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Goody Styling Essentials Roller, Multi Pack, 31 Count

Goody is the World’s most recognized manufacturer of hair styling tools and accessories and has been making hair look fabulous for over 100 years. Goody provides consumers with products inspired by the latest designer trends so they can enjoy style with value and create any look with ease.

Key features

  • Goody styling solutions
  • Self holding rollers help create volume
  • Easy to use, no pins necessary
  • Comes in a convenient storage case
  • 31 Piece count

Honest reviews



DO NOT PURCHASE! if you want to keep the hair on your head, do not, I repeat do not purchase these rollers. Imagine putting your hair in between 2 sheets of velcro and then twisting it up. Next you’ll want to try and get your hair removed from in between those 2 strips without pulling every head of hair you have out. This is exactly what I felt I was doing. it took me 2 hours to get these curlers out of my hair and let me tell you, it was painful. After getting the first one out I noticed that my ends were like cotten candy. All fuzzy and bushy. Don’t waste your money on these unless your into pain and don’t mind losing most of the hair you have on your head.

Gina Indian Trail, NC

It Does Hold But It Brakes Your Hair

This Product does hold by it’s self as long as you roll your hair once or twice on it. What I dislike about it is that it pulls your hair and gives your hair this staticky fly away look. Also it will cause breakage because it pull out your hair.

Lynnette Nicholville, NY

Great Variety Pack!

This multi pack comes with a great variety of sizes. It can be used for loose waves or tight barrel curls. It comes with 6 of the jumbo (purple), 6 large (pink), 5 medium (yellow), 9 small (blue), and 5 extra small (orange). They hold very well without any clips, but I will occasionally use bobby pins to keep them in place. For the price, it is a great set!

Lynne Shannon, NC

Cheap and stupid product

These rollers suck! Yes they are cheap, yes they come in variety of sizes but seriously no clips? I’m sorry but your hair is NOT going to hold this roller just by itself. I used Bobby pins to secure them. Also they tangled my hair like crazy! I brushed and smoothened my hair and every time I used those (4 times) I had to literally ripped them off my head with handful of hair 🙁 threw them out and won’t ever regret. Waste of money

Polly Charlevoix, MI

A Great Variety

These curlers are conveniently packed in their own storage case which is very convenient. I suppose it depends upon the length and thickness of one’s hair; I find that these curlers work just right for me. I do use roller pins to keep them in place. It all depends upon one’s preference to use pins or not. My curls are beautifully formed and styling is a breeze from that point on. I am so glad to have found these curlers here on Amazon since they are not available in any of the stores that I have tried.

Helen Red Bank, NJ


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THESE!They all come in different sizes so we’re free to experiment with our hair styles.

Flora Seaton, IL

Waste of Money

These do not work. Total waste of money, I would not recommend purchasing this item. The price was not great for how poor of a product this is.

Geneva Tamassee, SC

nice product

I have used these rollers in the past and really liked that they come out of my hair without tangling.

Lucile Eastabuchie, MS

great hair curlers

these really are great, and come in different sizes,so you can curl your hair in so many styles..i roll mine while still damp,when dry its all curled and looks problem, curls stay longer too..

Helena Muir, PA

work great on fine hair

I have been using Goody Styling Rollers for years. I have fine hair, and to blow it dry just damages it. I can usethe rollers, spray whatever I desire on my rollers and hair, wait to dry, and my hair always looks good. Rarely have Iused a hair dryer. I take them with me when I get my hair cut and or colored, My hairdresser loves using them onmy hair. I use the smaller ones, but got a variety pack just to see how it would work as I am growing out my hair. Ican use a bigger size for more "puff or bounce" , but I like the smaller ones because there is a wave and curl in myhair with them. I highly recommend this for anyone who has a challenge with keeping their hair styled, or has finehair.

Lydia June Lake, CA