Gud Orange Petalooza Natural Nourishing Shampoo, 12 Fluid Ounces

This shampoo will leave your hair clean and fragranced with refreshing scents of zesty citrus and sweet floral. The rich, fragrant Gud Orange Petalooza Natural Nourishing Shampoo cleanses hair gently and naturally with botanicals leaving your hair with a healthy-looking shine. Gentle enough for daily use. Formulated with zero parabens, phthalates or petrolatum and never tested on animals. Thrill your senses with the other Orange Petalooza scented body and hair products. Look, smell and feel good with Gud.

Key features

  • 12 fluid ounce bottle of scented natural shampoo
  • Zesty citrus and sweet floral scented hair shampoo
  • Natural botanicals and rich lather for shiny, nourished hair
  • Formulated with zero parabens, phthalates and petrolatum and never tested on animals
  • Follow with Orange Petalooza Natural Softening Conditioner for natural hair care

Honest reviews



We used this shampoo and conditioner and it dried our hair out completely! I had breaks outs too but didn’t think much of it till I saw the other reviews. =( So disappointed. My hair went from being really soft to being dry and coarse. My moms hair went from being curly to a ball of frizz. No good.

Shawna Monsey, NY

Find a Different Natural Shampoo

I was so disappointed with this shampoo – especially because I am a fan of many of their other products. The description says the product is “foamy,” but I experienced no foam, even washing my hair twice. And YES, sulfate-free shampoos CAN foam (I own many others that do). My hair did not feel clean at all. It was gross, as if I had run my hair under plain water & attempted to pass it off as “clean.” Also, the product in the bottle did not leave any of that nice fragrance on my hair. The coordinating conditioner was even worse (I wrote a review on that too). There are other sulfate-free, natural, and/or organic shampoos out there that are dramatically better.

Leanna Phelps, KY

Wish I could give it more stars..

I really, really think this stuff smells phenomenal. Especially the Conditioner! But the Shampoo just did not perform as expected. It didn’t feel very moisturizing and I don’t feel like it added much softness to my hair like the Conditioner did. If anything, find a different Shampoo and just buy the Conditioner. I know a Shampoo’s number one function is not to drastically moisturize but still…it could have been better!

Elvira Sergeantsville, NJ


Smells very nice, like cherry trees in the spring. It cleans hair well. I like the ingredient list, without any harsh chemicals. Great price too!

Elisha Jack, AL

Nice smell

This is a nice shampoo.a little runny,but it smells good too. I like this and would buy it again too.

Eva Madeline, CA

Two thumbs up

This shampoo is pretty great. I just finished up the entire bottle and the smell was so wonderful, I may be rebuying this one again (and I really like switching bath and body products up every time they run out so this is a pretty big deal for me).I really enjoyed the conditioner as well. I still have about 40% of the conditioner left because I only had to use a small amount of it every time I washed my hair. The smell is really intense and stayed with me for about two days!I also highly recommend the vanilla flame body splash. Amazing! And I’m really not too crazy about anything too vanilla.

Gretchen Lopez, PA

Orange Petalooza

I live in a rural area and have somewhat hard well water. I mention this because it’s been my experience that the water you use can significantly impact how well or poorly hair care products work, especially shampoo and conditioners.I loved the scent of this shampoo. Very refreshing without being cloying. I also liked that it’s thinner in consistency than most shampoos so was very easy to work through my long hair.Another nice thing about this shampoo is the bottle. It has a nice, easy to handle shape and I love the tops where you just press on one side and the opposite side tilts up to let you dispense the shampooWhat I didn’t like was that it stripped my hair. Maybe part of the fault was my water but after using it I had to apply copious amounts of detangler in order to brush my hair out and it took a long time to detangle it all. For that reason, I won’t be using this shampoo again. However, my husband who has short hair thought it was fine so I’m glad we won’t be wasting it.

Kaitlyn Reserve, LA

smells great

This shampoo my fiancee bought, she she’s it smell great, but doesn’t leave her hair feeling clean like other shampoos do.

Kristina Willow Hill, IL

I agree with other reviewers that it smells amazing. Our family has not experienced stripping of our hair.

As everyone has said: This shampoo smells absolutely amazing. When my daughter uses it to wash her hair, the pleasant scent lasts until the next day. When used with the conditioner, her hair does not seem stripped at all. In fact, her frizzy hair ends up being tamed. My wife says her hair looks “calm and pretty.”I have used the shampoo and conditioner myself, and I find that after using it my hair also smells wonderful. I have not experienced any stripping, but find my hair to be healthy looking and easy to manage.I recommend this product. However, we purchased ours from our local Kroger for much less than the price listed on Amazon.

Vonda Stanford, CA