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Grandpas Pine Tar Soap 4.25 Ounce Bar

Grandpa’s Brands Soap Pine Tar 4.25 Oz Body Soaps at HerbsCity store.

Key features

  • Large 4.25 oz Bar
  • Signature Pine Tar Scent
  • Cleans, moisturizes and deodorizes
  • For bathing, showering, shaving and shampooing
  • No added colors or fragrances

Honest reviews


Soap smells horrendous

I picked up 183 Pine Tar Soaps (4.25 Ounces) at a going out of business sale. I thought I was getting a good deal.Turns out the Soap smells horrendous and caused me to gag and itch all over when I used it on my [blank]. I had to toss all of them out.If you are prone to skin allergies or aroma allergies, don’t get this one.

Kaye Pearisburg, VA

Works wonders for skin conditions, the smell is not that bad

The soap smells pretty good if your idea of “pretty good smells” includes “lumber yard”. But this stuff is fantastic for a variety of skin conditions, my dermatologist recommends it. You do get used to the odor after a bit, and once you’ve used it the lingering scent is not bad enough to freak out your co workers or cause false bomb alerts at airports. Leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed.

Brooke Keenes, IL

Not a bad soap, if you can get past the smell…

Let me start by saying that I KNEW this soap had a very unique smell, described by other reviewers as being similar to a campfire. I thought that would be fine, since I love camping and campfires. Unfortunately, the soap I received smells nothing like a campfire; rather, it smells like a pile of burning tires. Or like burning garbage. (Having grown up in the country, I know what both of those things smell like.)Anyway, despite the awful smell, I tried using this soap several times. Contrary to what is written on the packaging, it did not lather white; the lather was more of a brownish-yellow. Fortunately it didn’t seem to leave any discoloration on my skin. But the main reason that I won’t be using this soap again is because the smell stayed on my skin for a very long time… 8+ hours. I could have lived with the brown lather and the nasty smell IF the smell had not stayed on my skin… but there is no way I’m going to go out in public smelling like a trash fire. Not gonna happen!I really, really wanted to like this soap. I’ve been searching for something that would help with acne and seb derm, and this soap seems to get a lot of good reviews from folks with those conditions. I’m wondering if the manufacturer changed the formula or something, because the soap I received is just nasty and is not like the soap described in the other reviews.Anyway, give it a try, but be prepared to smell like ashes and cinders.

Elnora Byrnedale, PA


I bought my husband a ton of different man soaps for Christmas. This one was an impulse buy on Amazon. I bought him at least four other different brands, and this was, by far, my least favorite. I don’t think it smells good, and the smell is STRONG. If I left it out, it would stink up the whole room. The other pine tar soaps I bought didn’t bother me like this one did. If I’d bought it at a regular store, I probably would have taken it back (or better yet, not have bought it to begin with). I had to put it in a zipper bag when I got it, so it wouldn’t stink up the house and so he wouldn’t know what it was. I reluctantly gave it to him, and I’m not looking forward to him actually using it. Additionally, when I received it, the box was all mashed up and open, so the soap never stayed in there correctly. This is my least favorite purchase from Amazon in a long time.

Nannie Camp Wood, TX

Does work wonders!

I’m pregnant and early on in my pregnancy, I developed PUPPPS. It’s the most awful rash ever and there’s no way to stop the spreading. I did some research and found a lot of women tried this soap. First, it’s not that bad smelling. If you’re used to musk, fruit, and flowery scents, it’ll get a minute to get used to. But besides that, it’s a very good soap that gets the job done. I noticed an improvement in my skin over a week later and my symptoms were completely gone within three weeks on just one bar. I imagined if I used two bars, the symptoms would’ve disappeared even sooner.Get this soap. It’s well worth the money and you won’t regret it.

Lidia Carnesville, GA

Soap smells horrendous

I picked up 183 Pine Tar Soaps (4.25 Ounces) at a going out of business sale. I thought I was getting a good deal.Turns out the Soap smells horrendous and caused me to gag and itch all over when I used it on my [blank]. I had to toss all of them out.If you are prone to skin allergies or aroma allergies, don’t get this one.

Jaime Hoffman, MN

Great for Scalp–Gets Rid of Dandruff

yes, yes, it can happen to the best of us (and I cringe as I say this) –dandruff.this gets rid of it. sure, if you’re a female like me it will leave you smelling like a pine tree but it gets the work done. just work in some nicely scented conditioner after and you’ll be fine.great price, easy to travel with and it does the job. good stuff.

Ila Richey, MT

Great soap

Smells a bit like bacon or jerky, definitely not for the fru fru girls bathroom, but for the man cave it’s great. Great lather, excellent cleaning and clearing up/preventing of psoriasis issues

Karen Greenview, IL

Great soap

My husband and I both love this soap. If you think it’s just for men, think again. The scent is very clean and the soap suds up really well. If you are looking for a new soap to use, then this one is worth a try!

Adelaide Morrisville, VT

Lather and a Half!

Holy smokes! This soap is magnificent. Talk about lather! Smells like reality too. I recommend it highly for the shampooing of long beards. I’ll never go back… Can’t even remember what I’d go back to…

Ada Lincolnwood, IL

Great stuff

I bought this stuff because I have a number of skin issues. Admittedly, it smells like a smokey fire, but this stuff works! Totally has cleared up my eczema, and I don’t even need to use moisturizer any more – and after only 3 uses. I don’t like taking a bunch of medicines, and this stuff is so effective that I don’t need to use many of them any more.I would use this even if I didn’t have so many skin issues – it leaves my skin moist and smooth, but not greasy. It’s better than even a good moisturizer.I guess you could argue that this stuff is a bit expensive, but when you consider that it really replaces moisturizer (for me), then it is cost-effective – and that’s without factoring in prescriptions.Highly recommended.

Marcy Campbellsville, KY

helps my skin conditions

This product smells like a campfire and if you are in to the outdoors, you may like the smell. I use it for my eczema rash and for my PUPPS rash pre delivery. It worked pretty well.

Sylvia Pineland, FL

Great on psoriasis

I have patchy inflamed skin and after the first few uses my skin has calmed down a lot. Hopefully it will help clear up my skin totally.

Tommie Holdingford, MN

Good soap

A good, solid clean, especially for pregnant bellies where itchy skin is an issue. Clean, non-irritating. The scent doesn’t bother me, even though it is strong, it’s not a fakey perfumey smell. I’ve been using it for quite a while.

Dolores Greenfield, OH

Great Soap

I bought this soap to help out with my son’s psoriasis and it works. It does have that tar smell in which I do not mind and neither does he. As long as it gets the job done to loosen and remove those scales.

Jolene Hobucken, NC

works like wonders

My daughter is suffering from eczema. Her skin turns red and is scratching tremendously. We have been to different Dermatologist but it doesn’t eliminate it for good. I then tried researching ways of how to get rid of it without hurting my pocket and found this. I saw the difference within 3 days of using it. The smell is awful but I dont care since my priority is for eczema to be gone. After 2 weeks of religiously using it, the eczema is totally gone. I will definitely buy this again.

Kay Bynum, NC

good product

I got this for a friend and he seems to like the way the soap works. It does smell but he said it is working slowly. The service from the seller was super good and fast

Nadine Brecksville, OH

If you’ve got dry skin, this is for you

If you’ve got dry skin that has problems with shedding, eczema, or icthyosis, this is the best soap you can use. I bought the shea butter one too, but found this one most effective and moisturizing. It’s the best soap you can use for icthyosis.

Sasha Mount Pleasant, MS

Love this soap

I have been using this for years. It doesn’t smell like flowers but the trade off is that it does not dry your skin and is good for a lot of skin issues.

Marjorie Broadford, VA

it was alright

i can’t really remember why i bought this. i have psoriasis and i must have read this was good for it and bought it on a didn’t help my psoriasis, but it was a pretty good soap for general use i would say?

Brandie Alum Bank, PA

Helpful for PUPPs

If you have PUPPs, I am so sorry. I’ve been there. So bad that when my husband was putting steroid cream on me, I turned around and he was actually crying. My midwife at one checkup called the doctor and didn’t realize she left the door open a crack and I heard her say, “I’ve never seen it this bad! Ever!” So yeah. Bad. And it can last for a few weeks after you deliver (mine did) which I didn’t know until my doula told me — so in the end I’m glad I didn’t get induced early, but I certainly considered it. A lot. The oral steroids which I held off until week 38 (I wasn’t sleeping much by then so there was not much choice) did help a ton, but before then this soap helped (although it was terribly drying so use a very rich bath oil and cream afterwards). And to sleep a few hours I actually would take a hot bath scrubbing with a brush and this soap — which would make the itch worse (the theory is, when that much histamine is released all at once, your body then fights it for a few hours at least) and that is how I was able to sleep. But I don’t recommend it unless you’re about to lose your tentative grip on reality. The steroid cream really did nothing (but make my husband cry lol). The oral steroids were amazing and I’m glad I waited so long because my DD has no ill effects. I also have NO scarring despite my itching in my sleep wherever I could reach. So it will not last and you will barely remember it a year or more down the road. And even though mine lingered in a few areas after delivery, it was nowhere near as bad as week 35-38! Hang in there, Momma! Try this. And try to remember, it does get better!

Ruby Westford, VT