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Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray, 12 Ounce

Freeze that style into place with got2b Blasting Freeze Spray. Spray through hair carelessly for that sexy, messy look or twist tips into spikes for outrageous hold that will last until your next shampoo. Only for stuck up styles and extreme rock hard hair. Cool Tip: For over the top spikes, spray heavily and twist tips. Allow to dry and finish with an additional blast. For that messy look, spray hair from root to end and massage with fingertips in a circular motion. Finish with a direct blast to cement your style. To scrunch, layer Glued Spiking Glue through wet hair and finish with blasting freeze spray.

Key features

  • For a blasting hold
  • Spike, cement, finish
  • Screaming hold for hair
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Honest reviews


No longer great

I used to love this hairspray but NO MORE! The company changed the spray head design and the darn thing clogs soooo frequently, the spray pattern is all messed up. You wound up with hair spray (almost lacquer-like) in my eyes, on your forehead, everywhere but your hair. The company should know better – a hard hold spray is thick and drys very hard, so they need a good spray head design and a cap, so it doesn’t clog so easily.

Tammy Billings, MO

Learning How to Use It

I have made several attempts to spike my hair, but it continues to fall. My daughter is going to help me get it right. Can’t wait for the finall results!

Luella Terre Hill, PA

Great for hair pieces.

I wear a man’s hair piece. The manufacturer told me that many guys were using Got2be glued spiking cream mixed in the palm with a blast of Freeze spray. This will hold my piece securely for 2 or 3 days and it’s water-soluble so you can slide it off when you shower. You have to try this!!

Elvira Jay, FL

Does the job really well without giving you helmet head.

The name might make you think of Mohawks…but in reality this is one great spray even if you like your hair to move and look natural. I have a mid length bob and this holds the shape without looking hard. My friends son recommended it, and I love it.

Mitzi Jolo, WV

Great hairspray!

This is a very affordable hairspray. It has a strong hold, but combs right out. My hairdresser uses it even though it is a pricey salon. He thinks it is a great product.

Roseann Hornbrook, CA

Awesome !

you want your hair to stay ? I recommend this 100% . Your hair with out a doubt will not loose whatever shape you put it in. I’ve been using this for 3 years. This hair spray is so strong. The smell reminds me of beer, I don’t mind it. A lot comes in the can too and love the way its shaped like an air horn. !

Johnnie Fruitland, IA

Great hairspray!

Great hairspray for the ‘freeze need’. This works. and by works i mean really really works. it freezes curls and hair in place and is the cheerleaders choice of hairspray even in hot conditions!

Yolanda La Feria, TX


I don’t wear spikes in my hair. I just need hairspray. Got 2B Glued Blasting Freeze is the best hair spray I’ve ever used. It holds without the stickiness. My hair stays put, but I don’t feel like I have hair spray on at all.If I need to brush my hair or restyle later, I don’t have to worry about residue flaking off. It doesn’t flake off. I can restyle as I please as if I had never sprayed it.The only problem is the nozzle, which gets clogged after every spray. Just be sure to clean the nozzle before spraying (a quick flick with the fingernail is usually enough).This is truly a wonderful hair spray. It will take a lot to convince me to switch.

Judi Maywood, MO

Hardcore spray

This is the only hairspray I use. I have a ton of kinky-curly, thick hair that I love to style, especially in HUGE ways – faux hawks, pompadours, or just generally making it as big as I can for a pom-pom type of look. But, because my hair is so heavy, it never wants to stay that way. Unless I have this spray in it – I can literally flip my head upside down, spray, and my hair will stay sticking straight up even after I stand back up, yet it’s easy to work with. Both times I’ve done faux-hawk type styles, and I’ve taken out my hair clips (my hair is just beyond shoulder length), my hair has STAYED in its style, because the hold is just incredible. If you don’t need a MASSIVE hold, just hold the can away from a greater distance for a mist of spray. This stuff is also great to mold and style with, and I use it to tame flyaways fairly often. I also love that it doesn’t give me a greasy/wet or dryed out look, my hair just looks normal.

Pearlie Lexington, KY

Best hold ever

Just to try something different I bought the Loreal Ellnet and though it keeps my hair looking shiny and healthy, the hold still isnt what this puppy can do. For the price and results, this is unbeatable.

Brianna Blounts Creek, NC