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Grisi Natural Mother Of Pearl Soap, 3.4 oz

Grisi Mother of Pearl soap helps to vanish freckles, dark spots and age spots. Its exclusive Humederm cream moisturizes and returns the skin to its natural and smooth appearance.

Key features

  • Helps to vanish freckles, dark spots and age spots
  • Natural and Moisturizing
  • For all skin types

Honest reviews


Mother of Pearl Soap is Lovely

Although many people do not recommend soap for cleansing the face, there are times that using creamy cleansers or other types of face washes won’t do, and I want to feel the clean of plain soap and water but without drying my skin. This soap does not have harsh irritants. It is the only cleanser in bar from that does not dry out my skin. It’s a lovely off white or soft beige color with the words “Pearl” carved on the front of the bar. It leaves me feeling refreshed and my skin looking nice. I definitely use a moisturizer afterwards but a few times I did not just to see how my face felt. It did not feel dry or tight. Don’t let the price fool you. It’s a lovely soap for the face and body. It rinses clean without leaving a residue. I recommend this product.

Gayle Fajardo, PR

Grisi Natural Mother of Pear Bar Soap with Humederm – 3.5oz

The Grisi Natural Mother of Pear Bar Soap with Humederm – 3.5oz is an excellent soap to use on your face. I have sensitive skin and really like the properties of this particular brand because it leaves my skin soft and supple. I highly recommend this purchase for those with sensitive skin.

Meagan Bucksport, ME

It Works for me, it will work for you!

This product works together with the skin moisturizer as well. Can be used as a skin lightner for all over, not just for your face.

Mable Tallapoosa, MO

Good soap for a low price

I love to buy soap, but unfortunately I am sensitive to some of the scents. This soap doesn’t bother me, works well and can be purchased at a reasonable price.

Pamala Kenilworth, NJ

Good soap

Got the soap to lighten my underarms and i was surprised as weeks went by that it actually helped abit as I shower every night and used it every day. It helped but nothing crazy so don’t be expecting miracles. I only used it for my underarms not the body so I don’t know if its a good regular soapBTW, fast shipping to KS

Lupe Menlo, WA


This soap is smooth, suds well and does not leave a residue. Teamed up with the bleach cream, it makes you feel great.

Iva Phillipsport, NY