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Graham Hands Down Ultra Nail and Cosmetic Pads, 240 Count

Just one handsdown lint-free pad removes polish from all ten nails without damaging a technician’s own manicure. A poly tab allows for the pad to be held securely between thumb and forefinger while preventing fingers from coming in contact with polish remover. Versatile: also cleans around hairline after color, applies cleansers and blush, and applies or removes makeup.

Key features

  • Removes polish from all ten fingers
  • Poly tab allows pad to be held securely
  • Cleans around hairline after color

Honest reviews


Love these

Let me start with this: I have over 110 bottles of nail polish. I figured rather than pay $10 for a manicure, I could start doing it myself and buy the polish instead. So I’m a bit of a power user.I started using these when the dark colors were all the rage because they really got in the corners to clean off my nail, working better than cotton balls. Now I love them because if I mess up a nail and the rest of them are wet, I can clean it up and start again w/o damaging the polish on my hands already. Also: generally I only need 2 – 3 to remove polish from both hands. It always takes me way more cotton balls to take it off my nails.

Evelyn Bloomingdale, NJ

Nail pads

Amazing. I love these. They are on the pricey side but worth it. They hold a lot of nail polish remover without dripping and the material doesn’t get stuck on the nail polish you’re trying to remove. They say you can use one for all ten fingers, I use about two and then a third for a final wipe, but that’s me, your mileage may very.

Britney Aguadilla, PR

My go-to for polish removal from now on

These are awesome. 1 pad easily removes polish from 5-10 nails depending on how dark the polish is. I love using then to remove pedicure polish because the plastic coating and grip protects polished nails on your hand.

Ramona Pine Bank, PA

Heard about these from missjenfabulous. No more cotton fibers …

Heard about these from missjenfabulous. No more cotton fibers stuck to my nails, even gets glitter off. Worth the little extra money.

Denise Stapleton, NE

Great Pads!

I use these pads to remove and work with gel polish. They are great because while using these they protect your manicure, and you can use the plastic back to mix colors, apply glue, etc.. So even when the soft side is done you can use the plastic side. Only down side is they are not completely lint free. When using them with the gel nails, I use a lint free wipe (which is paper thin) on top of these for a perfect manicure. They also hold liquid products well without drying out too fast, thus saving time and money.

June Coolin, ID


using these has changed my manicures. It only takes one pad per hand to remove my polish and it gets every last bit including glittery polishes

Earlene Pinckneyville, IL


I bought these for my nails and they don’t work well for me. While they hold quite a bit of polish remover they leave a lot of fibers behind with thicker polish or polish with any type of glitter.

Meghan Fordville, ND

must have

these are a must have if you are doing CND shellac nails, no lint or cotton fibers left behind, good for the sanitizer before and the alcohol after the last top coat.

Martina Alleman, IA

nice size

The pads are plastic backed and are nice and thick. They work great for gently removing nail polish. You only need one pad to do all nails.

Nancy Fort Washington, PA

Soft and absorbent

These pads are soft and absorbent. I love the little "handle" on them. I use these all the time and would recommend them to every one…

Margery Mckenzie, ND

Best for Shellac Removal.

Removing Shellac nail polish is not the same as removing nail polish. These pads allow for "soaking" off the shellac without wasting your remover while saving time since multiple fingers can be "soaked" at once. Shellac can allow damaged nails the time to grow out and strengthen after years false nails. Frequent maintenance with proper removal is a must for best results.

Whitney Walshville, IL

These are great for nail polish!

I love that these have a paper backing so you can remove your nail polish from your toes without messing up your fingernails. It holds the polish remover very well. The texture makes polish removal much easier and takes less pads than when using regular makeup removal pads. I would have given it 5 stars if it hadn’t left an occasional strand of cotton. Nothing like regular cotton balls but I was under the impression these would not leave any cotton strands. I’ll buy these again when I use my current supply up.

Sonia Coffeen, IL