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GoToob Travel Bottle


Key features

  • Approved for airplane carry-on. FDA food safe and 100% BPA free.
  • Constructed of soft, rugged silicone. Special “no drip” valve keeps cap clean.
  • ID window for content identification.
  • Wide opening for fast, easy filling. Clear, Green, Blue.
  • Small (1.25 oz).

Honest reviews



Melhor produto para se colocar shampoo, condicionador, etc. Muito bem bolado. As pregas grudam na parede e a tampa possui um dispositivo que evita o desperdício.

Bianca Branch, LA

Don’t Touch My Junk!

Traveling with small containers and putting them all in a zip-lock baggie usually means something will leak and you end up washing everything at your destination. I’m really surprised it has taken so long to invent these little life-savers.GoToobs are soft, translucent, silicone bottles that hold up to (3) three ounces of fluid (Available in 1.2 fl. oz., 2 fl. oz. and 3 fl. oz.). They are BPA-free, safe for foods and hold anything you can think of carrying. They also don’t leak or drip and are easy to clean (dishwasher safe too). They even have a suction cup on the back to attach to shower walls.Now the price is a little expensive, but considering that these will probably last a long time, they are well worth it. I personally like the slip-free feel of them and the ability to label them with a black marker. When I recently went through that wonderful experience of TSA, it was fun to watch the look on the face of the guy who inspected my bag. I’m sure it makes their job easier too and I know he won’t ‘touch my junk’. This is a great product that will last me many trips.

Mitzi Remington, VA

33% failure rate

I bought 6 of these for travel. They worked very well for lotions, creams and gels, but my liquids (eye makeup remover, woolite) leaked. Also when dispensing, the eye makeup remover splattered out in several directions. These are too expensive for a 33% failure rate!

Georgia Janesville, CA

They do work!

I put emu oil in one and it didn’t spill, and emu oil is about so slick as you get.However, warning: If you are smart you will look for a list put out by the manufacturer on the internet that will tell you which liquids do not work in these bottles. I think it was Listerine of all things that will not work, so doing some research will pay off for you unless you want a wet suitcase.I like these enough to buy more.

Shelia Markleeville, CA

durable but does weird things to skin care and other products

I’m a frequent business traverler and have been using these bottles for about three years.Pros:1) Durable2) Don’t leak3) Easy to fillCons:1)They do weird things to skin care and other products left in them longer periods of time, such as a few weeks instead of a few days. This includes sunscreen and toothpaste. Somehow the material interacts with the products in a way plastic does not, resulting in changes in consistency, appearance, etc., which does not bode well for the continued effectiveness and/or ease of use of the product.2)Bulky3)Difficult to squirt out just a small amount of the productI stopped using them for anything except shampoo and soap, which seem to be less affected by the material, and which I’m not trying to obtain a small quantity of.Their bulkiness makes them less suitable for that one quart carry-on bag, so I only use them in my larger toiletries bag that goes in my checked luggage.BTW,if you are looking for nice small containers for that one quart bag I can recommend the Sample Container Store.

Maude Ellinwood, KS

They work well, for the ones that actually work

I have had these since more than 2 years. I use them at least once a month. I store shampoos, face wash, body washes in them.Out of the three, only 1 started to leak after the cap/seal came off in 6 months. The other two still work very well.I usually fill them to 1/2 or 3/4th capacity. No leaks so far.

Verna Dobson, NC

Really useful travel tubes (toobs?)

Bought these little travel tubes (GoToobs) to supplement my collection of Nalgene travel bottles, and was really pleasantly surprised at how soft and supple, yet strong the containers are, incredibly easy to fill with the wide mouth openings, and they don’t leak or ooze – very important for keeping your stuff goo-free.GoToobs are the way to go if you travel a lot, or even if you travel a little bit.The packaging the toobs come in amusingly and kindly encourages you to recycle the packaging “please recycle – pretty please – with sugar on top” – still makes me chuckle and puts a smile on my face whenever I think about it. And does make you want to recycle. Great product.

Maude Mark Center, OH


Bought one for both the boyfriend and myself. We both enjoy it and it serves its purpose. For those new to this product, we found out the hard way but the lid allows for you to turn the dial to set the content description – shampoo, cond, lotion, body wash, other.

Manuela Wildorado, TX

Great containers for trips

+ Travel safe: complies with requirements of carry-on cabin luggage+ Perfect-feel silicon material+ Suction cup works well+ Wide opening for easy refill+ All components are removeable for easy thorough washing and cleaning+ Content doesn’t leak out at all+ Labels on the rim: lotion, shampoo, soap, and blank for custom contents- Plastic hinge on the cap is prone to break after extended use

Vickie Bennington, VT

No leak bottles

I use these bottle for travel and my gym bag. They have NEVER leaked. The bottle itself is a single, continuous piece of silicone. The cap encompasses the silicone lip of the bottle, so that there is no leaking. There is also a small ring around the cap that you can rotate, and it rotates it reveals different words, i.e. sham, cond, lotion, soap, etc.

Bianca Grantham, NH


These are basically squeeze tubes with a large screw cap that facilitates easy filling. Once capped, there is a smaller nozzle for squeezing out whatever you filled it with. The set comes with 3 tubes of clear, green and blue tints. The price here was $17, about a third less than The Container Strore, where we first saw them.

Liliana Northwood, ND

Expensive but Worth It

I just used these for the first time today, and now I want to build a collection of them. They are way pricier than the ones you can get at the dollar store, but they work so much better. The wide mouth makes it really easy to pour things in or to clean them out. The plastic is soft, thick, and easy to squeeze. The caps seal well and looks to be made of high quality material (I’ve had a lot of cheaper ones break on me). I love that they are different colors so I can tell my toiletries apart. The suction cups are pretty neat, but don’t try and leave them stuck up in your shower. They’ll fall down and scare your roommates (and your cats).

Louisa Samoa, CA

Great for travel

I bought these for a two week trip to Europe. They worked great, with no leaks, and enough product for one male for two weeks, with a little left over in each container. Could have gone three weeks easy. In them I had shampoo, conditioner, and face wash. No problems at all. Products used were Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner, and dermalogica dermal clay.

Dana Combes, TX


I like these bottles for travel. I recently filled one of these with my sensitive skin cleanser to use as hand soap during an overseas trip. I am happy to report that the bottle didn’t leak (didn’t fill it all the way though to allow for air pressure changes during flights) and it did what it was supposed to and what was advertised.I now plan on using another one for CeraVe cream to take along in my purse as hand cream (CeraVe regrettably stopped making its practical 2 oz bottles) but I will probably still put it in an extra ZipLoc bag, just in case because the lid is just a flip top.The only thing that does not work well on that bottle is the suction cup. It actually does not work, period. In my opinion they could do away with it completely, thus making the bottle sleeker as well. My one star deduction is for that. Other than that: Recommend.UPDATE 2/2014:I am still happy with the product but sadly it does not work well with thicker creams because I cannot get the cream into the bottle without major hassle. The opening is too small to even get an espresso spoon through. I was left with trying to use a funnel, which of course predictably did not work great either because thick creams tend to stay put and gravity does not work its magic too well… Conclusion: These bottles work better for thinner stuff such as liquid soaps and lotions.

Shirley Hosmer, SD


These are better than expected. I got these for travel and love them. They are soft, don’t leak, perfect sizes for airline travel to make my suitcase lighter. Will buy again.

Merle Barto, PA

pricey but good quality

These travel bottles are very good quality. Cap does not come off, even when traveling in high altitudes or during air travel. More expensive than other similar products but ultimately worth it as the materials and design are better quality.

Lilian Nesbit, MS

Tops confusing

I wanted to use these for travel. They work OK for semi liquids like shampoo and conditioner but don’t work well for total liquids like mouthwash. They are kind of difficult to clean also. They got me through airport security though.

Leann Dermott, AR

Excellent travel bottles

When I ordered these travel bottles, I thought they were very expensive. After all, at a big box store you can buy travel bottles for $3. I was very pleasantly surprised by their high quality. I am going to find out on my next airline trip, which is in a few days, if they are leaking like the cheap bottles I bought the big-box store. I like that they are squeezable, and you can hang them up in a shower, due to a suction cup. Despite their steep price tag, I think it is a worthwhile purchase.

Nadine Delhi, CA

Great for DIY toothpaste

I really wanted a toothpaste holder for my DIY toothpaste, but I needed something that had a wide mouth and then had a decent size squeeze hole which wouldn’t leak. This fit the bill! It’s awesome! It’s easy to load the toothpaste into the container and it is so easy to squeeze it out from the container. It has never leaked and it travels well. I LOVE IT!

Alicia Elberton, GA


wow these are very high quality… attractive… extremely functional… someone really did a great job of design… perfect for travel… wish they came in large also for everyday… maybe they do or will : )

Eileen West Springfield, PA

Good quality!

Good for travel or over night bags! I use them for when I spend the night at my boyfriends and I am able to take all my hair products with me without lugging around huge bottles or having to use his stuff.

Billie Johnstown, NY