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Graham Hands Down Soak Off Gel Nail Wraps, 100 Count

Hands down soak-off gel wraps were designed to be the easiest, most comfortable way to remove soak-off gel polish and acrylic. These wraps are flexible enough to be used on both finger and toe nails and the unique material and easy-press seal creates a non-slip wrap.

Key features

  • Easiest, most comfortable way to remove soak-off gel polish
  • Flexible enough for both fingers and toes
  • Unique matieral and easy-press seal

Honest reviews


really expensive cotton pads

I get gel manicures and was looking for a way to remove the polish at home before going to the salon so that I could save some time. I had tried soaking cotton pads in acetone and placing them on my nails and then wrapping in foil – this is really hard to do once you get to your right hand, messy and not super effective. I had also tried just soaking my nails in acetone – effective, but really harsh on your skin. I was hoping this was the product to solve all my problems… nope. Same issue as cotton pad and foil method, only worse. The pads on these are stiff, so they do not curve with your nail unless you wrap those little attached bandages really tight. Not too tought to do on the first 3 or 4 nails, but once you get to your last nail on your first hand it’s harder, and then forget about doing your right hand (assuming you are right handed). You need someone to do it for you. I managed to get them all on, fairly tight, with a good amount of acetone. I buffed my nails first, left them on for 20 minutes and then swiped them off as directed and used an orangewood stick to try and lift up the gel… no luck. That was a total of an hour wasted that I could have spent just going to the salon anyway – and they would have done it faster.

Rosalinda Knoxville, TN

These are great!

I read the reviews before I bought them, and was a little afraid they wouldn’t work well, but they did.Here is what I do, and when I remove them the polish just falls right off in one piece:Saturate the pad and wrap it around each nail, starting with the little finger and working to the thumb. Make sure the pad is over the nail.When you finish with the first hand, put on a disposable glove.Do the second hand. You shouldn’t have any trouble with the glove on the first hand.Put a glove on the second hand and set the timer for 20 minutes. With the gloves, you can do other stuff.After 20 minutes, remove the glove and pull off the pads, one at a time, flipping the polish off each nail as you go. If some sticks on the tips, a little pressure with an orange stick ought to make it release.I have done this without filing the top of the polish (I forgot) and it worked just as well.

Bethany Spearsville, LA

Well worth the money

I have been doing my own gelcolor nails for about 6 months and the only thing I don’t like about it is the removal of the polish. I decided to purchase these and tried them for the first time last night. They work great! After applying a small amount of acetone to each pad I wrapped my nails and waited 10 min. The polish came right off, no fussing with cotton and foil or soaking my nails. I did one hand at a time and was able to use the same pads on both hands so I only used 5.

Blanca Notasulga, AL

Soak off gel wraps

These shipped quickly.I used these to soak off my gel polish. It did not work very well. The pad is so small that it is difficult to get enough soak off solution onto the pad to really soak into the gel on the nail.I ended up soaking a cotton ball and wrapping the nail wrap around it which was a little difficult to do by myself.Not worth the price to me.

Carole Candia, NH


I just did my first shellac manicure today and accidentally messed one nail up… I ordered these along with everything else to do the shellac manicure at home. I am so glad I purchased these! All you do is put 100% acetone on the pad and then wrap it snuggley around your finger tip. I set the timer for 10 minutes and the shellac polish came right off with no scraping!!! This is part of the reason I wanted to do my own shellac nails at home. In the salons they have you soak your nails inside of a bowl filled with acetone… If they are busy, they don’t let you soak long enough and rush you through by scraping the shellac off of your nails. NOT good for your nails! I’m so relieved to know that with this great product my nails will never be scraped again! IMO all salons should use these!

Adriana Midnight, MS

Just what I needed

A bit pricey but I love the convenience. I only use 3 and then move them to 3 other fingers while I work on the first three. By switching them back and forth I don’t use so many. They hold the remover without leaking.

Monique Chandler, TX

Much better for me than home made aluminum wraps

They are expensive for what they are but I find the whole process of cutting up my own Aluminum foil way too time consuming. They can definitely be used twice on a third attempt I found that some do not stick so well anymore.I will be ordering these again in the future.

Karen Floydada, TX

Just received…

Just received these, not used them yet. But for the money I’d say they’re a little expensive.They look like little strips of VET WRAP with a tiny cotton pad, I would bet I could make my own when these run out. so no I probably won’t buy again.UPDATE:I have used these a few times, in a pinch when I don’t feel like cutting up wrap and cotton pads. They do work well and are easy to get on, I find it helpful to use a little eye dropper type thing and add a little of the remover half way though the 12-15 minute time frame you need to remove the gellish. Perhaps they don’t hold enough or dry out, but adding a few drops half way though certainly helps!

Araceli Bay Shore, MI

Great product

This system beats the foil process hands down. I have been able to reuse one set of wraps at least three times. I keep my nails short and I don’t have any issue with the wrap not covering the entire nail; however, I could see that you’d have trouble getting the wrap to touch all of a longer nail. I have had some trouble getting the wrap to adhere to itself and not fall off or without having to wrap it so tightly to cover the entire nail that it starts to cut off circulation in my fingers. If I completely saturate the pad with remover, it seems to sometimes affect the wrap’s ability to adhere to itself. It does take a little practice. I’ve been able to do both hands at one time, which I couldn’t do using foil strips, but it also takes practice, and I prefer to do one at a time. When the pad does get worn out, I have been able to saturate a piece of cotton ball and still use the wrap to keep the cotton in place. I have enthusiastically recommended this product to others.

Esther Mobile, AL

Soaking off doesn’t stop life

Absolutely a must have item. I use this with my gelish products and can do chores or whatever while I’m soaking off product without difficulty

Carly Ulman, MO


these are perfect for removing my opi gelcolor mani! 15min and some heat and its all off! i can even apply these by myself!

Muriel Albany, IL

Where have these been all my gel-nail-wearing-life?

I used to do the cotton and foil wrap which would work OK, but was a pain to keep on and do anything else. These go on so much easier and I end up wasting less acetone and am able to do some other things at the same time (like type on my computer, or get a snack out of the fridge.) You don’t have total hand use, but it’s a significant improvement over the old method. I’m a total convert!

Bonnie Peru, VT

A superior soak off compared to foil and cotton!

These stay put. I had to scrape the removed UV gel shell and reapply, but Handsdown absorbed more acetone and rewrapped easily. That was a pesky removal from a salon UV gel mani – 25 minutes. Yikes. Me cuticles (@.@)!Super convenient. A little pricey, but worth it. Perhaps a drugstore will make a generic brand as at-home LED gels catch on?

Dessie Kurtistown, HI

Better than expected

I expected a bandaid type one time use wrapper, but you can actually use these over again. Great product. Will buy again.

Imogene Buckingham, PA

Just Like Described

These things work great. I can even get a 2nd use out of them… although technically they are not designed for this.

Judith Arab, AL

Phenomenal at home product

I love these wraps; they are so much better than having to mess with the foil. Highly recommended though it’s nice to have a second set of hands to help to secure them!

Melinda Lynnville, IN

Worth every penny!

I’ve tried the cotton and foil method and this is hands down 10 times better! I do my own nails and my daughters every 2-3 weeks… these are even reusable, so their super ecenomical.

Lucia Medimont, ID

soaking in a bowl works better

These didn’t work as I had hoped. It is easier and faster just to soak my fingertips in a shallow dish.

Violet Cedarburg, WI

Didnt work

I tried these several times but they just could not get my gel polish off. Didn’t even get the top coat. They soak up the remover too much, I mean that’s great if I wanted to use them like a brawny paper towel, but for gel polish remover, it made them useless.

Nina Bush, KY

These are awesome!!

If you are doing your gel manis at home, you need these! So cool, like a band aid and ace bandage in one, you soak the cotton pad in acetone then wrap the band around your finger. They are great, and if the polish isn’t ready, you just add more acetone and put it back on. They rock!

Mariana Pelsor, AR


I do not know what all the positive reviews are about-these are basically “Coban bandaids” and for $20? they slip off your fingertips when applying them to the other hand. I won’t buy these again since cotton balls reinforced with scotch tape dipped in fingernail polish work just as well and are CHEAPER…..

Therese Rockwell, IA

helpful hints

I too love this product for removing my gel polish. A couple of hints that might help. If you don’t wrap the elastic over the top of the finger the acetone will evaporate. Once I have wraps on one hand I put on a rubber glove. This helps keep the pads moist longer. While that hand is working I start with filing the other hand, surf the internet, read my kindle, even wash a few dishes while I wait. With the foil method I couldn’t do anything but sit and wait while they soaked(and on my toes it was even trickier). Ten min is up before you know it. I can then wrap the other hand…with the same 5 wraps. I have also reused the pads multiple times so it is actually very economical. Much more so than cotton balls and foil. I will never use that method again! I have not tried CND wraps and don’t feel I need to try them.

Genevieve Mizpah, NJ

Very cool concept!

I didn’t fully understand how these would work when I ordered them, but I figured I would give them a try, since soaking my hands and toes in pure acetone all of the time can’t be good for my health!They’re a lot like bandaids – but with pads attached to a grippy gauze-like strip that sticks to itself when you wrap it around your toes/nails – very simple and secure.So far I have no complaints, they’ve worked very well for me and have helped me multi-task AND avoid a bit of acetone absorption through my skin (since I’m no longer submerging my entire fingers/toes into it. It just applies it to the nail region).My only complaint is that they’re a bit pricey considering I use them for my fingers and toes so I go through 20 every time I change polish – which I do quite often.Outside of the price, I’m in LOVE with them!

Shanna Mifflin, PA

Best product on the market for removing gel polish

I have tried everything from cotton balls and tin foil to rubber finger condom looking products and this one is by far the very best. Quick, easy, and very little mess! I would recommend these for someone that gets manicures regularly or for a novice nail artist like myself. I understand you can find them in some beauty supply stores but because I am not licensed I can’t shop there. This is my second time purchasing this item and I’m certain it will not be the last!

Rosanna Liberty Mills, IN

do not work well

Trying to do my own shellac mani…find it’s easier to put a cotton ball w/tin foil over it to remove the polish

Sally Little Rock, MS