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Grisi Sulfur Soap with Lanolin for Acne – 2 Pack


Key features

  • Treatment of Acne and Pore cleanser
  • 2 Sulfur SOAP

Honest reviews


Great soap

I purchased this soap to see if it would help with excessive oil/shine due to the hot/humid climate of Florida. I have to say since I have been using this product I have really noticed a difference. I use it once a day and follow up with a light moisturizer (it is a bit drying to the skin). It is great for break outs my skin has been pretty clear and a lot less shiny since I started using it.

Estela Collegeville, MN

does the job

Clears up my skin, makes it squeaky clean. Sometimes I can only leave it on for 3 minutes before washing it off, directions call for 10 minutes. I don’t notice there is a difference if I just do the 3 minutes rather than the 10. Great soap though and is lasting a while. The lather is so nice. I don’t mind the smell, I kind of like it.

Sara Burdett, KS

best soap I’ve ever used

Very Good product. Although it smells of sulfur,it’s an excellent soap for taking care of skin. This soap will definitely dry up any acne or bacteria. Just beware because it will dry up your whole face. I highly recommend this soap if you have any skin issues or problems.

Pearlie Whiting, KS

Really works!

I think that is really help my skin, specially the acne! I also use some other products (including intake, clean body…). But I think it is a really good product for acne.

Wanda Diamond, OR

Only use this soap on body acne.

Be advised to only using this soap on your body acne and not your face acne. When I used this on my face it caused a very odd breakout pattern. There were small bumps everywhere. These bumps did not go away for several months and eventually turned into blackheads.

Queen Chester, IA