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Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin for Dark Hair 3 Easy Styles 2 Pins

Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin for Dark Hair 3 Easy Styles 2 Pins

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Holds All Day

These little pins really do hold hair up all day. I have long, fine curly hair and these two pins can secure it all day, even at the gym. They are simple to use – simply bundle up your hair and screw the pins into the bun to secure it. It’s easy enough to do even without using a mirror. The instructions say you don’t need a hair elastic, but I normally use one. Without first making a pony-tail, the bun gets flattened out and I prefer a rounder bun. I have no problem getting the pins through the bundle of hair at the elastic. I haven’t tried using them for a French twist, but I’m sure these pins could hold it up. They are so much better than using several little bobby pins that stick out and snag your hair. The spin pins are painless and virtually invisible once they’re in. I think these would be especially good for people with sensitive scalps since you only need two for an up-do and the tips are rounded and comfortable.

Earnestine Floyd Dale, SC

picture not accuate

they don’t work on my hair like the picture. i have tons of pieces that stick out. however it is very secure.

Kate Rochelle, VA

These actually work!

I was skeptical that only 2 of these funny-looking bobby pins would hold my hair up, but they do! My hair is shoulder length with layers and I was able to make a messy bun very quickly. I think these should also be less damaging to the hair than elastics. I would recommend always twisting them clockwise when you put them in, so you know to turn counter-clockwise to remove them. They come out without tangling that way. The color of the pins doesn’t really matter. Very little of it is visible once it’s in, especially if you do a messy bun.

Reba Gordon, NE

Way better than bobby pins

I have long thick hair and it would take 8-10 bobby pins to achieve a reasonable hold. Then the pins would damage my hair as I was taking them out. One of these little guys does a great job with holding my hair and 2 is better than a dozen pins. The blonde pins blend nicely with my hair. Great product.

Carolyn Rock Cave, WV

I can’t believe how well these work

I have hip length hair, full, but very straight, very heavy, very fine textured, and light brown in color. I’m always looking for tools that help me do something other than a boring military bun or plain braid, but don’t take an hour of braiding, twisting, or require 246 hairpins. I can pull off a french twist well, but anything else often takes a lot of time, not to mention I don’t like to use too much elastic because I don’t want to have to cut my hair because of broken hairs and split ends. I felt like these went into the hair very smoothly, without catching or breaking hair.The very first time I used these I just made a loop at the base of my neck and threaded the hair through to make a loose knot, then twisted the rest of my hair around this chignon, rolled it up, and twisted the pins in– One from the top, one from the bottom. It looked freaking amazing. I did use two other long pins on the side to help hold the edges. But to actually hold my hair in one of those loose looking styles is unprecedented.Also they come in a light color, which is great. These disappear into my hair completely. They hold up a lot of weight. I’m ordering more so I can play with more styles! But just having a hairstyle I can do in under ten minutes is fabulous. I’m an instant fan.

Daphne Kidder, MO

Works great in thin hair

I have very fine, thin hair and this works great. You simply screw it into place, and then unscrew it the opposite direction to take it out. I was a bit confused at first when I thought I could just pull it out. I’m so glad that I figured out my mistake. I would have tossed it in the trash otherwise (that is after I untangled my hair). If you are looking for something easy to conceal, easy to use, delicate on the hair, with holding power, this is for you.

Denice San Ramon, CA

Awesome and fun to use

Awesome and fun to use. Takes a few practice tries but work well when you get the hang of it. My hair isn’t very thick and I’m sure it would be easier with thick or curly hair.

Adriana Lakeside, MI

Definately worth trying!

I have these in my hair right now. I am here to buy another set. I have had the ones I am currently using for over a year. I am a nurse so having my hair secured comfortably is important to me. My hair is thick, a little curly, and below my bra line. All I do is twist my hair into a low bun and then twist these in. Takes less than a minute. To remove I simply twist them back out. I find them to be very comfortable to wear all day. The ends of the coils have a rubber tip (like bobby pins) and have never scratched my head. I twist them together to store them so I don’t lose one. I don’t know how well these would work in fine thin hair, they might be slippery, but I really can’t say for sure. I would say they are worth trying.

Hannah Portland, MI

quick up do maker

I use these all the time to tie up my hair.Its an easy way to get a nice up do without too much hassle

Marcie Hulett, WY

Better for non-layered hair

I got these to try to achieve a "classier" bun while at work. At first, they seemed like the best thing ever, but I realized after a while that they don’t work as well as hoped with my layered hair. I still always have little bits sticking out the sides. Also, my cats think they’re toys and so I lose them all the time. All in all, I’d say they were an "ok" purchase – not a life changer.

Lee Smithtown, NY

Really impressed!

I have really thick hair, and these work great! Now, when most people say they have thick hair, they mean they have thick hair. When I say it, I mean that my hair breaks hairbrushes on a regular basis. So I didn’t have a lot of faith in these little doodads, which look like they might have come out of my stepdad’s toolbox by mistake. I stand corrected!By some miracle, these things twist in and catch all of most of my hair in the knot that I want, and make it stay in place. If not, I try a second time and I get it. I doubt that I could go water-skiing or sky-diving and not lose a strand or two, but since that’s not what I do on a regular basis, I think I’m pretty safe. What can I say – they work! For me, they may not “do the work of 20 bobby pins,” but they fill in for at least 10 of them.The only downsides I see are the following:1) I shed bobby pins like they are some kind of skin layer. Anywhere I go, I am sure to leave bobby pins. I am afraid that I’m going to lose these. They are probably already lost. In fact, I should go check on them. That wouldn’t be a real problem, but you can’t get 50 of these for two bucks like you can with bobby pins. I have seven of them in various sizes, and hopefully I can pretend they are made of diamond and be really careful not to lose them, because they aren’t super-cheap.2) They are hard for me to twist out. Yes, I know – righty-tighty, lefty-loosey. Somehow, in my hair, it just doesn’t feel like left is the “right” way to turn the pin to get it out. Maybe I will get better at it.All in all, I highly recommend these if you wear your hair up a lot, or would like to if updos were easier!

Merle Cornville, AZ


MAGIC. Bought them on a whim, didn’t really know what to expect. A tip: they work best on wet or damp hair, at least for my shorter hair. The bun falls out a bit more quickly when I made it with dry hair, but these are still amazing. They don’t leave the line that hairbands do, and they’re quick and easy to use.

Sandra Madden, MS

works pretty well

I bought these to make doing my hair for work a little quicker in the morning. For some reason, the 2 pack was way cheaper per pin than the 3 pack offered by Amazon and you probably only need two at a time, so this pack seems like a no-brainer to me. They create a secure, but messy bun that stays in place through moderate activity. I have long, straight blonde-ish hair that isn’t particularly thick or difficult. These hold it up fine, but i can’t figure out how to not have straight spikes of hair stick out. It’s probably a mix of user error and uncooperative hair, but i do wish i could create a smoother bun. I’ll probably buy another set to have around though, I like letting my bun down and not having ponytail holder bends in it.

Kelly Hilltop, WV