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Gratiae Organics Aha Cleansing and Peeling Foam, 5.1 Ounce

GRATiAE Organic AHA Cleansing and Peeling Foam is a mild, yet effective purifying foam that is recommended for all skin types. The creamy lather clears away impurities and dead skin cells and even removes excess surfaces oils. The foam is enriched with AHA and certified organic plant extracts for gentle exfoliating and improving the water balance of the cells. It leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth, clean, and bright. GRATiAE Organic is committed not only to seeking and sustaining organic and natural materials, but also to using all our planet’s resources wisely. We use “Responsibly Wild Crafted” herbs which are harvested with minimal environmental impact and are replanted with long-term sustainability in mind. In addition, we’re focused on Holistically balanced products which keep the plant constituents in a state of “natural wholeness” without adulterating any “naturally-occurring bonds”. (This kind of product is achieved utilizing a proprietary cold extraction process .) Holistically Balanced products enable us to maintain a focus on the whole plant and the synergistic action of all of the constituents in the plant as created by Nature. All Gratiae products are cruelty- free, not tested on animals, and they come in packaging that’s recyclable. GRATiAE Organics… Created by Nature, Perfected by Science.

Key features

  • Creamy Lather clears away impurities, dead skin cells, and excess surface oils, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth, clean and bright. Good for all skin types
  • Recommended for all skin types
  • Contains “Three Graces” thermo mineral water as a superior source of minerals and trace elements to promote cell renewal
  • Contains certified organic Avena Sativa which is of great benefit to the skin and has been successfully used for the treatment of skin problems and disorders such as acne, eczema, dermatitis, and shingles
  • Certified and Organic. Cruelty Free- Not tested on animals.

Honest reviews


Great Prouduct

I use this along with the gratiae scrub cleanser and the Cleansing Lotion. I have a regimen I use – the lotion cleanser every morning, the scrub cleanser two times a week and this one a few times a week. My skin is oily and all the products feel great on my skin and do not make it oily. In fact my face is less oily and more balanced since using these products. A little of this goes a long way. If you pust the pump half way that usually is a perfect amount for face and neck and chest area. It smells good and highly recommend it. It will make you peel, I used it for about two weeks everyday when I first got it and I did peel but once that stopped my skin looks the best it has.

Elise Fairview, OR

Love it!

Makes my face so soft after using, foams up nicely and smells good. Makes me wash my face as often as I should.

Sheri Perth, ND

Love Gratiae

This cleanser does what it says. But is is not a very strong exfoliator. I prefer the fruit acid peels over AHA cleansers. But I love Gratiae I just dont prefer this cleanser over vivo per lei. I still use it though and it can overdry your face a little

Aline Lacona, IA

for oily skin

This was a little to drying for my skin, but excellant for my teenager. She loved it and wouldn’t be with out it now that she has tried it. Can’t beat Amazons prices anywhere!

Jacquelyn New Salem, IL

gratiae Peeling Foam

Found your website and was elated to find the products at such good prices after my daughter and I were robbed at a local Gratiae store in Perimeter Mall in Atlanta. We needed to practically take out a loan for the products we bought there. Thank you so much for the great values.

Kellie Hammond, IN

Good Cleaner

Skin felt clean and refreshed I like the form it wasn’t too harsh or drying to the skin. Good product

Dessie Cary, NC