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Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Super Palette, Warm

Warm Graftobian Super Palette. Graftobian now offers our High Definition Glamour Cremes in this artist friendly Super Palette (18 shade) Configuration. This is a very convenient way for the serious artist to use and travel with virtually our full line of HD cremes. Each palette contains substantially all of our color range in each of the four Super Palette Styles: Warm, Neutral & Cool HD Creme Foundations.

Key features

  • Graftobian now offers our High Definition Glamour Cremes and Lip Colors in this artist friendly Super Palette (18 shade) Configuration.
  • This palette contains substantially all of our Cool HD Creme Foundation color range in our Super Palette Style!

Honest reviews


Great coverage, doesn’t irritate skin, blend for perfect shade

I love Graftobian HD foundation palettes, I use it in the neutral shades. It’s called HD because it was specially made for use on people who are appearing on camera and being shot with the merciless high definition cameras which show every pore and wrinkle.I love the fact that you can dip your foundation brush in a couple shades different shades and custom blend your best color. I like to sometimes use the darker colors along the sides of my rather round face, and just under the jaw, for a slimming effect. Very important to blend carefully though if you do this, then be sure to get a look at yourself in daylight so you don’t go out looking like you have a dirty face!I use a large, inexpensive taklon foundation brush, which I dip in the pans and then ‘stipple’ on my face (push the brush into the skin vs dragging), and makes my skin look velvety smooth and flawless, and covers my broken blood vessels and dark spots very well. It is very buildable, and gives a high amount of coverage.It has never irritated my skin or blocked pores either.(The only reason I give four stars not five, is due to the presence of parabens in the formula, which I always prefer to avoid. To mitigate against these I use a mineral sunscreen and primer with good ingredients, under the foundations. I just hope this prevents absorption of the parabens.)

Ofelia Colwich, KS

Didnt work for me

this palette have lots of shade to choose from, this is the reason why I bought this, I though with this palette I would be able to conceal under eye, highlight and contour, well…didn’t work, it is to thick, and too dry. I guess if you know how to work with it, it might be fine but I was not about to rub so much my face in order to get it to look decent.

Bridget Logan, NM

Wrong palette, but quality is great

I ended up getting the wrong palette shade so I ordered the cool palette which I was able to better match my skin color. The warm palette was too dark and although you can mix and match these, I just couldn’t get the right match as I needed a more "redness" thrown in to make it work….and that was only on the cool palette. But the quality of this foundation is super, a little goes a long way and I prefer this to liquid as I find it stays on my face a lot longer and better. I have oily skin but this hasn’t caused me any breakouts, works great as a concealer as well. Coverage is excellent and I can wear this makeup all day long without any problems. Little pricey, but I will only buy the colors that I really use (which is 3-5 off the palette), as I don’t use the whole palette, so it should cut the cost down in the future. This is a great cost saving alternative to more expensive makeup that pros use.

Essie Cottondale, FL


Not many hues that are good for fair skin. The colors on the picture are not like the colors that you get. They’re all mostly dark tones. I’m sure the lipstick is fine but what good is that if there’s only brown and bright red shades?

Rebekah Culberson, NC

Not what expected

I thought this palette would offer more but in my case it was just a waste of money . I am not a make up artist but wanted to try some countering techniques, so I could see how for someone who works on plenty of people ( MUA) could take better advantage of this

Gayle Archer, IA

best creme foundation

Graftobian may be a bit pricy but u only need very little and it last a long time I am so happy I made this purchase worth the price great service from seller as well Graftobian products are by far the best great investment for my makeup artist kit. Thanks

Joan Buffalo, IL

The Best HD Palette!

I love this palette! It’s super pigmented and light weight! Ypu can use this as a concealer, foundation and also to highlight your face! Nice texture, it really covers spots, scars and everything!!

Allison Richfield, KS

Flawless and Moisturizing

I like the ability to be able to select a color and match it perfectly. It has labels on the back so if you decide that you use one color the most, you can order a separate foundation.The coverage is flawless and is buildable for maximum coverage. Unlike most HD foundation, this foundation is far from drying and does not leave any residuals.The product definitely appears flawless on camera. The only problem that I have, is that the product seemed as though it was sitting in the heat prior to shipping. But I guess you can’t really avoid that.

Justine Sugar Grove, WV

First time palette owner

I just love this palette! It works very well and goes on so smoothly. I recommend buying a specialized beauty sponge (the pink one) to go with it. I use this every day and it’s very light on my skin and does NOT make me break out, which I am prone to at 34. I have tried out almost all the colors and think that I will be buying a second palette 🙂 Great for contouring and highlighting! And the coverage is perfect. I have dark under eye circles and it does quite well!

Aisha Kennerdell, PA

Every MUA needs at least this palette

I want to ge the Neautral one too. but this one is GREAT! I am building my kit and this honestly has so many colors and you can mix them and they go on smooth and EXTRA creamy. They look good on camera too..

Aisha Headland, AL

My new favorite makeup

I have tons of makeup and love to contour and experiment with different looks. I heard about graftobian from a makeup artists youtube video and thought I would try it. When I first touched it there was a oily feel which made me concerned about a pn oily finish as well as possible breakouts. It went on like silk and covered flawlessly with no oily feeling. It left a perfect finished look that covered my dark circles that are so difficult to cover. Graftobian is. My new favorite makeup!

Kristi Oak Hill, WV

Good value for your money

A little goes a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG way with these things. I actually recommend getting the 5-pack (I think it’s five) palette with the lightest colors to contour the tops of the cheekbones. I do that almost every time and it looks great. Very pigmented.

Nadia Beach, ND

Wonderful Palette

Great coverage. Its a soft cream that blends very easily. As a makeup artist this was a wonderful addition to my kit.

Roberta Merit, TX

Good stuff!

Very smooth, silky coverage. Sets great with powder. Lots of colors and easy to mix between shades. Seems to be pretty long lasting, will purchase again.

Patricia Devils Elbow, MO