, it does make a good wallop on one’s backside.

Jeanette Omaha, NE

Works well with long and thick hair but it broke after a month

This paddle brush has a black finish that is smooth to the touch. It has nylon bristles that are thick and strong. They are flexible enough to be comfortable and not too stiff. They have nylon beads on the ends of the bristles and they feel good on your head. This brush works good even with long and thick hair. For a paddle brush it’s compact and lightweight. The total dimensions including the handle is 9 by 3 inches. This is probably one of the best brushes that I have used recently and I would highly recommend it.Update – After a month of use the entire brush came off the handle.Sample provided for review.

Chelsea Goshen, NH

Does Away With The Tangles But Feels A Bit Flimsey

This review compares two very similar brushes from BelleSha, this one and the BelleSha Paddle Brush VioletBelleSha Paddle Brush Violet.Both are well made and both worked perfectly on my short hair. From what I can tell the bristles used on each brush are almost exactly the same, but with that said on my wife’s much longer hair she had a definite preference for the the BelleSha Paddle Brush VioletBelleSha Paddle Brush Violetsaying it did just as good of a job untangling her hair and felt much better and more substantial in her hand. She also mentioned it also looked better, if you worry about such things in a brush!I don’t think you can go wrong with either, it would just depend if you like the fuller handle and extra weight of the BelleSha Paddle Brush VioletBelleSha Paddle Brush Violetor the smaller handle and lighter feel of this one.I was provided with a sample product for the purposes of doing a fair and honest review.

Shirley Eden Valley, MN

Better than combing!

When I wake up or get out of the shower I always comb my hair since I got this brush I’ve cut down the time it takes to comb to just 8 secs better then the 16 secs with a comb doesn’t seem like a lot but it can be if you are rushing to get out the door

Lourdes Delton, MI

A lightweight, well-designed nylon bristle brush that’s perfect for detangling hair …

This BelleSha no-tangle brush is very lightweight and easy to handle. The beads on the tips of the bristles help separate the hair quite nicely. I don’t have long hair, but by brushing it separates the hair strands, fluffing them up quite nicely. It also feels as if my scalp is being lightly massaged.Nylon bristles are actually supposed to be perfect for detangling hair as they glide through the hair. The entire bed of bristles is slightly rounded with the side and end bristle splaying out slightly.This is a flat paddle brush and is quite comfortable and easy to grasp. There’s also a hole in the end for your convenience should you decide to hang it up. When I press in the center of the brush, the bristles flex and move with the motion, making it perfect for detangling long hair. Children will especially love it when their hair isn’t being pulled by a brush.FEATURES:► Gentle nylon bristles which will not damage the hair► Easily detangles hair► Brush size: 9” x 3”► Nylon beads may vary in color► Weight: 2.9 ouncesAlthough this brush is primarily for detangling long hair I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it for all type of hair. The brush feels quite durable and it would be quite easy to toss it in a bag to head out to the beach (wet hair there!) or to just have on hand when the hair gets slightly windblown.Sample provided for review.

Grace Grandin, ND

For my family, this was a game-changer!

My 8-year-old daughter has beautiful long hair, but she cries almost every time we comb it after the shower. The problem is that the paddle brushes seemed to pull her hair too much and this became a big issue and a dreaded time in our house…But this paddle brush is different. The little splines on the paddle are SUPER-THIN (much thinner than a standard brush). What this did was make it SUPER-EASY for the brush to move through her hair! Now it’s as easy as can be to brush her hair and we don’t dread it anymore.And the best thing is this problem was solved with a pretty inexpensive brush!

Charity Paulding, OH

Very cheap plastic and pulled apart, but I loved how easily it untangled my hair

After using this brush for a week, it was already pulling apart where the pillowed rubber tucks under the hard plastic handle. It was glued in place and there is very little that tucks under the lip of the hard plastic base. I gave a pull–not a hard pull–and the whole brush head came out of the base!Which is unfortunate, because I love how it untangles my medium-length hair. I’ve never had a brush that ran through my hair so quickly and easily. (My hair is fine and just a bit wavy (not curly, not quite straight). I also love the slightly padded base that holds the bristles in place. It gives my scalp a bit of an abrasive “massage” that feels wonderful and stimulating. (I think it is a bit abrasive because the green coating on the tips of the bristles is very uneven….) Before it fell apart, I was liking it better than my Goody brand brush. Maybe I’ll try to glue it back together….I hate how cheap the plastic handle is too: This is as cheap as cheap can be: Thin, dull black, scratches and scuffs so easily; has no padding on the handle and definitely NOT ergonomic.BelleSha makes another brush that is much better constructed. It has the same padded bristles as this one. It is a better buy.*I received a sample product from BelleSha.

Lynne Laredo, TX

A good brush!

I like this productPros:It goes through my hair with ease.I have fine hair tangles easily and this brush untangles without ripping it out.Its comfortable in my handPretty lightweightCons:I have been using it for a few weeks and have nothing bad to say.Just so you know:We received this item free in return for an honest review.I recommend this product as a brush it works quite well.

Rae Englishtown, NJ

Comparing Two BelleSha Brushes: Fancy Name, But Nothing Out-Of-The-Ordinary And Feels Relatively Inexpensive

We had been looking for a solid handled brush that could help eliminate tangling after washing long hair. Our niece stays with us for most of the summer and her mane is super thick and complicated. She’s a beautiful girl, though. I thought I better say that in case she reads this! She hates when nightly brushing tears at her hair and scalp (naturally), and we’ve been looking for the perfect implement that won’t torture her. I received two brushes from BelleSha to try out and, oddly enough, we liked the model that costs less.Smooth Silky Glowing Hair No Tangles Brush (3 stars): Despite the overlong moniker that might convince you this was something special, this is the most basic brush you can purchase. Not particularly comfortable in the hand (too flat), there is nothing unique or proprietary about this standard issue brush. It was fine in pulling through tangles, but you can get something just as good for less at your local drug store or discount retailer.Paddle Brush (4 Stars): For the life of me, I can’t figure out why this is less expensive than the other one! The brush is huge (possibly bordering on too big for some), solidly constructed, and sleekly designed. I don’t know if it was the miracle we were looking for, but it is an effective and attractive hair brush. Seriously, this was nice enough to be given as a gift. We got a violet one and the handle is offset by a bit of chrome which makes it very aesthetically pleasing. KGHarris, 6/14.Note: I was offered a sample of this product in which to provide an honest review.

Billie Echo Lake, CA

Great for Tangles

Bath time has always been a challenge for the girls in my household. We all have very fine hair that tangles easily. When I have to comb out my toddler’s hair, there is always screaming and crying, and even my tween will whine a little. When I would bush my own hair, which is about half way down my back, I would always wind up ripping out patches. But none of these things are a problem anymore, thanks to this awesome brush.This detangling brush that really lives ups to its claims. The bristles remove knots from hair like magic. It doesn’t matter if your hair is curly or straight, thick or thin. This brush can handle anything. And the thick handle is sturdy and the bristles has protective plastic tips. When I used the brush on my toddler, she hardly realized I was even touching her hair, and in just a few strokes, we were done brushing it out. It doesn’t split ends or rip out the knots, yet it somehow untangles even the worst knots. Its amazing, and it has been a life saver in my house.Its a great brush for a great price.Complimentary product received in exchange for an honest review.

Jo Warwick, MA

Six year old says “I like it”

Decided to test this brush with a nine year old who has very long hair. His hair is both thick and LONG.It was able to go through the tangles and curls….to give him what he said was a painless brush job. It worked well even after he washed his hair.It seems to be made to last unlike discount brushes that are just mounted on hard plastic…this one has give to it.BellaSha sent me this to test and review.

Tasha Jefferson, AR

BelleSha Goodbye Tangles Brush – Single piece construction – Inexpensive – Not so comfortable in the hand

This brush is of simple single-piece plastic construction; it may be durable, but its flat, hard handle is not the most comfortable handle to hold while brushing thick hair. Our daughter has long, thick hair that flows about half-way down her back, and is always looking out for a decent brush. This brush just was not very comfortable for her to use, and she probably would not recommend this brush to others with thick hair that needs regular brushing.The Amazon sales listing does not mention any warranty information, and neither does the simple zip-loc style bag that the brush was delivered in. If an issue arises with the brush, I will return here to update the review and let you know what the issue was and how resolution was handled. I did receive this brush gratis from the manufacturer and our daughter put it through its paces to objectively find out how well it performed. My statements here reflect that testing.If you are looking for a hair brush of this size, style and construction, for use as described above, then our daughter would recommend that you give others a try before this one. Her experience with another brush from this manufacturer was vastly better (BelleSha Paddle Brush Violet)

Sydney New England, ND

Nice one

Both me and my daughter used this and great for long hair. It was definitely nice and not rough. Bristles were nice and rigid. Overall very nice brush. The grip was good and easy to handhold. Sample provided.

Luann Fifty Six, AR

large brush.

I received this product for an honest review and here it is. When I first saw this brush I was surprised at the size of it. I decided to use it on my hair and my granddaughters. I wanted to try it on both as mine is shorter and hers is quite long and curly. She went first. I found that the brush did not seem to want to work through her hair, she did a lot of complaining that I was pulling too hard. I got very few tangles out of her hair, and that was with a lot of complaining. Now it was my turn. It seemed to work better on my hair, remember it is not as curly as my granddaughters. However, after several brushes the little blue tips were falling out, now that cannot be a good thing. I say it did okay with my hair, but did pull some, but did take the tangles out. I don’t think it is the best made brush I have ever seen, and I don’t think it does a great job on hair. I’d rate it as one of those so-so products depending on the type of hair you have and the length.

Ethel West Point, IL

Great Detangling Hair Brush For The Money

This is a good brush that will detangle thick hair when is either wet or dry. The brush is relatively light and comfortable to hold in the hand. It does not overly pull or seemingly cause any hair damage or worrisome hair loss. The nylon bristles on the brush I received were red rather than the blue pictured but the base of the brush is the same neutral black as the photograph. This product is not just for detangling but for anytime hair needs a quick brushing. I received this free from the manufacturer in exchange for a truthful review.

Rosanna Waterville, ME

Great Brush

I shave my head daily with a razor, so I have no need of a brush, but I’ve got a female friend with near waist length, super thick hair, who I knew would make a good test subject, so I accepted the offer to review the brush.My friend absolutely loves the brush. She said it’s one of the few she’s used that doesn’t get stuck and pull out hair. What more does a brush need to do?I reviewed another BellaSha brush that had an initial bad odor, and gave that one four stars. This brush performs as well and is nearly identical in shape and size, but didn’t have the chemical odor of the other brush, thereby earning five stars.

Maria Amity, AR

Dollar-store quality

I have fine, slightly wavy hair. It painlessly removed my tangles from sleeping, but caused so much static electricity I had to spray it with Static Guard. Very cheap, dollar store quality brush. A little too large so it feels awkward to use. Not impressed. ~~~~item received at no charge for my review~~~~

Marguerite Pine River, MN