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Got2b U-HC-4411 Smooth Operator Smoothing Lustre Lotion – 6.8 oz – Lotion

This decadent lotion infused with luxurious cashmere, shapes, smoothes, controls fly-aways and imparts an amazing weightless lustre and softness. Helps to protect against damage from heat styling and contains a UV protectant.

Key features

  • Shapes, Smoothes and Controls Fly-aways.
  • Imparts an Amazing Weightless Lustre and Softness.
  • Control, Silken and Splurge with this Smoothing Lotion.
  • Comes in Pump Bottle.
  • Charms may not be included.

Honest reviews



It smells wonderful, and really does make my hair softer and less frizzy. I use it before and after I use heat on my hair. And the bottle is really cute as well!

Edythe Agenda, KS


Im 13 and i bought this at Rite Aid, yes my mom was with me, and i tried it soon after i bought it. the smell is awesome. although, 30 minutess after i used it, i got a headache. i hope it wasnt from that. but it smells like fruity, clean, fresh, but a little strong. at rite aid they didnt come with the charm 🙁 it seriously did keep my hair super soft, and the smell faded after a while. that was good. buy it, its awesome. good luck! (buy it at someplace like walmart or target though, see if its cheaper, Rite Aid was 6.49 plus tax)

Erin Hague, NY


The bottle is in the shape of a long curvy woman. I like the little trinkets hanging from it though. The smell is nice and kind of smells like sweet candy. After straightening my hair it feels a bit soft. It’s not as soft as I’d like it to be but hey, it’s only heat protectant cream–not a deep conditioner or whatever.

Leslie Deland, FL

Great Product!

I love this product! I highly recommend it! It makes my hair so silky soft. It does not make it feel like I have any product on my hair. It protects against the heat of a blow dryer and flat iron. You cannot beat the price either.

Christa Tonica, IL

My review

I got this product to try as a Bzz Agent. I think it works great. Sometimes I feel that I put too much on, but after I blowdry my hair it always feels good. It’s not sticky or crispy and it helps my hair with frizzies and flyaways. I live in a place with lots of humidity and it does a pretty good job. I’ll keep using the product even after this campaign is over.

Ladonna Mayodan, NC

Smells good

And that’s all. It left my hair kind of clumpy and sticky. I was very disappointed in this product. Ended up giving it away.

Tamera Ninilchik, AK

I really like it!

My hair was smoother and less frizzy after using this lotion! I really like the Smooth Operator products from Got2B; they all work!I also like that Amazon has the product since I can’t find it in stores.

Sue Clayton, GA

Lays your hair down well

I love how this products lays my hair down and makes it smell nice. I usd this when i wear my hair in a ponytail becausd it makes my hair look smooth and friz free.

Sheena M C B H Kaneohe Bay, HI

I don’t see anything amazing.

First of all, the bottle is defective, the lotion oozes out when I am not even using it. I applied it to towel dried hair and styled as per the instructions but my hair seems frizzy as a result. I will continue to use, maybe this time was a fluke – I hope so. My stylist uses Redken on my damp hair, maybe I need to go that route.

Shawna Newbern, TN

Yes, it’s good so buy it

I have curly hair that’s very damaged from highlighting and coloring. It’s almost to the point of being crunchy. I’ve been conditioning like crazy in the shower, using leave-in sprays afterward, etc, and always the same lame results. I wanted to try a lotion versus the conditioning sprays so I got this and I am so happy I did. I don’t know what the deal is with the cashmere, if it’s what makes the difference or what, but this stuff actually SOFTENED my hair and it feels normal. I put it on towel dried hair and let it air dry. It’s wonderful. I can’t say it makes my hair shine, since my curly hair isn’t known for being shiny, more like unreflective curls 🙁 Straight hair has better light reflection, but I can definitely vouch for it making dry hair feel soft again!

Mavis Stirling, NJ

Big Bang for Little Buck!

Don’t let the reviews that say this is for teens or someone under 30, sway you away. I’m older than that and after discovering this gem for my thick curly hair (after years of expensive name brand products that DONOTWORK)….I can’t recommend it enough. I’m sensitive to smells and I never notice any lingering stink or perfume from these hair products.There are so many ways you can use this wonderful product, if you apply it to wet/damp curly hair and let it air dry, you get glossy defined curls with no frizz. If you are blowdrying your hair, it leaves you with manageable shiny hair. It also acts great as a setting lotion if you like curlers. It’s so versatile and if you have frizzy dry curly hair, you really MUST try it. And you might have to use a quarter-size dollop or so, but don’t be afraid of it.I actually start with the Crazysleek protectant, rub in some Smooth Operator, lightly blow dry and then spritz my still-damp hair with Kinkier (all by Got2B). My hair looks fabulous all day!If straightening, I start with the Crazysleek and a little Smooth Operator, blow dry straight as possible, spray in the 425 protectant and then go to town with the flatiron.Always great! And Walgreens has them B1G1 once or twice a year so they are a real bargain!

Alison Del Rey, CA

Good for curly, frizzy hair

I use this with my Herstyler flat iron, and it makes my curly hair super straight. The bottle it cute and comes with a little plastic charm. The bottle doesn’t come EXACTLY like in the picture, it’s slightly different. The scent smells fruity and sweet, it’s not the best smell but after I’m done flat ironing, it goes away. My straight hair lasts all day with out poofing or going crazy. I really like that it gets rid of all my frizzyness. I also love to use this after I shower on 80% dry hair. It keeps my curly hair from frizzing and makes it kind of wavy.

Evangelina Mc Gregor, IA

Ohh La La omg

I love this stuff. I don’t do a lot of stuff for my self, but this was the perfect treat for my hair and self confidence. I was thinking it was going go be a small bottle for the price but I was wrong, its a large and tall bottle. The smell is amazing, it smells like a candy shop. My husband (when hugging me) commented on my hair smelling good, and just for that I will forever buy this stuff. Its a lot like palmaide, but better. It smoothes out my mommy fly-aways and regular fly-aways. It makes my hair shinny and shimmery. Its smooth and lightweight, best of all it doesn’t over do it in my hair like other products do. My hair never feels greasy, but does feel soft. It comes with cute charms attached to it, you can use them on a charm bracelet or necklace, or like me a keychain.

Frances Pell Lake, WI