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Goody – Womens Classic Polyband Clear Elastic Bands ~ 52 Bands

Goody Womens Classic Polyband Elastics 52CT – Color: Clear – (Pack of 1 Only)

Key features

  • Goody Womens Classic Polyband Elastics 52CT
  • Color: Clear

Honest reviews


havnt use it yet

bought it but i have not yet use it. so 3 stars for now. will update after i use it

Rosemary Westminster Station, VT

The Best

I love this product… I have been using them for years, however they are slowly becoming difficult to find in stores such as Walmart, Giant or Safeway. I was so happy to find that Amazon sells them and hope that they will continue to. I like that the elastics have no metal and that they are easy to use and last for a long time. It’s the only pony-tail holders I use! I always keep them in my pocket, purse, at work, in the car… everywhere!

Evelyn Eagleville, MO


After seeing so many cute hairstyles on Pinterest that have fishtail braids, water fall braids, over under braids, and so on, most of the tutorials all use these small clear rubberbands. These are a great deal on here and they work perfect. They are too tiny, just big enough to fit over my whole braid. They are also very flexible and I have had yet to have one break. I reuse them often, surprisingly they don’t lose their stretch and hold well after many uses!

Nadia Eastman, WI

Something I use everyday

They do exactly what you would expect them to. I can re-use them if I can manage to get them out of my hair without cutting them, but I cut them most of the time because I’m too tired after work (seam rippers work the best). I use these to make my buns look neater (by gathering my loose ends with a band before bobby pinning it down… as opposed to just pinning the ends down). Also good for under ribbons. Ever tried tying your hair with just a ribbon? It’s impossible to get a secure, lasting hold. These make it possible. I would say it’s an essential hair tool for anyone doing buns or working with bows/ribbons.

Mitzi Linwood, MI

I wouldn’t be without them

Great elastic bands. I use them when I exercise to keep my hair off of my neck; keeping me cool, and my hair looking fresh. Also, they are very nice for some interesting hair styles. I wouldn’t be without them.(Review of GOODY Elastic-Bands)

Bessie Morse, TX

These are so ace

For updos. Why didn’t i buy these before? They don’t even snap when I double loop them. I use them with curled hair to make soft side buns, and with those hair donut things that look like sea urchins. Ace! But if you drop it you’ll never find it again 🙂

Teri Cylinder, IA

Bands OK Beware Image

These bands are bigger an thicker than the ones I have used before, but my gripe is with the packaging match to description. I ordered the assorted and received all black. The image is of the three different packs, each of which has 52 in it, not of a selection of three packages all of which will be shipped.

Benita Rollin, MI

Don’t stick to hair, don’t break

I’ve gotten other colors in other brands but all around black always seems to work the best for the longest and these are no different. They do tend to get stretched out but they don’t seem to get so stretched out I have to stop using them. Truthfully because they are pretty small I think I lose them far before they get too stretched. I don’t have big thick hair so I can’t attest for how useful they are for people that have more issues keeping their hair up. I does seem to stick in hair well but when you want it out it doesn’t grab like rubber bands do, but I do try to be gentle when I take them out. I don’t know if they damage hair but I do worry about it, what makes them so good seems like it could also cut into hair a bit.I will likely be back to order more when I lose mine.

Priscilla Oilton, TX

Break too easy

These use to be better quality. I have short hair just long enough to throw in a ponytail. These work terrific and staying on and not slipping in my short, fine hair. My biggest complaint is they break after 1 use, on average. I may get a couple of pony tails out of one, but not very often. So, if you need something that holds well, these are great, just make sure you carry spares on you. If not, you will be left in a mess as I was when I went to straighten my hair up and it busted on me. Luckily I had a couple of bobby pins in holding some layers back, so I was able to makeshift a teeny bun. Now I keep extras in my purse.

Susanne Clines Corners, NM

Definitely not ouchless as I thought they were!

I bought these because they are clear and I had been told they don’t snag. While they get the job done, I have to say that they snag my hair. Also, if you have darker brown hair, I would recommend getting the black ones. Clear shows quite clearly! These are good for incorporating into updos because they are small but I have found I prefer the snag proof elastic better. Also, these elastics stretch out of shape after one or two uses.

Cathy Rancho Cordova, CA

These work well

these work well, they don’t stretch very far but that was ok with me because i had a small amount of hair i needed to ‘wrap’. they do not break easily like traditional hair rubber bands. heavy duty. they state they shouldn’t pull hair when you remove them, but hair does get wrapped around them and still will pull. this is much less of a pull than say a regular rubber band – but it still does pull a bit.

Bette Midland City, AL

Minimalist bands…

I like these because of the minimalist look. I would give it 5 stars if they were just a little bit more flexible. I have very thin hair, so I wish I bend them 3 times around my ponytail for a better hold. I would buy these again.

Kasey Adamsville, OH

good for the price

pretty good buy for rubber bands. they last long hold my daughters hair and only a few popped but not this is not a bad purchase if you are on a budget.

Stacey Newtonville, NJ

Worse than you can imagine

I bought this elsewhere and tried it today. 1st: I cannot get 2 fingers in one band in order to put it in my hair. Finally, I manage do get one on. 1hour later it was not there. I have not made a purchase with such negativity in a long time. I expect this on products made in THAT communist country. However, it must be terribly difficult to make these so poorly.

Nichole Cedar, KS

Good for no-show styles

I am not sure why there are negative reviews. These elastics are meant for styles when you don’t want your ponytail holder to show. They do the job very well, and I have not had any luck finding them in stores- only on Amazon.

Benita Mangham, LA

Last Forever and Stretch If You Need It

I wear these almost every day. I have super thick hair that’s prone to frizzing so I use these to tame it while I’m at work. As they come, they are about an inch in diameter. However, if you give them a good hard pull, they will stretch to at least twice that size, but they almost never break. Also, they are slick so on a person with smooth shoulder-length hair it shouldn’t be too much work to get them out. On a bad day though, if I’m really tired and don’t feel like working it out of my ponytail, i just cut it out. They’re pretty much disposable.

Geri Poseyville, IN