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Got2b Rockin’ It Encore Fresh Dry Shampoo, 4.3-Ounce

Want to skip a day of shampooing but keep your style rockin’? New got2b rockin’ it encore fresh DRY SHAMPOO tunes up your do and refreshes your hair without washing it so you can rock your style one more day. or more!

Key features

  • Refreshes hair without washing with water
  • Saves time
  • Rock your style one more day
  • Refresh & pump up your style in a pinch with göt2b fat-tastic dry shampoo.
  • For the girl on the go (and in the know!).
  • At last the fast fix you’ve been craving!
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Honest reviews


Very few uses in this bottle

I bought this thinking I would get multiple uses out of the bottle like the other got2b dry shampoo I have. I literally used this twice before the bottle went dry!! It was completely empty and I used it sparingly the two applications I got out of it. Not worth what it costs. Poorly designed! If you want a better bottle and more product, try the got2b fat-tastic collagen boosting dry shampoo. You’ll get a lot more uses and it will give you some volume too.

Neva Washington, GA

Best Dry Shampoo on the Market

I’ve tried a variety of dry shampoos, from the cheap Tresemme (horrible) to the expensive Bumble and Bumble (decent). This one is by far the best one. While it obviously has an arosol smell, it doesn’t force me out of the bathroom immediately, unlike some other dry shampoos. Plus, the scent is neutral for both genders. It’s pleasant, like baby powder.Best of all, it leaves your hair naturally soft and very clean. You do not feel the product in your hair nor does it make it stiff, which is the biggest problem with most other dry shampoos. (I used to resort to the ponytail, but with this I can wear my hair down and it will still style the way I want.) The strength of the spray is also stronger than most so hits the roots perfectly and evenly. If you’ve hated other dry shampoos, try this one. I have extremely oily roots and this took care of it very quickly and without having to over use the product. This is what dry shampoo is supposed to be.The one downside, if you can call it that, is the slightly smaller can. At 4.3 ounces it comes in slightly less than most other brands, like Batiste Dry. But keep in mind this stuff outbeats some very expensive brands, so it’s still a steal.

Irma Perkins, GA

Works well

I wanted to try an upgrade for my usual Pssssst! dry shampoo. This works well, although I don’t know if it works any better than my Pssssst!, although the spray seems better on this one. I have fine straight color processed hair that is oily but dry at the last few inches. I normally would wash my hair every day which dries out the bottom portion even more. With a dry shampoo I can go every other day to shampoo which is much healthier for my hair.

Angeline Saint Petersburg, FL


So they say it’s better for your hair to skip washing it at least every other day. Well, I’ve tried that, and I just cannot get past the oily scalp feeling or the ‘dirty hair’ smell that accompanies it. I bought this at Walgreen’s for around $4-5 and thought I’d give it a whirl.This morning I wore a shower cap in the shower (sexy, right?) and after, made sure all the little pieces that stick out dried completely before using this spray. You have to shake the can well and hold it 8″ from your head while spraying short bursts here ‘n there on your locks. It blows out a very fine, powdery substance that you work into your roots with your fingers. After, you thoroughly brush it in and style as usual. It doesn’t take much spray. I have shoulder-length hair and just hit the top a few times and then lifted a layer to spray underneath a bit.Well, I accomplished that over four hours ago, and my hair feels fresh as if I’d washed it. If I put my fingers on the back of my head and rub where it’s usually greasy, there’s nothing. Not even a chalky feeling like some dry shampoos give you. Also, there is no strange, ‘unclean’ smell. My style is holding well, too.The only downfall I see to this is, if you are wearing clothes while you spray, you might put a powdery film on them. And if you aren’t wearing any clothes yet, your skin will get the powder on it. It’s not a big thing, as you just brush it off of your skin, but I’m not sure what it would do to clothes, so that’s just something to think about.I suspect I will continue to feel fresh the rest of the day, but if for some reason by 4 o’ clock I look like I just combed my hair with the lint trap from my dryer or something, I will be sure to come back and update.

Linda Tiptonville, TN

Holy-Grail Dry Shampoo

I highly recommend giving this dry shampoo a chance.I have tried Aveeno, Dove, Tresemme, Pssst, Batiste and Suave. This takes the cake.Let me just also note, I have very oily/sensitive/acne prone skin. Which includes my scalp. All of the other dry shampoos I have tried have either broken out my scalp or my face around my hair line. Also, NONE of them have had such a wonderful lasting power against second day “grime” as this has. Meaning, if I found one that didn’t effect anything else, the lasting power was absolute crap. I aurally have a dark brown, multi-tonal hair color, but I dye it a dark black blue color so finding a dry shampoo that doesn’t turn me old lady gray has been difficult as well. The other thing I started noticing about dry shampoo’s is that they all have a starch in them…aluminum, corn or otherwise…and this one has rice starch, which is a little less toxic.This also has wondrous volume that lasts and allows you to style your hair whatever way you want without getting in the way.You can also use it on freshly washed hair for some added volume and style ability / texture.So as you have probably guess by now…This is my HG dry shampoo. It meets all my expectations and more. The sent is very pleasant, but I know scent is a very personal thing so I really cant say everyone will love it. (I don’t like really girly fragrances) Anyway, so here is the best way to use this amazing product: Section hair; spray a small amount in a line along the roots of the section; message in with fingertips; let it soak in for 5 minutes; brush and/ or blow our hair. Ta-da! 🙂

Polly Lozano, TX

3 uses and it’s empty!

The shampoo is good, i’m a brunette and it works fine, but i used it 3 times and it was empty!!! that’s kind of ridiculous! I’m letting my hair grow, so i don’t wanna wash it too much, i didn’t even apply that much at all, just applied it to my roots because i was wearing a head band, and that’s it. It’s gone! I will not be buying this again, going to try another dry shampoo that has more product in it.

Muriel Mineral, CA

Got2b Dry Shampoo

I used this the day after washing my hair. I followed directions and began choking over the nauseating smell of talcom powder. The powder got over everything my desk/computer/clothes not to mention in my eyes and mouth. My hair looked slightly less greasy but more coarse on the lengths. My scalp still felt just as unwashed and my hair only felt slightly better. The smell faded off my hair gradually but was replaced with pain in the areas I rubbed it into the scalp. I should have washed it out but didn’t. After washing it out in the shower the next day my scalp is still very sore. Maybe it has something to do with the ingredient list?Ingredients:isobutane, oryza sativa, alcohol denat, butane, propane, parfumI hate the smell, it makes my hair feel dirty and the TOXIC ingredients irritated my scalp and faded my atomic pink hair dye as much as washing it every day for a week would!

Carmela Kewanee, IL

Very cheap, easy to find, and works very well

I have dark, long hair, and this product works very well for my hair. I will admit that it does leave some white residue, because I don’t have the lightest hand when it comes to spraying it, but it brushes out reasonably well, and it soaks up the oil in my hair super fast. I used to have to wash my hair every day if I wanted to go out in public, but now I just spray this in my hair by sectioning up my hair, then massage it into my scalp, wait a few seconds and brush it out. It gives my hair great volume and doesn’t leave it feeling too gritty. The smell is nice and clean, as well. It would be perfect if I were blonde.

Jillian Rutland, ND

Used once.

Just like many other reviewers I got one use out of this. On the second use, air wouldn’t stop spraying out from the nozzle no matter what I did. It emptied itself. Bummer. However, it DID work well.. that one time…

Dorothea Lehigh, OK

Great price, but caused a break out

I loved this product for a week or so, great price, absorbed oil like magic but then it disappeared and my scalp broke out like crazy. I got this huge red bumps all around the nape of my neck that were painful and irritated. No clue what it was but after I discontinued using the product my scalp was fine again. If you have sensitive skin, I’d steer clear.

Velma Cranfills Gap, TX

Great dry shampoo for a great price

Really good dry shampoo. Works well, though I found it needs to be rubbed in a little more than the other got2b dry shampoo. Still good and can’t beat the price. Arrived quickly and well packaged.

Mavis Keeseville, NY

Great! but the bottle emptied quick :-/

I love Got2b products, and this is no different. I’ve tried a couple other dry shampoos, but Got2b’s dry shampoo has been my favorite. I would spray some on my brush and run it through my hair. It always seemed to add a little more life (with less grease). Plus, I like the smell!The only downside is that I only used it around 10 times, and the bottle is already empty! I went to use it this morning, and there’s like nothing left! I used it a couple days ago, and the bottle seemed to be almost full. I’m confused as to how to emptied so quickly! This product is almost $5 (not a terrible price), but for only around 10 uses, I’m not sure it’s worth it. I do like it though, but I just wish I could get more uses out of it.

Nichole Basye, VA

Didn’t do a thing

My hair is fairly dark. I know dry shampoos are supposed to leave white powdery stuff once you spray it, but why is it so STICKY compare to other ones and leaves me with nasty flakes that almost resembles rice and dandruff? I got so frustrated after using this because my hair looked worse than before. So I had to go into the shower and wash my hair which defeats the whole purpose of using the dry shampoo. It doesn’t give me any volume either. My hair becomes flat so it’s difficult to play around when it comes to styling. I guess it does suck out the oil from the root a bit. The only pro about this is the smell. Nothing else.

Odessa Kirkland, AZ


Haven’t washed my hair in 3 days and still going strong. Smells normal like hairspray with a kick. good for covering up dirty hair stench .

Judith Rocky Ford, CO