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Got2b Fat-tastic Thickening Plumping Mousse, 8.5-Ounce

Weren’t born with thick, lush hair? Stop hating your hair and started living’ large with got2b fat-tactic thickening HAIRSPRAY. This lightweight HAIRSPRAY is infused with collagen to make your hair feel instantly thicker, denser and full of body. The aerosol formula is non-sticky and dries fast giving you perfect plumping all day long!

Key features

  • Instant collagen infused
  • Big plumped style
  • Use got2b mousse to push up and bodily thin or lifeless hair
  • Makes hair feel thicker, denser and stronger
  • Infuses hair with elasticity
  • Fat-Tastic Instant Collagen Infusion Mousse by Got2b for Unisex – 8.5 oz Mousse
  • Fat-Tastic Instant Collagen Infusion Mousse by Got2b for men
  • Instant collagen infusion
  • A feast for fine hair
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Honest reviews


I said “WOW” with my first use of this!!

I read reviews at several websites before buying this. Maybe I shouldn’t have given this FIVE stars, because I still have yet to try everything out there yet…..OH, wait, maybe I have….but for now, it’s a FIVE for me. I’ve tried SOOO many I can’t even count. I’ve even tried several on top of each other….so if one worked, I wouldn’t know which. But, this one I tried alone with nothing else with it to see how it worked……so I have some slack with the four stars. I read one review that said “it’s a bit on the expensive side”….but I paid $5.99 at Walgreens….I don’t consider that expensive. Not when I’ve paid almost $40 for one product.So, I bought this, tried it and “WOW” was my first response after just the first use. My bangs were DOUBLE the volume and thickness as they usually are. I am almost 66 and do look much younger than my age, but my thinning, very fine hair has been a stressful thing for me because of a medication I have to take. I NEVER wear my own hair, other than my bangs….I curl them….I wear several different hair pieces at different times that match my hair pinned on the back of my head with my other VERY thin hair twisted up in a barrette. But, my dream would be to be able to get a nice body wave and wear MY hair in a nice style again. This product is giving me a bit of hope. I’ve ordered a hair system called “Nioxin System 3 For Fine, Chemical Treated Hair Starter Kit”. I chose the “chemically treated” because of my medication probably being built up in my hair. It had VERY high ratings from every site I went to. So….with hopes of that and this Got2b Fat-Tastic Thickening Plumping Mousse, I may have a nice head of hair again. I wanted to write a review because I depend on them SO much before I EVER buy anything, anyplace. Try it. I don’t think you will be disappointed!!!

Hillary Fenton, MO

Good Stuff

My hair is fine so I don’t have much natural volume to it. I tried this product and it works very well. Don’t use too much or that just weighs it back down again. But it works well through all of my hair, not just at the roots. The smell to it is different, but I still like it and I only notice the smell right when I first spray the mousse in my hands. It doesn’t leave my hair stiff at all and the volume does seem to last throughout the day.

Sue Kemp, OK

Works GREAT!

I recently purchased this Got2b Fat-tastic at Walmart for $3.97. I’ve tried so many “thickening/root lift” products and this is the best yet! I’m VERY happy I bought it!I’ve read reviews that talk about how bad it smells. Mmmm…. no…. I have a super keen sense of smell, and this product doesn’t smell bad. Actually, it has very little fragrance to it. I can’t smell it in my hair at all.Shake can well, and mousse comes out powerfully, so just squeeze a little bit – about the size of an egg for all your root area. It has amazing lasting power! It seriously is the most helpful product for “root lift” I’ve tried – ever!The price point is so low I thought it might be kind of worthless. Not the case at all though! It DOES provide volume and lift! All day, and through the evening too! I’ll buy it again. For sure. Because it actually does what it says it will do. VERY good stuff! Highly recommend. Again, it doesn’t have any type of bad smell! I think it’s a very light, run-of-the mill fragrance. Super mild. But it gives your hair powerful lift & volume. Doesn’t make my hair crunchy or rough, either!Oh – and I’ve got the “Not Your Mother’s” brand of powder root lift – it’s called Girl Power Volumizing Hair Powder. I also have got2b “Powderful” which is the same thing as the Girl Power. They work ok, but the lift & volume doesn’t last as long as the Fat-tastic, and just doesn’t do the job as well as Fat-tastic!

Sheri Winnett, MT

No foam?

I’m not sure if it was because this was shipped in hot weather or what but this does not foam up like traditional mousse it just sort of drizzles out in this goop. However the goop works perfectly! I get lots of bounce and a light texture to my hair. I’ll get this product again but maybe from a store next time.

Pamela Hudson, WY

Works WONDERS on fine, limp hair!

What a blessing this product has been! My hair is naturally fine and limp. I could not believe the way this mousse pumped up the volume! I went from limp locks to getting compliments on my hair – seriously!My normal routine is, Tresseme root lifting spray, this mouse and the Got2Be shine serum. (But if I had to choose just ONE product to use, it’d be this stuff!) I apply all three, in that order, to damp hair and blow dry, lifting at the roots with a brush. After, I back-comb just a tiny bit under the topmost section of hair for more lift.Walgreens carries this product, and it retails for $4.99…. AND they often have buy one/get one on the G2B products, so I pick up several at a time.As a side note, if you are sick of your flat hair, another thing that helped me tremendously was getting a few highlights put in. Talk about volume! Between the color & this mousse, I am loving my hair!

Katheryn Osgood, IN

good mousse

this is a good mousse for vollume..however dont used to much or it makes ur hair feeldry and dirty and i have fine hair and if i use to much i get knots and my hair feels course..but it does work ON THE ROOT AREA..i dont recommend using alot or using all over

Yvonne Rose Hill, VA

Gives my fine hair texture

I’ve bought at least 3 of these. It’s a good price on Amazon, but I’m a bit of an Amazon junkie, so I buy everything on here.A little goes a long way with this. I like to use this right before I blow dry with a round brush. It gives me volume and gives a little texture to my otherwise very fine hair. I don’t even need hairspray with this. If I curl my hair, I will use some hairspray. I try not to use a ton of product, but this is one of my must haves.

Simone Mount Meigs, AL

Good Hold but Smelly

The honey scent is very strong in this product. It has decent hold and helps with volume but I find myself with a headache if I wear too much because of the scent.

Diane Culleoka, TN

Only mousse I use

I have VERY fine hair and unless I use this mousse, it lies flat to my head no matter how much hairspray I use. This gives my hair body & helps it hold the lift from blowdrying. Best stuff ever.

Marcy Fort Thomas, KY

OK, not incredible

I usually use Paul Mitchell’s thicken up and root lifter. I bought this for a cheaper alternative in between wanting to look my best on a night out. This did not deliver. I have baby fine, thin hair so I need something that adds texture without being greasy or grimey. This just didn’t give me the same lasting results as Paul Mitchell’s products that transform my hair, but it was okay for a quick same day look.

Louella Manor, PA