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GUERLAIN SHALIMAR Initial Women Eau De Parfum Spray, 3.4 Ounce

Buy Guerlain Perfumes – Shalimar Parfum Initial by Guerlain for Women 3.4 oz Eau de Parfum Spray

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  • Design House:Guerlain
  • Product:Shalimar Parfum Initial

Honest reviews


Not the Shalimar you love!!!

I didn’t notice the name of the perfume. Shalimar has been my signature perfume most of my life. This is NOT that Shalimar, look at the title "Shalimar INITIAL" it looks the same, is packaged the same but it is NOT the same, it is awful. Very expensive lesson for me. This scent is not a pleasant smelling perfume and is NOTHING like regular Shalimar. Even the free hand creme smelled so bad I threw it out. Has an unpleasant chemical smell. Don’t order, it is a waste of your money. An expensive lesson for me. Reordered the right one. Unfortunately wasted $50 during the whole process. 🙂

Kelsey Elk Horn, IA

Beautiful, Unique Fragrance

Shalimar Initial, in my opinion, smells completely unique from Shalimar. Personally, I do not care for the scent of Shalimar at all. Shalimar Initial attracted my eye because of the beautiful bottle and pink color of the liquid. It looked very soft, mysterious, flirtatious and old-fashioned in a classic way. The fragrance matched the bottle to my delight! Shalimar Intitial is a light, warm fragrance which clusters to the body as you go about your day. I find several squirts last me for hours…at least 5-6 hours. And yes, I can apply this liberally without overwhelming any passersby. As I mentioned before this is a light, soft fragrance that has a gentleness as it’s characteristic as well as refinement. In my imagination I see a young Victorian woman Gibson girl-like, with a rich oak vanity. Atop the vanity is an ornate crystal bottle containing this fragrance of which she applies to her neck and hair each day. She’s a young woman with a busy life and yet the pace of her life is much slower than we know in modern times. She walks a little slower to admire the flowers as she takes her morning walks in the countryside. She accepts the sensation of cool raindrops on her cheek and delights in watching the flames flicker in the fireplace as she sips her cup of tea. This perfume reminds of a time where things were simpler, yet no less exciting and when the moments of life were savored. This fragrance smells very old to me and yet young all at once.

Mercedes Camas Valley, OR

Great As A Gift!

I bought this for my mother as a gift. She loves Shalimar. It has a scent that lasts a long time. You only need a spray or two. My mother says she has to spray it and walk into it because it’s so strong. It will last her a long time.

Alta Lexington, TN


I am a perfume fanatic and this is a perfume you MUST buy! The dealer is authentic and I love the way this perfume smells!

Suzanne Annandale, MN

Shalimar Parfum Initial

I love Shalimar, so I thought I’d try this other fragrance by Guerlain. I’m so glad I did. It is simply beautiful. A little goes a long way and it lasts for eons.Ignore the bad reviews from the confused consumers who thought they were purchasing Shalimar. I guess they didn’t read the description.

Shelley Quinnesec, MI