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Goody Stay Put Hold Tight Headbands Set of Two StayPut – Twilight New Moon Bella’s Hairband Brand Style

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Key features

  • Set of Two Heabands – Colors vary by set (can include grey, dark grey, silver, gold, blue, pink, etc.)
  • Same brand and style used as prop in Twilight Saga movies
  • Grey headband is same color worn by Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart)
  • Features Stay Put Technology – 39% more hold – “Hold Tight, Stay Tight”
  • Great collectible Twilight Saga memorabilia prop replica/reproduction

Honest reviews



These are great headbands. Made really well and look cute. The ones that were sent to me were a chocolate brown and khaki. They are good quality and I would recommend them to anyone.

Dianne Mangum, OK


Lots of compliments on these, even when worn around my neck (had glasses on my head)people remarked that they liked it. Keeps put on head, great grip and construction. Would purchase again.

Leta Goshen, CT

Nice headband.

A little thin but it does the trick for my daughter. I tried it too and it isn’t that bad, could be a bit wider though.

Michelle Haverhill, OH

Wish they would make these and sell again in USA

I cannot find these in stores anymore. I have fine, thin hair. It is the only thing that stays on my head and holds my hair back. My favorite!

Antonia Orla, TX

Headband Review

The headband is ok.Pro’s – Doesn’t pinch. Not too tight. Rubbery band woven around the headband to grip hair.Con’s – Length is too short. Ends just above the "normal" curve length that I’m accustomed to.

Desiree Oakland, FL

Love them

I have bought these around 4 or 5 other times. Some where for me, some for gitfs. I love them that much. Look’s beautiful, not too tight on my head or right behind the ears either. It appears to be paded on the ends and somehow it stays on the band. I have never had one come lose. Colors are nice, size is good and I will continue to buy these for as long as I will need a head band.

Sharron Kenedy, TX

too tight

well i got 2 black ones. i’ve had then for about 2 years and i hate them. they HURT. and they pinch,

Laura Bourneville, OH