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Gratiae Lifting Facial Serum

Providing the ultimate luxury in skin-care, this unprecedented formula of concentrated active ingredients with organic oils helps to transform your skin in seconds from being saggy, tired, and dull to being lifted, refreshed, and radiant. This serum is a superior, fast-acting fluid, which goes beyond lifting and assists in firming, revitalizing, boosting cell renewal, and bringing back youthful contours.

Key features

  • Light, easily absorbed, fast-acting, effective serum
  • Nourish and moisturize your skin
  • New formula with a remarkable face-lifting effect
  • Anti-Aging

Honest reviews


Wonderful Product Line!

I began using this product and this product line at the beginning of 2012. So far, I have zero regrets!In fact, I love this product! I also love that it is all natural and does not contain any cancer causing elements, it does not clog the pores, and it works well with the Gratiae lifting moisturizing cream! In addition, I prefer to use both products by applying the lifting serum first and then the moisture cream. That is my night regimen.Also, the lifting serum might seem “greasy” at first touch, but I assure you that, it is not and it soaks into the skin nicely. I was pleasantly surprised by the absorption rate.As well, I think the bottom line for me is the ingredients and the effect they have on the dermal layers. After all, they are finding parabens in cosmetic products are possibly linked to cancer. The truth is any chemical that bio-accumulates should warrant concern. Therefore, it is good to find a product line without such a caustic ingredient. Yay for Gratiae!Moreover, I have spent a fortune on more expensive product lines such as lancome and others. If your pocket book allows for expensive treatments than great for you, but I find when it comes to topical treatments that, it is foolish to buy high priced products. Think of it this way, smearing a cream on the surface of the skin is hardly as effective as an injection; so if you truly have deep wrinkles, it might be time for a “procedure” instead of a moisturizer. I mention this because I read reviews from some folks, and it is clear that, they are looking for a miracle in a jar. That is not possible, aging is inevitable, and you must consider the appropriate treatment for the condition. A moisturizer does not make a 50 year old woman look 20, period. A moisturizer reduces signs of aging to a minimal degree only. So be realistic about your skin care and your expectations.As a side note! It is wise to ponder how you eat and whether you are drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, exercising, and not over-doing the caffeine consumption. All of those things do contribute to the quality of your skin. Just a kindly reminder, as I say, because too often folks rely solely on a topical cream to fix what is actually occurring internally. Cheers!

Jeri Rugby, TN

Nice but not a miracle worker

So far I’ve not found any lotions or potions, or serums…no matter the brand, no matter the cost…that live up to all the claims. This facial serum smells delicious, glides on and in 30 seconds or so, soaks into my skin…then I apply moisturizer or night cream. It takes 3 or 4 minutes for my face to absorb it all. Daytime with moisturizer use, I can then apply mineral powder makeup with brushes and all is well. Nothing sticky as you might expect. Overall, it is a good skin treatment…I’ll soon be 71, so my youthful oily face is now generally dry, so younger skin might need this only on the cheeks and perhaps the neck. Take care of your neck ladies…Crow’s feet are a minor issue in my opinion. the ‘jowls’ and cheeks, plus your neck down to your throat and below all need care…a lesson learned through experience, lol.

Kerri Dyer, AR

My error

I ordered this product in error, but decided to try it. It worked wonderfully! I saw a difference in even my neck skin, around my under eye area, and smile lines.

Janna Jackson, NE

I like this stuff

I had never used this serum before and I wasn’t able to get my usual Premier product, so I tried this. I love it. It is very nourishing and moisturizing.

Lindsey Asbury Park, NJ

I just love the feeling!

GRATiAE is a wonderful product line. I love using the products every day knowing it is organic and makes me feel great. I have used their products for a year now and highly recommend their line to anyone who likes to pamper your skin and feel good about how you look. When you put it on it feels like it will be greasy but it is not and absorbs into your skin leaving it feeling smooth and silky. I have tried lots of other brands of skin care you find at high-end department stores and have not been pleased with the results. GRATiAE is my go to from now on. I am very happy with the fact I found it here on Amazon! Thanks!!

Francine Sedgwick, AR