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Goody Ouchless Scrunchie, Black, 8 Count

Goody Ouchless is a line of gentle and comfortable accessories that are inchesmetal free inches to minimize snags and reduce breakage.

Key features

  • Goody ouchless black gentle scrunchie will hold back your hair pain free all day long
  • One size fits all
  • Perfect for all hair types
  • No-metal black gentle scrunchie, assorted colors
  • 8 Piece count

Honest reviews


No tangle or pulling

Wrap once, twice or 3 times. There is no exposed band to get tangled in. Goody has been my favorite for years. It is inexpensive, but still beats out the 99 cent store brands for quality by a mile. You will lose before you wear out.

Chrystal Twining, MI

A definate re-purchase

Love this product so much , can’t say enough good words on it .. my daughter uses it at school and she is so comfortable with it , it does last forever , and you can only lose it , it doesn’t wear off…

Kaitlyn Tamarack, MN


Love these scrunchies! They hold a pony great in my thin waist length hair, they are soft, light and don’t damage or split my hair 🙂 excellent!!

Mari Sedalia, KY

not as stretchy as I like

I have thick hair and found these difficult to get around my hair more than twice, which is too lose to keep a good pony tail for me.

Lacy Rice Lake, WI


They are very good for very fine hair. They hold the hair without having to tie them too tight. Good buy

Nichole Forestville, PA

Loving these!

Love these scrunchies!! Look I’m from the 80’s and I love big hair. 🙂 These scrunchies are thin and do a better job than the thick ones.

Debra Madeline, CA