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Goody Simple Styles Mini Spin Pins

Goody Simple Styles is a line of easy to use hair accessories that allow women to create trend-right looks at home, on their own.

Key features

  • Simple styles mini spin pins
  • Each spin pin does the work of 20 bobby pins
  • For all hair types, great for short or thin hair
  • Assorted colors, dark and light
  • 3 Piece count

Honest reviews


WHAT?? You DON’T have these??

GOODY is right! If you like to do some up-dos, then you NEED these pins. Talk about a quick and easy do!! Say goodbye to your old bottom-of-your-makeup-bag hairpins. These things are the DEAL.I have two packs of them and with a thick, glossy mane of hair like mine (okay fine it’s sort of thick and only long because I’m too lazy to get it cut), I usually use a small handful. Get the minis if you have thinner hair!! I use those sometimes and my daughter (8 years old) can use them, too.

Marisa Green Sulphur Springs, WV


If you ever put your hair up, these are indispensable. I use them every day. These work WAY better than hair elastics and make bobby pins pretty much useless for putting your hair up. I have curly hair down to the middle of my back that I straighten sometimes. It works for both ways (straight hair is MUCH harder to keep up than curly and these do a spectacular job of doing it). I can even wear these for ballet, that’s how secure they are.One thing, the Goody brand ones are very expensive. If you go on ebay and look for spiral pins you can find 10 packs for $2. I have a giant box full of these now.

Miriam Greenwood, ME

I love these

I like the bigger ones too, these are good for more complicated styles. If you use a texturizing powder with them you can get away with only one or two for the whole hairstyle.

Meredith Etlan, VA

Surprisingly great

Love these so much that I will be ordering the larger size and will be ordering extras for my friends.

Cortney Daleville, IN

The best hair accessory EVER!

I saw the high reviews and so many who had thin hair that raved about the hold these give that I wanted to try them. I went on Youtube and was really amazed at how easy and versatile they are to use so that sealed the deal. I bought 2 packages with 3 each. I am so excited at how well they work I had to write a review right away. There is nothing like these. Forget all the barrettes, clips, bun makers, etc., this takes all their places. You can have a french roll, a bun, or many other types of hair styles in minutes. I have chin length hair and I did a bun after I opened them. It came out perfect, and I have very thin, fine hair. I put 1 in and my bun has held all day, I am speechless. Normally, after a full day of bobby pins I get hair slipping out, but NONE with these. My daughter has fine hair but down a couple inched below her shoulders, with layers. I did a french roll on hers (a fast type) and now only did it look like she spent a long time on it, but it only took 2 of these pins. AMAZING! It’s still in place and she has chased around and played with her 2 year old son. You have to use these to believe how cool they are. Comfortable too, you can’t feel them at all.Now the one and only con is you can’t pick your color. I have light blonde hair and hoped by ordering 2 packages I would get a blonde color. Both packages are for dark hair. It isn’t a huge deal because they go through your hair and if a tip is kind of showing, you can easily hide it with your hair. The stay in place so no worries there.I would not recommend the minis for people with thick hair. I would go by what other sizes reviewers recommend. These could work probably but you would need more is my guess. Fine hair girls, we have the perfect accessory for our hair type with these minis. Check out Youtube for how to ideas, they are awesome and I could not live without them and I just got them!

Kellie Fort Cobb, OK

Genius; work better than just about anything and incredibly easy and comfortable

I have these in several sizes. I have thick, wavy hair, and it has always been a hassle to find ways to clip up hair buns and other hair-dos since most pins and clips I’ve tried are either too wimpy, too cheap/ugly looking, or too uncomfortable (or all three). I have often spent a lot of time in windy places, and ponytail bands aren’t the most comfortable choice, as they almost always seem to tug, snag or pull, and even if you make them very tight, they often still allow your little wispy hair bits loose anyway. These spiral pins will really lock your hair down, without any discomfort. They work so well that you can design a loose, flowing bun or hair-do and they will still hold it as you set it.These don’t even show once they are in, so you can add another decorative clip, pin, ribbon or whatever as you wish. All you do is shape your hair as desired, then take this double-spiralled item, position it suitably as you would any hair pin (usually at the top or at an angle), and just “screw” it into your hair. Generally I think the idea is that you are going to screw it so that it sort of touches along your scalp while also grabbing the bun hair, to achieve the tightest hold; but it will depend on your hair style. It will go in with utter ease, won’t scratch your scalp (as the tips are coated), it won’t snag or pull your hair; it won’t do anything bad, and everything good. It will hold all day long with no readjustment or fiddling required. Depending on your style, you might want to use two of these small spirals; but one is usually sufficient, especially if you have the large size, to hold even a large bun. You won’t need any extra pins, sprays, or other things to help it to hold. Then when you are ready to remove it, all you do is just twist it back out. It is a very intuitive and fast tool. You don’t have to really focus on it, you can just throw it in within seconds while you are running out the door or otherwise really busy.These are designed well, being very light but tough. Unlike many hair items, I think it would be difficult to break these. They also are super-easy to stash and carry, because the spiral design means you just need to carry one or two of these, instead of a long hair pick or a bunch of clips and pins. They come in several colors to suit your hair shade.I would be truly amazed if there was any woman who had long enough hair to use these that didn’t adore them. I would call these an absolute must-have basic.

Marianne Lee, IL

Great Hold

I love these pins…mini or full size.They hold my fine layered hair in buns like no other pin.A must have in your hair stash!

Nettie Marquez, TX

I love these in the mini and regular sizes!

I love these Goody Spin Pins and now have two sets of the larger ones, as well as this smaller three-pack.The insert comes with instructions for how to use these for different styles, but they’re really versatile to use for any kind of bun.When you use them, just be sure that you are catching some of the hair that is on your head, or they won’t hold in place as well.You also want to be sure that you don’t accidentally lock them into each other when you’re twisting each one into place.This smaller size is perfect for creating smaller buns.I also like using the larger ones at night to make a soft, high bun so I can watch TV and rest my head on a pillow, without something digging into my head.These hold your bun nice and tight for everyday wear.

Vivian Jeanerette, LA

Life without Spin Pins? Never

I have thick, waist length hair for which I use standard length Spin Pins for French Twists, chigons or plain buns. The short length is perfect for putting up my hair all about my head -so well that people gave panicked that I’ve cut it all off. No bobby pins can withstand the heaviness, Spin Pins are indispensable.

Aisha Cambridge City, IN

Happy with these.

I like these spin pins very much and the seem to be holding their shape very well with continual use.

Kasey Cornelius, NC

10 bucks for three, and they don’t work…

These just didn’t work for me. I have fairly thick hair, but i found that when I tried to put them in my hair they got caught and did not stay in comfortably. Also, the photo is a little deceiving. I just clicked add to cart without noticing I would only get three of these, rather than six, and for ten bucks…give me a break. Maybe someone else has figured out how to use these, but I am pretty sure you can get more than three for less than ten bucks at a Duane Reade or Walgreens!!

Suzanne Bonfield, IL

Great stuff

Normally I need like ten-fifteen pins to hold my hair well in the bun, but three of these one’s and it’s on it’s place, really good pins!

Avis Salem, FL

No more headaches!

I get headaches when I wear my hair in a ponytail. I use this product along with a ponytail band. It makes the ponytail look fuller and takes the weighted pressure off of the one spot that holds the tail. They are also fantastic on their own for a quick up-do for a formal event, work, or just running to the store. They hold up all day and don’t have to be fixed.The ONLY negative: If you have cats…they will confiscate the spin pins and hide them. I purchased several sets until I learned to put them in a drawer and not on the counter.

Deanna Elysian Fields, TX

Absolutely AMAZING!

I have fine dark hair, and clips are either too tiny or too big to give me a secure hold when i want to put my hair up. These spin-pins are perfect! The instructions are so easy to follow. Thanks to emilynoel and beauty broadcast on YouTube, i found something to give me a neat bun/updo without any hassle and any chance of even wind knocking my hair down. LOVE these things!

Consuelo Harpers Ferry, IA

Amazing for partial updos

I have waist length, medium thick, fine straight hair, so for full updos, I prefer the regular sized pins. These work fantastically well for partial updos. Twist the hair into place, then twist the pin in the bun to hold it. They will hold all day. They also work on my daughter’s hair. She has very thick, curly, medium coarse hair that’s mid-back length, and the same 3 pins work great for partial updos for her as well. The spin seems to lock them in place, and spin them in the opposite direction for easy removal.Definitely recommended!

Ester East Prairie, MO

Not for me.

I have fine hair but a lot of it but it still would not stay in. Maybe on courser, thicker hair but for me it sucked.

Hannah Darlington, MD