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Goody Slide Proof Stayput Black Elastics, 4 mm

Goody Slide-Proof is a line of everyday stylish accessories designed to provide all-day mazimum hold. These accessories fit securely without sacrificing style and are the perfect accessory to keep hair looking its best throughout the day.

Key features

  • These slide-proof elastics have a rubber tread weaved through the elastic for superior staying power
  • Formerly known as goody stayput
  • For all hair types
  • 4mm elastics, black color
  • 10 Piece count

Honest reviews


Good for thin hair!

These are good for people who have thin hair, they don’t slide off. Wished Goody would offer a smaller size slide proof ponytail holders. Also, after using them a few times, they stretch out. So far they are the best ponytail holders for thin hair unless you can find the original goody ponytail holders with the metal seal.

Nola Wrights, IL

Good Price and Product

Great Buy. I have a lot of hair and go throw elastics like water. This is a great buy. Wish I could put it on subscribe and save!!

Kimberlee Alcester, SD

Stays put – you won’t go back to your old hairbands after trying these

I have thick hair and I like to wear it in a ponytail. So, many of the typical hair bands that I have used are constantly slipping down and sometimes the ponytail band slips right out of my hair. I tried these bands and they really do grip your hair. I only had to adjust this band once during the day to keep my ponytail up high. I have such thick hair, so I was amazed at how well they stayed put throughout a long day of wearing a relatively high ponytail and chasing my kids.You do need to be careful not to yank them out of your hair though, because you will rip some of your hair out. Instead, gently take them out to avoid hair breakage. I will definitely continue to buy these hair bands to keep my pony tails in place!

Valeria Coin, IA

Wish they sold this in stored!

These bands stay on SOOO well. I have pretty thick hair and the regular Goody bands snap after continued use. I will continue to order these.

Karin Blooming Glen, PA

Pretty good

I was surprised at how many arrived in the order (I’m sure it says in the description, but who reads all that?). These are some of my favorite elastics. At first they are a bit tight but if you stretch them out a couple times, they are fine. My only complaint is they don’t stay put when doing aerobic / dance exercise. I have a ton of hair and try to put it up for my work-outs but it always falls down. A normal ponytail will hold fine, but if you try to do any form of a bun, it doesn’t. Under normal circumstances, these do hold well though, so I do like them for normal wear.

Paula Frost, TX