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Got2b Guardian angel Gloss Finish Flat Iron Balm, 6.8-Ounce

b invincible with got2b Guardian Angel formulated with proven 425° heat protection plus patented combined styling support. There’s no more need to go any hotter. You crave the stick straight styles, but it’s such hard work, and oh, the damage done… This flat iron straightening balm moisturizes and insulates your hair from flat iron frying to provide long-lasting sleek, frizz-free locks with luminous shine effects. Forget the styling sins of the past, your hair is flat-out invincible now.

Key features

  • Moisturizes and insulates your hair from flat iron frying
  • Provides long-lasting sleek frizz-free locks with luminous shine effects
  • Formulated with proven 425 DegreeF heat protection plus patented combined styling support
  • For hot hair
  • Straighten, protect, be redeemed
  • Temperatures above 425° degrees de-nature your hair!

Honest reviews


Great Product

I spray my hair with this product just before and right after using my flat iron and it works great. Leaves a shiny sheen to my hair when combined with using a flat iron as both provide shine to the hair. It’s like a spritz that comes out of the nozzle, sprays just the right amount and has a great scent/odor, not too overpowering, just smells pretty almost like a candy smell.PROS:Gives a great shine and sheen to the hair when combined with flat iron useage.Can be used without using a flat iron if you just want to spritz your hair and give it a quick shine before going out.Easy to use spray nozzle and the bottle is slim and easy to store anywhere.Has a pleasant sweet candy odor, not overpowering, just smells really cool.Isn’t sticky, never leaves a residue and never makes my hair oily or anything. Never makes my hands sticky either. Very lightweight product on the hair.CONS:None really, I love this stuff, nothing to complain about.

Lynnette Sugarloaf Shores, FL

Great but Its Got Alcohol Denat

But this is a really lovely spray. Doesn’t smell too bad. It’s a little oily but it does leave hair sleak and straight. Very nice, overall. Works as well as Organix but smells lighter, which I like.

Shelby Tollhouse, CA

Does nothing it claims to

It left my hair sticky and fried. Did nothing to help with smoothing my hair for the flat iron. Also left a strange smell in my hair-that had been washed. Please note that I don’t use a cheapy iron. I use either my Chi or GHD.

Gena Walton, KY

Nice product

I use this for flat ironing and body waving my hair. It stops my hair from being burned by the heat from the appliances. It doesn’t make my hair hard and is a nice addition to add in your hair care regimen.

Pauline Zephyr, TX

Worked Great for Me!

I will give the product 4 stars for now because I used it only once with fabulous results! While out of town, my hair became wet while my family and I were out sightseeing (the weather was damp and rainy). I purchased this product at Walmart because the brand my daughter uses was not in supply (although I never tried hers previously). Later that night in our hotel room, I washed, conditioned and blow dried my hair. My daughter flat-ironed it using this spray. I was surprised at the result: shiny, soft – simply beautiful hair! I recommendeded the product later that year to my friends to try out. I am African American with a relaxer. I’ve tried other heat protectants before and have not experienced such results. I’m not the best at using heat styling tools, so maybe my daughter’s deft hand helped a bit. Any way, I still have a good amount of the product left and will use it up until finished. I am trying to stay away from heat styling so it may take a while.

Geraldine Douglas, OK

Great product at a great price!

This flat iron spray works well and smells great! I watched a YouTube video featuring this spray and she used way too much product. A little goes a long way.

Vicky Apache Junction, AZ


Smells really good. Surely takes away volume and protects hair. Sometimes I like to use it even if I’m not straightening my hair just because it takes away the volume so much! Makes it really shiny too.

Courtney Somes Bar, CA

its ok i guess..

i got this for a great deal and i gotta say im glad i got this for cheap cuz this is ok but it makes my hair feel weird and sticky..maybe its just me but it makes my hair feel tacky like i have to much product in my hair..even if i use a very small amout..i like the silky smooth soft look..this isnt horrible and it does protect but there are better flat iron heat protectants out there..i will be using this as a back up..

Rebekah Oakley, IL

Love this!!

I really like this product. Every time I use it, I notice my hair turns out smooth and silky.On the bottle, it says to spray about 8-10 inches from head so remember to do that. I sprayed my hair pretty close (about 2 inches away) once, and it was kind of sticky when I tried to straighten it (when you hold the bottle father away, the spray spreads more). If you’re about 10 inches away, it works soooo well!Well I run out, I am definitely buying this again!

Ola Six Mile Run, PA

Great Heat Protector!

I purchased this product about a month ago because I wanted to try something new as a heat protector. I really like how this worked on my hair. It didn’t have that crunchy feeling after using and it smells yummy! It left a great shine and no breakage at all. Just remember not to over spray. Will purchase again.

Millicent Buffalo, SD

Very Good

I use this product twice so far and I am in live with it.Of course that the real benefits will come later on when my hair does not present a burn aspect because of the flat iron. I use flat iron almost every day and finding a product that will give protection (real protection) to my hair is priceless. I have been using kerastase for more than 3 years. So expensive and gives the same results as this Got2b angel flat iron balm. My hair is shinny! very good without doubt!

Muriel Vacaville, CA

Works well and doesn’t cost a fortune

After living four years in Colorado at high altitude I’ve finally accepted that my hair is now dry and needs a lot more TLC than I was used to giving back when I was living at sea level. One of those items that I can’t go without is a good flat iron heat protecting spray. I recently tried Got2B Guardian Angel and am very pleased with the results.I was a little concerned at first as I thought Guardian Angel was a little light weight and wouldn’t be able to provide much protection. But I was so wrong. It made my hair easy to flat iron and the whole process was a lot quicker. Although my hair is not long (just above the shoulder, but it is thick, and its slight wave can be sort of stubborn.) I used to blow it dry, trying to straighten it with a round brush, followed by the flat iron. The whole process took me over 20 minutes and my hair sometimes still felt frizzy. Now I let my hair air dry until it’s almost dry, then quickly blow it dry (that takes just a few minutes since we have so little humidity here.) Then I spray on Guardian Angel, flat iron it, and in 5 minutes my hair is ready to go.My hair seems to be much smoother and stays looking good until the next shampoo (for me that’s every other day.) I like that Guardian Angel doesn’t leave my hair feeling oily or greasy. While it doesn’t exactly seem to provide a lot of extra shine, my hair does feel healthier and definitely looks better.Best yet, Guardian Angel sells for only around $5 for a 6.8 ounce bottle. I think it’s a great deal compared to salon products, so I’ll definitely be buying it again. 4 stars

Kristine Chelsea, NY

Got2b Guardian Angel Flat Iron Balm with Gloss Finish

Got2b Guardian Angel Flat Iron Balm with Gloss Finish is very good. And is fantastic. Loved it! is my favorite.I recommend to everyone.

Courtney Walker, IA

Smells great

Bought this for my 11 year old daughter along with a flat iron, her hair smells great and is protected

Tiffany Stanley, NM