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Grandelash GrandeLASH-MD

Grand lash MD eyelash and eyebrow formula 2ml, clinically tested. Vitamins, peptides, and amino acids. Conditions lashes.

Key features

  • This breakthrough technology will help to give you amazing looking eyelashes.
  • Results in 30-40 days
  • 89% saw definitive improvement
  • Clinically tested^Vitamins, peptides, and amino acids^Conditions lashes and brow

Honest reviews


Great Product!! Really works!!

Great Product!! My lashes look amazing! I highly recommend this product! I have tried many brands of lash enhancers and this one a long with Li Lash are the two I feel work the best.

Doreen Decatur, GA

my eyelash savior

Five years ago I ripped just about every single lash out (my first time using fake eyelashes). My (once) thick eyelashes have barely grown back and they were SO sparse. That is…until I discovered Grandelash MD. One of my friends who works at a high end salon sells Grandelash to her clients. She recommended I try it–and I’m not going to lie I was desperate for anything to grow my eyelashes back! Her salon sold it for over $100 (which is why you should obviously buy on Amazon for HALF the price).You are instructed to use one dip for each eye (apply to the top lid and the bottom). I will say that the first couple weeks of using this product SEVERELY irritated my eyes. They were dry & itchy–but nothing that a bottle of over the counter eye drops can’t fix. I was skeptical and saw no change the first few weeks.However-then I hit the month mark and my eyelashes started to look thicker, fuller, and darker. I continued to use this religiously every night, and the irritation also began to subside.I first started using this product in July–it is now October. After 4 months my eyelashes look INCREDIBLE. Sometimes I don’t even wear mascara and people have asked me if I have fake eyelashes on (never again!!!). I have also noticed that Grandelash has made my eyelashes thicker. I used to rub my eyes or wash my face and lose SO many lashes!! My lash loss is at an all time low. I even began to use this on my eyebrows and they turned darker (in a noticeable, yet subtle way).I cannot say enough good things about this product–it’s truly a lifesaver. I’m back to write a review and order my 3rd bottle of Grandelash. (2 bottles lasted me 4 months–however after 2 months I started to skip a few days here and there). I’d say a bottle should last you around a month and a half. Seriously- $50 is NOTHING for a product that truly works.As I mentioned earlier, the only downside is the initial use is pretty much guaranteed to irritate your eyes. I wear contacts regularly and switched to my glasses for a few weeks. It burns like hell if it gets in your contacts. Plus, wearing glasses hides the puffiness as well! But seriously–once you get past that stage this product RULES! I have turned my mother, sister, and friends onto this product and they all have seen fantastic results as well!!!

Fannie Griffithsville, WV


A co-worker uses this and her lashes are AMAZING! I just started a little while ago and I can already see a difference. I tried using this twice a day and it made my eyes look really red, like I hadn’t slept in a week, so I use it once a day before bed and keep eye drops handy.

Juanita Saint David, IL

Absolutely amazing!

I bought this product thinking I was probably throwing away good money only to be disappointed by another product that didn’t deliver the results promised. Wrong! I am 64 years old and I noticed that the instructions say that those over 30 (and I’m more than twice that!) could benefit by using it twice a day. So that was what I determined to do.At first my eyelids burned a little. Again, the instructions say this will go away in three to five days. For the first three days my eyelids were red and looked like I had on some eye shadow. But that cleared up quickly and I had no problems after about four days.I’m retired and don’t wear makeup every day any more. So after about five days I put on some mascara and was blown away. Already the results were showing! My eyelashes had become very skimpy and even with several coats of mascara they would hardly show. I asked my husband if he could see any difference. He can be brutally honest, so I trusted his opinion. He said there was a definite difference.About a week later we were going out for the evening so I put on my makeup. Wow! With one coat of mascara I could see my lashes looking fuller than ever. Believe me, this stuff will be a permanent part of my beauty routine! I’m a natural blond so my lashes are very light and have always been thin. I’m so impressed with this product. The first few days of sensitivity are long forgotten and the results are fabulous!UPDATE AFTER ONE MONTH: I love this product. It’s now out of stock at Amazon, but I have put in an order so I don’t miss it when they get some in. I now use it once a day and my lashes are so much thicker and longer. Really amazing. I still need to use mascara because my lashes are naturally blond and this hasn’t made a noticable difference in the darkness. I am amazed at the results using this product!

Edwina Lyndon Center, VT

NOT for people with sensitive skin &/or eyes!!!!

***I have noticed that a LOT of the positive reviews of this product are from people who have only left one review on Amazon and that one review is to talk this product up. This is a dangerous product that should be taken off the market!***I want to reiterate the reviews from people that have had bad and/or allergic reactions to this product. I use Laura Mercier, MAC, etc…. mainstream products that most of us can use – so I’m not toooooo overly sensitive but ONE night of using this (one little swipe across each eye lid NOT too close to the lash line) made my ENTIRE eyelid RED and made my eyes blood shot and I looked so ‘dead eyed’ it is/was terrible! Honestly, I’ve never looked so terrible because it takes the sparkle out of your eye! I can’t wait to get a good nights sleep and see if I wake up looking ‘normal’ – I can’t stand what this stuff did to me. It should be taken off the market!

Ophelia Astoria, SD


The packaging is great and amount of product is okay. I had red eye irritation for 2 days when I applied to my lower lashes. I waited 5 days for it to clear up and then reapplied to only my upper lashes and eyebrows and so far no new problems. Not much written on it by consumers so do your research before you make this purchase to see if your allergic to any of the ingredients.

Trudy Goshen, AR


I used this product last year and had great results. I am a bit of a product junkie so after my first tube of GrandeLash MD ran out I switched to a cheaper lash growth product on the market. Well…you get what you pay for. The new product did NOT work as well for me as the GrandeLash MD had. So here I am a year later and my lashes are back to average length again. I know when I start using GrandeLash MD my lashes will be back to looking long, thick and gorgeous! I am so excited! I never got SO many compliments on my eyes and my lashes as when I was using that product. So after using many different lash growth products on the market I can confidently say GrandeLash MD is the best (in my opinion). Also, I am an Esthetician/Makeup Artist and I recommend this product to all of my clients who are trying to achieve significant lash growth results without a prescription product. If you use it EVERY night the results will amaze you and everyone else!**UPDATE** May 15th 2013~GrandeLash MD has created another miraculous growth spurt for my Lashes! They are long, thick, full and silky again. The other day I didn’t feel like wearing mascara so I just used my eyelash curler on them. They look beautiful. I will never stray from this product again. It has proven to be the best of its kind on the market. It’s gentle on my eyes and on my pocket book. Worth every penny. This is one of my beauty MUST HAVES!

Ana Winter Harbor, ME


I had very little expectation of this product tbh. But after the first day I apply I become slightly excited about the future result. I have pretty long eyelashes. It’s that I don’t have thick eyebrows and dark eyelashes, so I wanted to give it a shot. The result after the first apply is quite impressive. My eyelashes look noticeably thicker. Eyebrows look slightly thicker. It might not work for some of you but you gotta try it.–have to make an update.It really thickens my eyelashes and eyebrows after a week. For those who think this is not a helpful review, good luck growing your eyelashes. 🙂

Magdalena Steens, MS

Can’t use it

I had high hopes for this product since my daughter has had wonderful results with it. Her lashes are so long and full since using it. But it makes my eyes burn and get very dry and uncomfortable. I plan to try it again after a little time passes. I sure would like to be able to use it.

Tessa New Bethlehem, PA

Nothing Better!

I’ve used several eyelash enhancers and GrandeLASH not only delivers it’s cheaper than any of the others that actually work. I was a long time user of Lilash which I loved but at $150 a pop it was not cheap. Because of the other review I took a chance and tried GrandeLASH MD for the first time almost 6months ago. It works better than I remember Lilash working. It actually thickened my lashed more and got a fantastic length but wasn’t so crazy I had to clip them. It also never caused me to have darkened eyelids (which never bothered me because I just used a light pink shadow anyways…but why not use something that doesn’t)I purchased my first tube from Amazon and then my next tube from GrandeLASH MD site. I saw no difference so I just purchased my tube a few days ago from here on Amazon. I don’t know what other reviewers are talking about. My tube is the GrandeLASH MD original. If I find it different this time I’ll return it and let you all know. (remember it does take about 2 1/2 months to see results but stick with it and you will be rewarded with amazing eyelashes)

Ophelia Mineral Point, WI

Irritated My Eyes but DOES Work

I REALLY wanted this to work, but all it is doing so far is irritating the crap out of my eyes. My eyelids are slightly swollen and my eyes seem to be redder than normal. I’ve only been using it a month and it says it takes 3 months so I’m going to stick it out and see if it gets better.Okay so that was a month in and now it’s 3 months in and I still have product left in the tube so it’s lasting a while. I only apply it at night and skip a day here and there. I have to admit that the product does work. My lashes are noticeably longer. I can’t say they are darker because mine were black to begin with. I’m not sure about fullness either but I can say they are LONGER and I will keep using this product. I’ll try and upload a before and after pic.

Francine Serafina, NM

Really works!

Works great for lashed. Seemed to work quickly too. I could tell after a week and a half.

Maura Holden, ME

Five Stars

Worked great. Lashes really grew.

Leola Cordell, OK

Excited at results

For the first 2-3 weeks I thought I had bought a product that did not work. However, after those first few weeks I suddenly noticed results – and what great results. I had pulled out a large section of my eyelashes with a defective eyelash curler and the gap was obvious. But after the first three weeks the lashes started to rapidly grow back at an amazing rate and after a month the gap is no longer noticeable. I am excited about and very pleased with this product and would definitely recommend it to a friend.

Amy Hazard, KY


I was using Latisse for over two years and it worked fine. Latisse made my lashes a little longer but then my lashes stopped growing. I didn’t want to spend the big bucks to get Latisse again so I did some research on eyelash enhancers and found GrandeLASH MD and I have to say it works! My lashes are so long I’m going to have to trim them because they are touching my eyeglasses! I think it works better than Latisse! I love GrandeLASH MD so much I purchased two tubes and it still was cheaper than one Latisse. It did take six weeks for me to notice it working so be patience! I love love love this stuff!!

Katy Naples, NC

GrandeLash Eyelash Enhancer

Was very skeptical this would work when I purchased it, but sure enough, within 6 weeks I could definitely see the difference. Need I say that I will be back for more?!

Joann Centuria, WI

Great product, great results.

I really like Grande lash. I bought this product a year ago at the hair show and I was amazed at how much my lashes grew. I even got lashes in the bottom where I never really had them.The drowback is that as soon as you stop using the product your lashes will fall, do you have to continue using it for maintenance. The price is not so hight in comparison with Latisse and it does not have any side effects. Getting lash extensions is not only more expensive but it will also damage you own lashes.I will recommend using grande lash if you can afford to continue buying it for life.

Silvia Kettlersville, OH

Sorry but didnt work for me

8 weeks and nothing. I used every day for 8 weeks and nothing happened for me. For those who had eye redness, I had that my first day… I realized that I used too much so the next day I used less and no redness occurred

Celina Huston, ID


This works! I have been applying it twice a day now for almost a month and my lashes have gotten fuller and longer. After a week I noticed the fullness and then in about three weeks I noticed the length. I don’t even have to apply mascara!! I hope the length of my lashes get even longer but other than that, this product works!! I will be ordering more!

Fannie Cuddebackville, NY

This product really works!

Unlike other products that I’ve tried, this one actually improved both my lashes and brows. As mine were quite skimpy, it took 2-3 months, with twice a day applications, to see real change. But it was well worth it and I will continue using this product.

Marcia Emmet, NE

Holy Moly This Stuff Is AMAZING!!!

In just two weeks I noticed a slight improvement in the length of my lashes. It is now just under two months of use and my upper lashes are nearly TWICE as long as they have ever been in my life! The product also says it will darken your lashes and about 5 weeks into use I noticed that without any make up, my brown lashes are now BLACK. It has even helped improve the look of my lower lashes. I’m 51. This isn’t some youthful delusion. This clear liquid that I apply every night is simply magic!

Charlene Doyline, LA

Really works

I was skeptical. Now so happy. My eyebrows were very thin and I was not happy with the way they looked. Tried Latisse before from my doctor and it may have helped a bit but not much and you have to have prescription or get from doctor and it is more expensive than this. I have been using this product since December and I have noticed a difference in the last two weeks. A real difference. I don’t even use everyday, I forget sometimes. Eyebrows are much thicker and growing in around the edges.I really did not need thicker lashes but I use it on my lashes a few times a week and I do notice a difference there as well.I love this!

Bette Byron, NY


Not really seeing any results from this and have been using it faithfully for both the brows and eyelashes. wil not purchase this again.

Claire Columbia, CT

Slow Results but it Works!

I was fortunate to purchase this product at a spa & esthetics trade show in May. Started using it the 2nd week of May, applying it every night to my brows, upper and lower lashes. My brow and lashes are normally dark but fine. By mid June there was a noticeable difference in my brows. They were fuller and darker. Which is what prompted me to continue using it. It wasn’t until July that there was a noticeable difference with my eyelashes. Both upper and lower have more length. However, I am not seeing much more volume or darkness with them. It is now the beginning of August and my first tube is out. So basically, it took almost as long to see results as the product last. Regardless, I am VERY happy with the results and will continue to use this product. I’m hoping with continued use, the product continues to work. I’ve tried Revitalash, which was much more expensive but stopped working after 6 mos or so, even with continued use and still did not achieve the results I’m getting with GrandLash. L’Oreal Boosting serum, I’ve tried as well, twice, with little to no results. When I purchased the GrandLash product, I was also given a sample of their mascara. I’m actually impressed with the mascara as well. It defines and adds a bit more length to the lashes without a lot of clumping and does not flake. It’s just expensive. Maybe next paycheck but for now, I’m definitely ordering more of the GrandeLASH MD Enhancer.

Mavis Round O, SC

this is a miracle

I am always skeptical to use miraculous products but this really works 🙂 I started with the liquid to grow my lashes now I am using mascara from the same line and my lashes look like to die for 🙂

Erin Newport News, VA

Almost as good and as fast as Latisse

Half the price though which I like. Latisse is overpriced. Longer, fuller eyelashes make us girls look younger and it’s just a fun thing to do a couple of times a year (my habit).Good product at a good price! Will buy again in six months.

Lacey Blue Rock, OH

Works amazing!

I love this product and it took 2 months of nightly use, but it really works. My lashes are crazy long. I think, though, when the bottle gets low, the product is not as effective, so I’m replacing. But it worked great for about 4 months. Definitely recommend and will continue to buy.

Sheila Mc Girk, MO

It’s Okay

Let me say that this product does work. Yes your eyelashes will grown and become very strong. I rated it a 3 because like the reviews say, it causes your eyes to become red. I had to go to work with people constantly asking me what was wrong with my eyes. I did not like that and another issue is that it caused dark circles around my eyes. I don’t know if I was allergic to an ingredient but I couldn’t do it anymore. As soon as I stopped using the product the dark circles went away. I looked like a raccon by the face. That’s not cute. Everybody body is different some people did not have any side effects. Just try for yourself.

Noelle Pinehurst, NC

I am IN LOVE!!!

THIS IS THE BEST LASH SERUM I’VE EVER USED!!! My lashes are incredible!! Every single day, everywhere I go, people are constantly asking me if my lashes are real because they are so beautiful! I’m now on week 8 of using GrandeLash MD, and my lashes have all evened out and filled in so beautifully! They are sooo much longer than the fake lashes that I used to wear! I honestly cannot say enough good things about this product! I have all of my friends and family using it as well because the are in awe of my amazing results! I will NEVER be without my GrandeLash MD!!

Jennifer Spencer, NY