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Goody Ouchless Tiny Terry Ponytailer, 42 ct, 2 pk

Make the Great Ponytail Turn your ponytail from dull to dazzling by tying it with Goody Ouchless Tiny Terry Ponytailer. It can hold your hair without pain all day long. This accessory can minimize holdup and can also reduce hair breakage. It’s a gentle ponytailer that comfortably gathers your hair to give you a neat look. It comes in a variety of bright colors to match your attire and accessories. Painless ponytailer Without any metal Gentle and comfortable Goody Ouchless Tiny Terry Ponytailer can enhance your look and make your hair stay in a comfortable ponytail all day long. Just For You: All types of hair A Closer Look: Goody Ouchless Tiny Terry Ponytailer is metal free hair accessory that can hold your hair together in the form of a ponytail entire day long without any pain. Get Started: Pull your hair back and tie a pony tail with this accessory.

Key features

  • Goody girls ouchless gentle tiny terry o’s ponytailers will hold back hair pain free all day long
  • Goody Girls Ponytailer, Tiny Terry 42 Pack Mixed Colors
  • Perfect for all hair types – No-metal
  • 2 Pack of 42 Count

Honest reviews


wayyy smaller than I thought they’d be

They are cute, and I will be able to use these on my daughter’s hair if she wears braids or pig tails, but these are MUCH smaller in size than I thought they would be! They are roughly the size of a small pony tail holder, only they look like the larger ties you put OVER a pony tail holder.So not exactly what I wanted or thought they would be, but still functional.

Avis Petersburg, IL


They are what is advertised. Its great for my 3yr olds hair and nice to have so many and so many different colors.

Luella Proctor, MT

Great for fine hair…children or adults.

As an adult with very fine hair it is hard to find things that will stay in…these work really well and are perfect for the gym or other super casual type situations.The colors are fun and the ouch-less part is very true. I do get some hair left behind in the band when I’m taking them off–but it’s clearly hair that was shedding anyway. No pulling, tugging or other pain.The biggest drawback is that the elastic does stretch out with wearing, it’s noticeable after the first use, and eventually they do poop out. Maybe I should be more forgiving of a cheap/easily lost product, but I do wish the lifespan was a tad longer. I suspect if you are using these more for children they are lost faster than they wear out though. I’m knocking a star off though for durability as here I am on Amazon buying a replacement set for my originals purchased elsewhere.Overall a very nice product and I haven’t found a better one for my needs just yet. Recommended!JTG

Leanna Mineral Point, PA


I have very thin brittle hair. These are great, don’t break my hair and small enough to wrap twice and be done with it. Nothing fancy, but perfect for me.

Lydia Groveton, NH

cute colors, last a long time

42 in the pack with a variety of colors equals good value for me. The small size is perfect for my little girl’s hair which makes it easy to put them on. Taking them off is easy too (even for her) since they don’t pull chunks of her hair out or hurt. Ouchless indeed!! Great find. Will certainly buy more later on when these have done their time.

Mollie Hamlin, PA